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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do the girls know what your cards are?

A. Nope, the girls have no idea what your cards are – the AI does not cheat. Your opponent only knows what her own cards are, along with the board cards, as they’re dealt, of course!

Q. Are the cards fixed?

A. Nope, there is a virtual pack of cards, which is well shuffled before each hand, and the cards are dealt just like they would be in real life.

Q. I was doing well, then all of a sudden my opponent starts getting good hands and wins like 10 or 20 hands in a row. There’s no way this would happen in real life, the game must be fixed!

A. There is no fixing of cards. It’s not unusual for there to be a run of good bad luck for either player in our games, same as  in real life. In order to ensure that there were no long winning/losing runs, the game and cards would have to be rigged!

Q. The game runs slow on my computer, what can I do?

A. Right click on the game and select Quality>Low  – this should speed things up a bit..

Q. I found a bug, this game isn’t working right!?

A. Go on over to our development blog, and let us know about what you’ve found..

Q. I have some ideas on how to improve your games, how do I let you know?

A. Visit our development blog, and tell us all about it..


  1. YintalDeus says:

    Did u ever think of the ghost in the mechine therory, where the comp knows the cards before hand? Did you put a block so the comp knows it does not see in comming cards?

  2. PokerChick says:

    @YintalDeus don’t worry – the computer does not know what cards are coming up, the way the games are coded makes this impossible…

  3. DuelingDude says:

    I was speechless when I spent an hour trying to beat a game. Just when i got over 1100, then the game hanged with the girl without any action (her turn, and the view can still move). Is there a potential bug in the game?
    somehow I felt so angry and sad at that moment

  4. PokerChick says:

    @DuelingDude sorry to hear that – there may indeed be a bug that crops up very rarely (although I have never seen it myself) – I have been unable to reproduce the problem and so I have been unable to fix it. I am working on a new version of the AI, so I’m hoping that will take care of it…

  5. SCM says:

    Is There any place where you can download the games to disk?

  6. Joe schmo says:

    How about some BBW Models? Not saying the girls you have aren’t beautiful (they are), but some of us like Full Figured Gals. Thanks.

  7. Brussos says:

    When can whe see a Portuguese girl?
    And a place for we search the topic we want? (just an idea)

  8. Like em All says:

    How about adding some girls of darker skin tones; Ie. Hispanics, Indian, Arabic, Black etc….

  9. Andy says:

    What is the significance of the “win percentage” on the various girls? Is it percentage of hands won, hands lost, games won, games lost, or what? Also, I would expect that you have a single AI that does all of the playing, which would tend to make all of the girls have the same win rates. Why isn’t this the case?

    I’m not asking for your professional secrets (or, at least, not many of them), I’m just curious. Do you have some way of assigning each girl a different set of strategy “tweaks”? If so, how strong is the strongest set of tweaks you’ve found? I’m guessing you don’t actually have it running on the site — I’d think it would run off the visitors!

  10. Top Gun says:

    Seems hard to be leave it is not fixed all the Girls win 70 plus % of the time. Professional poker players can not say that. But it is still fun to play. I still win more when I am playing with fake money.

  11. Siddhartha says:

    How can I search the tags? i.e ‘Asian’, ‘Shaved’ etc?

  12. bill says:

    how can there be six card of same suit.

  13. Frenchy says:

    @ Pocker chick

    Hello, my wife doesn’t like to undress girls so she’s very disppointed
    – to find only two opponent guys.
    Рto have no possibilit̩ to insert a comment.
    Is it possible to make her – and probably a lot of other women – happy.

  14. hornder says:

    whats the difference between big boobs and buxom?

  15. PokerChick says:

    @hornder buxom kind of implies big everything, not just big boobs…

  16. hornder says:

    @pokerchick thanks 😀

  17. Ross Johnson says:

    Would you please adjust the formula or whatever drives the “random” shuffle as the number of times 4 of a kind shows up is stratospherically
    high? I’ve played poker for 50 years and seen maybe a half dozen or so 4 of a kind hands. I’ve been playing your game for 3 years of so and seen at least 2 dozen.

    Not to mention the # of straight and royal flushes.

    Thank you.

  18. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Hey Poker Chick! We played an encore game with Domino and the strangest game went down. On the deal the cards just kept coming until there were eight or so showing. After that the game settled down for normal play, but we noted after awhile that the chips didn’t add up. We ended the game when she ran out of chips and we had 1410. so what happened to the other 90 chips? We played her because we noted the famous baseball player had played her other set just before, and wonder if maybe he ripped your game off for $90?

  19. baby777 says:

    can’t play poker game free now?

  20. K McQuigg says:

    You have had this website up for a long time & maybe it is getting a little tiring. I, for one, really enjoy it. Could you add new material a little more often, please.

  21. Jim Letts says:

    Hi – just wondering how to play these now that Flash is gone?

  22. Bas says:

    @Jim Letts: The hope is for this site to switch to HTML. A similar game that has almost all of the girls that is on this site is called racypoker .com (without the space of course), and it does not need Flash to run. I like this one because it has the comments forum

  23. clive ng says:

    KKKKKK!!! ass break bas play other game!!! I fuck bas pussy poop comment!!! WHAT W!!!

  24. Boner Jones says:

    Clive why don’t you just stfu? I have read the comments in silence but it is very clear that you are a fudge packer. And you learned that trick from your family who all packed YOUR fudge.

  25. Slaine MacRoth says:

    Really? Boner is your name? Leave me friend alone.

  26. Dan says:

    I have questions similar to what Andy asked 9 years ago but weren’t answered. First question, what determines the win rates of the girls? Like if a player stops playing before the game finishes does that count as a win for the girls, or does it not count? If it does count then that would result in an inflated win rate and would explain why most girls have a 70%-85% win rate. If it doesn’t count, then 70%-85% of players are actually playing the game to the end and losing which seems doubtful.

    Second question, do most of the girls have similar AI or only slight variations? Because most seem to play pretty similarly and 70%-85% win rates are not all that different. Paulina Soul is a notable exception at 57% – 58% win rate since she clearly does play worse or more carelessly than other girls. But the rest of the girls’ win rates could be from slight variations or even chance.

    Third question, you’ve said the cards aren’t rigged, but do any opponents get harder or play better as you strip them down? If they do get harder, do they get easier again if they get their clothing back? Because recently when I got to the last stage with one girl, she started winning more hands even after she gained some clothing back. I’m guessing she was just getting better hands for awhile, but that got me wondering if she was actually playing better than before.

  27. jim says:

    With flash player no longer supported, is the game still playable somehow?

  28. S.U. says:

    I have the same question like jim.Would be nice if I could get an answer.

  29. high heel fetish says:

    What happend with the game? last girl is fron 2020

  30. Dildo Dave says:

    That little pervert boy named clive ng(no/genitals) putrefied the game and PokerChick grew weary of his disgusting sexual innuendos and his multiple diseases that sapped his mind and body. And his family who all sodomized him from a young age until his death from untreated syphilis. And after his demise his equally perverse friend the coprophiliac named Slaine MacRoth, aka Poopie. So she stopped introducing new models and started new websites that shall remain unnamed to prevent Slainey migrating there.

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