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Win rate: 75%

Anastasia Brokelyn has returned from the beach with only her bikini and flimsy top. She doesn’t seem to unhappy about it, however…

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Anastasia 2 - hot poker girl
Anastasia - hot poker girl


  1. Dioniso says:

    Nulla di che…

  2. clive ng says:

    hahaha kicou am here !!!2rd she put her right hand on her ass!!! doggystyle

  3. Bas says:

    I think Anastasia’s first appearance was nicer than this one. Still she is an amazing opponent. I was pleased to read her tattoo invitation in the first photo. Photo 2 shoed her beautiful curvy ass, but photo 3 was a bit of a let down. Anastasia started to warm up in photo4 when she revealed her breast pair. She continued exhibiting perky boob in photo 5. She finally gets ready for action in photo 6.

  4. Lothario says:

    Pretty lady, but she was way too easy to beat, you need more challenging player PokerChick. I thought the poses were good but not great. I liked the side shot of her tender breast and nipple and how supple it appeared. Her doggy style pose ending was quite a treat. Thanks PokerChick for giving us something to enjoy instead of be blasted by the Covid-19 media blitz.

  5. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    This petite lady asked us to call her Staci, so we did. She is a perky little thing with small boobs that tilt upward. The first few poses were blasé bikini shots then she showed those nice little boobies. She ended with the doggie pose at the end. Since Clive played her ahead of us we decided to take caution and practice social distancing.

  6. The Hammer says:

    Good call by the two mikes. Little boy clive is just dumb enough to ignore social distancing. And with all his maladies he would a dangerous carrier. If he was in China they would lock him up to keep everyone else safe. Maybe he will just quickly succumb to the virus. I hope that is what is next!


  7. clive ng says:

    KICOU AM HERE to defense me from pussy poop fucking evil hammer ass hole put disease on me I am well n heath nothing fucking I am evil hammer ass hole can do I will comment on that game !!! go to prayer 4 your family n the lower world in place that fuck I am evil hammer ass hole put disease on me !!!! little candy m & m evil hammer ass hole are my fan !!!they comment just on me !!!!hahaha I forget that I am evil hammer ass hole never become intelligent in his lifetime!!! WHAT NEXT!!!!

  8. The Hammer says:

    Heh heh heh. Wrong little boy pervert clive. It was your own family that put the disease on you. They took turns sodomizing you. You deny the facts.

    But I AM THE HAMMER!!! And I will fact check you and hammer out the truth on your sorry ass. That is what is next. Think about that and suck on it.

  9. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    Everything Clive says just further shows that he is in a mental fog. All of the sicknesses that have been discussed here have taken a tremendous toll on him. You can see how incoherent he sounds when he posts. He just rants nonsense as he is in the grip of dementia. Clive tries to blame others for his mental decline, but only he and his family members can be held to account for the sad shape of his physical and mental health. I’m afraid it is only going to get worse until one day soon it will be over and he will just disappear from this board. I know that I only tried to help him but he was too far gone already. Soon it will be over and it will be the time to say a small prayer for little boy clive.

  10. clive ng says:

    kicou am here dr poop nguyen !!! go to the hospital n look a die woman to fuck her !!! what is your problem with me !!! I not said nothing on that dr nguyen ass poop why u attack me on hold em strip em!!! hahaha evil hammer ass hole not play that game he attack me again !!!I fuck that evil hammer ass hole !!! I don t afraid any people here I will comment nobody can stop me !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  11. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    Calm down Me. Ng. I was only sympathizing with your plight. You are probably delirious from fever now and so you say things and lash out at everyone. You even bring up necrophilia and I suspect that is something that you fantasize about. You are sick and you have a sick mind. You really should calm down and stop attacking with your vicious words. If there is life after death it likely continues with your last thoughts. And yours are of hate and depravity. Stay quiet for once or you might spend eternity dwelling in your mind’s cesspool of nastiness of things like poop and desecration of corpses.

  12. Ting says:

    Too bad for clive-clive. Many people sick an/or dying or dead in world. Clive/clive not alone. But he acting nasty. Not good or nice. Hope clive-clive change time. But clive-clive very selfish. If he not change he die alone.

  13. Slobodon says:

    I wonder if Clive has been tested for the corona virus? He must certainly be in a group with the highest risk. I bet you are really worried, eh Clive? If so, I can guess what is next for you. LOL.

  14. clive ng says:

    Kicou am here n Alive thank u GOD!!! I live in that planet!!! I know what problem we have in that world it s time not play with that disease this is not funny to play on die person All have a family !!! I like all people are well n health even hammer dildo dave dr nguyen Peace Love Cool n I love that game Hold em strip em poker !!! I have a big mouth but I have a good heart don t forget that all body here!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  15. Dildo Dave says:


    Now it’s a certainty that little boy pervert clive ng(no-genitals) is very sick.

    He must be delirious and with fever to be so contrite. The end must be near for that nasty vicious little boy.

  16. Herman Gingfingdingler says:

    This is the craziest discussion board ever. It’s hard to see what is going on, but everyone seems to agree that theNg person is a crazy person wit the corona virus. I’m looking forward to more comments to see where this all goes.

  17. clive ng says:

    kicou am here !!!hey small dick dildo dave u want war !!!I give war ass poop dildo dave u think that he is strong why GOD GIVE SEX TOY DAVE A DISEASE in his lifetime !!!where herman gingfingdingler come from england n I put a finger in this asshole n fuck his comment !!! I think the new player is the evil hammer ass hole !!!I WILL COMMENT NOBODY CAN CHANGE THAT!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  18. Dildo Dave says:

    Now now clive ng(no-genitals) you know that you cannot fuck anyone or even a comment because you have no genitalia. And as my good buddy The Hammer has pointed out that you probably have a sore asshole after being sodomized so many times by members of your own family. But you go ahead and stick your finger in Herman Gingfingdingler’s asshole and then put it in your mouth and suck on it and taste Herman’s poop. THAT IS WHAT NEXT!!! Hahahahahahahahaha.

  19. clive ng says:

    KICOU am here your name said all dildo dave has no coke to fuck any girl in the planet after no dick said me I have no penis!!! no dick dildo dave said nothing new!!!I know n I am the STAR of hold em strip em all body here just comment on me nothing can do !!! I thank all body comment on me !!!look all comment if they are my name clive ng just two guy are not comment on clive !!! HAHAHA I AM A STAR !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  20. Herman Gingfingdingler says:

    Now I understand a little more about this comment blog. The Clive dude attacks everyone that mentions his name. I didn’t attack him but was just speculating on what others were saying and then BOOM! The Clive dude attacks me. Now I understand why so many people dislike that guy. He must have a very low self esteem the way he lashed out at me. Now I get it. He is a total jerk. A psychopath for sure. And just to set him straight I am not English. And Herman Ginfingdingler is just my handle for this crazy website.

  21. Dildo Dave says:

    Getting Clive!!! Didja stick your finger in Herman’s ass? Then didja suck on it? I bet ya did. So how did you like the taste??? Hahaha.

  22. The Hammer says:


    No KICOU. Hahahahahahahahaha.

  23. clive ng says:

    Kicou i am still here n alive!!! i fuck the comment of hammer hammer your head to become poop!!! small dick sex toy ass break i piss n poop on your comment!!! I not put finger in ass hole of new guy herman ginfingdingler to smell poop!!! i put my big coke in his ass n futtbuck him hard!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  24. The Hammer says:


    Little boy clive ng(no-genitals) is just a little pervert boy. Now he is back to futtbucking!!! He is a sicko.

  25. Dildo Dave says:

    KICOU AM HERE THANK small dick dildo dave to defense me from other guy here!!! again I thank sex toy dave !!! well said HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  26. clive ng says:

    Kicou am here well!!! no one can stop me the only clive ng at holdem stripem poker!!! put my big coke on small dick ass hole n for long time!!! nobody can do anything to stop me so i do that again and again!!! i am only clive ng on holdem stripem poker!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  27. clive ng says:

    cool small dick dildo dave !!!he defense me from other guy here !!!hahahahahahahahaha !!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  28. Dildo Dave says:

    Is that you clive ng(no-genitals)? Posting using my name? You never answered my question about sucking on your finger after putting it in some asshole?

  29. clive ng says:

    Kicou am here n well!!! my fans love me long time!!! Sorry me pussy poop ass break toilet seat sniffer n butthole smeller!!! clive mommy raise me to be bad!!! nothing anyone can do to stop me from being dirt bag!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  30. clive ng(no-genitals) says:

    KICOU AM HERE!!! I use dirty name small dick sex toy put on me now!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  31. The Hammer says:

    At last the little boy clive the pervert tells it like it y. Perhaps there is hope after all.

  32. The Hammer says:

    By the way, I AM THE HAMMER!!!

  33. Dildo Dave (small dick sex toy) says:


  34. clive ng(no-genitals) says:

    Kicou am still here n use name small dick dildo dave put on me!!! small dick sex toy is my big fan n tell how my own family sodomize when i was boy!!! now family social distance me n not sodomize me now so small dick my friend!!! thank to small dildo for that!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  35. The Hammer says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha. That’s some funny shit. Little boy clive and Dildo Dave BFFs now.

    Remember that I AM THE HAMMER!

  36. Ting says:

    Ting happy to see nasty Clive-Clive finally decide to shut pie hole. Peace again on comments.

  37. The Hammer says:

    Yeah, you are correct Mr. Ting. It seems pretty likely that the nasty vicious little boy Clive Ng(no-genitals) has dried up. Mebbe he caught the virus. Or maybe sumbuddy got tired of his foul mouth and punched him out. Anyway Ting, enjoy it while it lasts.


  38. clive ng says:

    KICOU Am here n Alive evil hammer ass hole n ting ting tong poop poop poopiii!!! they said same thing nothing new on that !!!!ting ting tong the ring tone n evil hammer ass hole still alive on the low planet!!!why I must comment ting ting tong the ring tone can t make poop poop poopiii he must put a hand in his ass hole to make poop poop poopiii don t forget wash your hand before ting ting tong put his hand in his ass hole not put disease in his body hahaha I care 4 u man!!! sorry I forget that hahaha am evil hammer ass hole I have poop in my mind I known that!!!never become intelligent in that down world!!! WHAT NEXT!!!! /\ /\ \/ \/

  39. The Hammer says:

    That nasty vicious little boy clive ng(no-genitals) just erupted again. He probably just got gang sodomized by his family father, grandfathers, uncles and even with the broom handles of his mother, grandmothers and even his sister.

    The little pervert boy doesn’t like having his asshole violated by his own family members. If he wasn’t such a perverted pussy he would fight back. But instead he trolls on here and profanely attacks poor Ting.

    He has been ass-raped so many times by his own family members that he has developed a painful irritable bowel syndrome. It gets so bad that he picks his butthole with his fingers and then sucks on those filthy fini. Ask him if he likes the taste of his own poop.

    It would be easy to feel sorry for him but he is just so unbelievably disgusting. But I can read him precisely because I AM THE HAMMER!!!

  40. clive ng says:

    KICOU AM HERE !!! evil hammer ass hole believe he is strong in hold em strip em poker apart talking same thing on me!!! evil hammer ass hole has a dirty family hey u evil hammer ass hole your mum always give her ass hole n pussy on the street n his dad sold her mum to buy a bottle of whisky evil hammer ass hole has a big brother love to suck black dick he said WOW !!! N evil hammer ass hole has a step s sister she give all her hole n evil hammer ass hole said me I am sodomized by family look your family first !!!evil hammer ass hole pull poop in your eye after u look at me!!!nothing new about me !!!hahaha all body know u are evil hammer ass hole in hold em strip em poker!!! pussy poop believe he is intelligent never never never in that low world!!!am evil hammer ass hole nail jesus it s my work !!!An ass break stay an ass break like I am evil hammer ass hole!!! I STILL HERE TO COMMENT I ALWAYS HERE TO COMMENT NOTHING EVIL HAMMER ASS HOLE CAN DO WHEN I COMMENT HERE!!!!WHAT NEXT !!!

  41. The Hammer says:

    The little boy clive is so little that he has to look up to see down. He is a very small guy. His head is so tiny that he has a pea-brain. His whole body is so little that women see him as a little boy. His genitals are mutilated with his scrotum totally missing and his dick is just a nub. He can only get women to come close to him by calling escorts to his room for $$$. But once they actually see him they always start laughing and then run away from him. He tried to fool his last escort by taking off his clothes and turning the lights off. But she flipped on the light switch and upon seeing him she said “That is grotesque. “. And she left.

    I AM THE HAMMER!!! And I can and shall tell all about this little, insidious, grotesque, and disgusting little bastard pervert boy. And there is nothing that he can do to stop me!!! That is all there is and there ain’t no more!!! End of story!!! And may god bless!!!

  42. Dildo Dave says:


    Continue to fight the fight against clive the twerp. He is a sad sack. It isn’t important that he was abused anally by his own family. He should be more sympathetic since he is a victim of abuse. But he continues to attack so many users of this website. I have tired of battling this sick individual. So I appreciate you for giving him what he deserves.

  43. clive ng says:

    hahaha kicou am here I am a cartoon today hey evil hammer ass hole your story is very funny !!!! u said that end of story u know this is a story !!! evil hammer ass hole not talk the truth !!!ass hole evil hammer is a lie all body know that hahaha an evil hammer ass hole know GOD !!!GOD return to the world to saw that!!!small dick dildo dave like fight ass poop put oil on fire !!!take care of that because u can burn on your face of rat s man!!! sorry I always forget that am evil hammer ass hole I knock on my small mind to become intelligent I know I never become intelligent in hold em strip em poker !!!! WHAT NEXT!!!/\ \/ \/ /\

  44. clive ng says:

    when u search me u always have in my comment don t search me !!!u don t have!!! N I know I have big big fans here just comment on me !!! I AM THE STAR OF HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER!!!hahaha !!!WHAT NEXT!!! /\ \/ \/ /\

  45. The Hammer says:

    Little boy clive ng(no-genitals) is the porn star here. But nobody likes porn with poop. The little pervert boy loves poop. The only way he could get his own family members to stop sodomizing him was to poop while he was taking it up the ass. Only problem for him is that the family members that like sodomizing him also love poop while having their way with him. Coprophilia is a family favorite.

    Just remember that I AM THE HAMMER!!! I always hammer out the truth on the terrible human that calls himself clive. He is a sick turkey.

  46. Slobodon says:

    This board just keeps getting crazier every day. I had to look up the word coprophilia. Webster says it is the love of poop and especially during sexual play. How looney is that? That clive dude is a freak in heat. To me his fetish is disgusting.

    If clive just poops when sodmized to make it stop then I guess that’s okay. But that guy pumps out the poop word every time he posts on here. So I ask him, “WTF??? Do you sleep with a turd under your pillow?”

  47. clive ng says:

    hahaha kicou am here evil hammer ass hole agree I am a STAR porn IN HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER !!! one time evil hammer ass hole said I am little guy another time I have a small head !!!evil hammer ass hole is a big lie on that game become intelligent what truth u said ass poop !!!! hey u slobodon miam miam poop poop poopiii I fuck your comment gay slobodon miam miam miam poop poop poopiii!!!n very very dirty name u have I have one question in my head where u have that name I don t like this name slobodon miam miam poop poop poopiii ass break !!!WHAT NEXT!!!!

  48. Slobodon says:

    Ok clive. I will answer your question about my name. But first you must answer my question:

    Clive do you poop when your family members are sodomizing to get them to stop? Or do you poop during the attacks because it is just poop-sex to you?

  49. clive ng says:

    KICOU AM HERE !!! slobodon miam miam poop poop poopiii why I must answer your question of poop!!! u have a problem with me !!!slobodon miam miam poop poop poopiii attack me first when I reply u give me a question !!!where u come from on mars or what!!! slobodon miam miam poop poop poopiii know have to sodomized a gay why he know that when he sodomizing poop get out in his ass hole!!!hahaha!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  50. Slobodon says:

    You are jive clive. You are obsessed with poop. You probably dream about poop. Hell you likely even eat poop.

  51. Slobodon says:

    Hey jive clive!

    What’s the matter? Have you got a turd in your pocket?

  52. clive ng says:

    KICOU am here !!!Fucking slobodon miam miam poop poop poopiii like that !!! when u search me u always take poop poop poopiii in your face man I can t nothing 4 u !!!all body know me I love said poop here!!!not slobodon miam miam poop poop poopiii said not poop when u said me I am sodomized with my family is good !!!what is good I said always poop or slobodon miam miam poop poop poop love I said u are sodomized with your father when u are a child!!! after all I piss on your comment n I never mind what u said on me !!!any way am here when a guy said dirty comment on me !!!years after years I PLAY HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER n I love that game nobody can t change that !!!n nothing new on me I STAY CLIVE NG STAR OF HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER THEY COMMENT JUST ON ME U ARE JUST MY 6 th FAN HERE !!!SAID WHAT THEY WANT HERE !!! AM HERE TO DEFENSE ME n all body can comment here!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  53. Slobodon says:

    Hahaha. Jive clive admits that he loves poop and loves talking about poop. Why don’t you change your name to Clive Von Poop? Or you could just call yourself The Turd.

  54. The Hammer says:

    Slobodon that’s hilarious and spot on. We should call the little boy THE TURD. That Is WHAT NEXT.

  55. Ting says:

    Ting also fan for calling clive-clive new name of The Turd.

  56. Dildo Dave says:

    The real star of holdem stripem has to be Slobodon. The Turd is perfect! Go Slobodon!!!

  57. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    I admit that makes me giggle.

  58. clive ng says:

    KICOU AM HERE !!!u see I have five comment just on me !!!!my first fan is evil hammer ass hole never become intelligent in his lifetime always a ass break !!!hahaha after the second place is small dick dildo dave can t fuck any woman because he has a little coke not woman can feel his small coke!!!hahaha 3rd place clive ng see ting ting tong poop poop poopii he can t make poop he must put a hand in his ass hole to make poop!!!hahaha 4rd my good friend doc have not wife in his home he must go to the hospital to fuck a die woman!!!hahaha 5th the false clive ng (no genital ) always take my defense when I absent here thank u pussy poop false clive ng(no genital) at the last place 6 th is slobodon miam miam poop poop poopiii WHAT IS A DIRTY name slobodon have he is always sodomized by his daddy in his lifetime!!!after they said I am not a star of hold em strip em poker look have many comment I have here become intelligent men not like evil hammer ass hole is never never intelligent !!! I like when he said I am evil hammer ass hole hahaha in his last comment he forget that!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nothing they can do 4 that !!!WHAT NEXT!!! /\ \/ \/ /\

  59. Anonymous Al says:

    I guess I’ll risk getting my comment fucked or pissed on by The Turd. I certainly agree that this asshole that cannot make a sentence without using the word poop should wise up and shut up. I hope that he gets censored or banned from posting. Maybe some of detractors of The Turd deserve the same. But a few that obviously dislike The Turd have merely expressed their outrage and have been attacked by this immoral and irreverent jerk. I encourage everyone to stop mentioning this guy’s name and simply refer to him as The Turd. If he responds and attacks he will just be admitting that he is The Turd. Hopefully THAT IS WHAT IS NEXT. I’m out.

  60. Ting says:

    Ting think a month for new model fault ot The Turd. Ting agree with ban suggestion.

  61. clive ng says:

    hahaha KICOU Am here !!!!said turd or not turd I am clive ng n I comment here want don t want !!!ass hole anonymous al al al dick believe he is superior man but he is an ass break put u in my place what u do when a body insult n said sodomized u !!!TO MEDITATE !!! it s good after said what ass hole anonymous al al al dick want n don t forget I have a big reputation in that GAME HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER don t search me man!!! don t afraid of that al al al dick u must need out because al al al dick afraid of my reaction to comment on him !!!hey ting ting tong the ring tong said all u want am still always stay here nothing ting ting tong poop poop poopiii can do!!!WHAT NEXT!!! /\ \/ \/ /\

  62. Anonymous Al says:

    There you have it!

    The Turd knows his new name. He was born a turd, raised a turd, and he will be a turd for the rest of his life. Anything that he says now cannot change that. And The Turd knows it. He may not like it, and he may throw a conniption fit now that everyone knows that he is The Turd and there isn’t anything he can do about it. He has been labeled and judged. End of story.

  63. Dildo Dave says:

    Hahahahahahaha. Too funny for words.

    Notice that I did not attack The Turd!

  64. clive ng says:

    fucking al al al dick said turd or not turd fuck turd am here to comment !!!hahaha!!!WHAT NEXT

  65. The Hammer says:


    You are THE TURD!!!

    Those are two basic truisms. My place is to hammer out the truth. Your place is to stay in an asshole until sumbuddy shits you.

  66. clive ng says:

    AM here nothing evil hammer ass hole can do comment or not !!!!HAHAHA stay n play on HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  67. The Hammer says:

    The Turd says that he’s here. My question is, “Where is here”? Are you still inside an asshole or did you get shitted into a toilet? I want an answer from The Turd.

    Remember that I AM THE HAMMER!!!

  68. The Turd says:

    AM here n nothing evil hammer can do comment or not!!! am clive ng!!! WHAT NEXT

  69. Ting says:

    Ting say that The Turd is a turd.

  70. Dildo Dave says:


  71. Dr. You Nguyen says:


  72. The Hammer says:


    I vote for Slobodon for holdem stripem player of the month. Slobodon came up with wonderful new name for the biggest asshole that has ever graced these pages. I am a fan of Slobodon. He is my hero. You go guy!!!

    THE TURD has been judged and silenced. Praise the lord!!!

  73. Ting says:

    Ting join Slobodon fan club too. Not liking Mr. Turd.

  74. Dildo Dave says:

    I’ll add my vote for Slobodon. I like the name he gave that little pervert bastard.

  75. clive ng says:

    Kicou!!! am one n only clive ng!!! dirty name slobodon put dirty search on me!!! nasty dirty name n ass break small dick not search me now!!! WHAT NEXT

  76. The Hammer says:


    You are The Turd!!!

    Be happy with your new name. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahatoofunnyforwords.

  77. Ting says:

    The Turd-Turd finally has decided to shut his pie hole.

  78. The Hammer says:

    It seems you have taken over his spot Ting!!!

    You are the Turd!!!

    Remember that. I AM THE HAMMER!!!

  79. The Hammer says:


    That last person used my name but it was actually Sir Poopalot, who also calls hisself I Poopie. He is a turd for using such a name.

  80. OldPNF says:

    Pic 1: Guards! A woman has broken into the royal bedchamber! She is attempting to seduce the king! That is unlikely she has smaller tits than a mosquito.
    Anastasia smiles. You fools, tits aren’t everything!
    Pic 2: Spank my ass! You’d break your hand on it!. Better not before the king does though! I will be in his harem by tomorrow!
    Pic 3: She is not of royal blood! The king cannot have her! Oh but he will love the way these abs grind by pussy against his scepter.
    Pic 4: *The king enters the hall* What is the source of this disturbance! Who are you?
    Suck my tits Lord! Tits? You havent any though you are beautiful!!! Begone!
    Pic 5: Wait! Not until you are punished. * The king breaks his hand on her ass while spanking her. She winks at the guards, told you!
    Pic 6: Forgive me lord! Please let me make it up to you! Mount me and fuck my ass!
    After lubing it up in your pussy my dear. Come to my chamber. After I paste your colon with my seed you may join my harem. Guards! Fuck her mouth as punishment. The king and guard spitroast Anastasia for hours. The king takes a break and let’s them fuck her ass and pussy too but they know not to cum in her. In the end the king rams his cock hilt deep in her ass. His balls pulse against her damp pussy as he fills her anal cavity with cum. Satisfied she cleans the king’s cock and happily joins the king’s harem. He uses her again regularly.

  81. The Hammer says:

    OldPNF …STOP raining on my parade. THIS site is all about me.


  82. Ting says:

    Ting see false comment not by Hammer. Ting say person with turd name of Poopie try fool Ting. But Ting nobody fool.

  83. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    The very troubled person who has been renamed The Turd is OCD. That means he suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. I would be very surprised if he has just walked away from his compulsive attacks on here. It is therefore my conclusion that he is most likely sick now; perhaps a casualty of the Corona Virus. If he is on a ventilator that would explain why he has been absent here for awhile.

  84. Poopie says:

    I AM THE POOP!!!

    I poop on the comments of those that abuse and bully my friend. I love Clive and piss on all those that take shots at him

  85. pokerlover says:

    I love your site, but in 2020 Flash is not done anymore. Any chance of migrating to HTML5?

  86. Poopie says:

    Hammer you leave OldPNF alone! I fap to his stories! I am the King! I poop on you for taking a shot at him!

  87. Poopie says:

    I love The Turd. And I’m changing my name to The Defecator.

  88. The Defecator says:


    If you search me or my boyfriend that you call The Turd I will respond by pooping on you!!! You have been warned!!!

  89. The HAMMER says:

    I AM THE HAMMER ….or Defacator…or Poopie…or Ting…or Dr. You Nguyen….or Dildo Dave…or the 2 mikes…or….I just wanted to come on here and apologize to all. I have been a jerk as of late,,,,maybe due to my lack of respect for people. I don’t know…but i have come to see (probably due to the coved 19 thingy) that i’m not as important in this world as i portray. So again i wanted to say sorry to all you down to earth people and especially to the maker of Holdem Strip em for being the kind of jerkadootilitis that I am.

  90. clive ng says:

    hammer hammer to make smart n okay apology for all evil comments!!! i am one n only clive ng have multi fans here holdem stripem poker!!! evil hammer get intelligent!!! WHAT NEXT!

  91. The Hammer says:

    You are the turd. End of story

  92. Dildo Dave says:

    How long since the last new model? And why does it take so long now?

    Little boy clive (now known as The Turd) is responsible. His focus on poop has sickened everyone and so no more new models until he shuts his sick pie hole.

  93. Poopie says:

    I have been called Sir Poopalot since my school days. My friends got used to calling me Poopie. I have always pooed more than anyone I’ve ever known. And I enjoy taking a dump more than anything I can think of. So when Clive started saying poop every time he posted I saw him as a kindred spirit. It’s like we are scat brothers. I have to admit that when starts talking about poop I get turned on. I get a boner every time he posts poop. I wish I could meet him so we could share our affinity for poop. I’m even more excited since he has been named “The Turd”. I mean, Poopie and The Turd just go together. And there are plenty of fun things that two (or more) consenting adults can do to bring spice to life with poop. Have you ever heard of a Cleveland Steamer? I would just love to get and give Cleveland Steamers with my friend Clive.

  94. The Hammer says:

    That was the sickest comment ever. What is wrong with you??

    I had to google “Cleveland Steamer”. It is defined as playing with excrement particularly in conjunction with sex. It apparently involves one person pooping on the chest and/or face of another person and then smashing the poop on that person. Both individuals supposedly get off on this bizarre behavior.

    That is just plain sick!!! Message to The Poop and The Turd: Get a room and stop bringing your sex life on here.

  95. The Hammer says:

    That comment was so distressing and disturbing that I forgot to remind you that I AM THE HAMMER!!!

  96. Русское Лото. Добрый вечер. Вам выплата 93 141 Pyб. Забрать =>> says:


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