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Valeria 2 - hot poker girl
Valeria: 7.6/10
Marilyn - hot poker girl
Marilyn: 7.6/10
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Sapphira: 7.5/10
Kristina - hot poker girl
Kristina: 7.5/10
Gloria - hot poker girl
Gloria: 7.5/10
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Dominika: 7.5/10
Rebecca 2 - hot poker girl
Rebecca: 7.5/10
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Isizzu: 7.5/10
Lola - hot poker girl
Lola: 7.5/10


Win rate: 80%

The super sexy Rebecca Volpetti has gone back to school. If you beat her at strip poker she may let you lick her lollypop.

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Rebecca 2 - hot poker girl
Rebecca - hot poker girl


  1. kareto says:

    First !!!

  2. Green Dragon says:

    Харесват ми снимки 3, 4 и 6.

  3. Bas says:

    Lovely opponent, has a good body and photo 5 is the most erotic, this is a personal preference over the last photo. I was hoping to see a nice photo showing the skirt a little bit up but alas there was none. Rebecca is a little hard to beat but I would advice any player not to give up before seeing photo 5

  4. Lothario says:

    Beautiful woman, gorgeous brown eyes and perky breast, a perfect mouthful. She hits all cylinders and has a beautiful pussy that is begging for that sucker to be inserted and tasted by ME! Thanks Holdem Poker Chick!

  5. Dildo Dave says:

    Now Kareto is the only one lining up to futtbuck woody. The other guys are no focused on the model and not being first to have a go with woody.

  6. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    She uses that sucker for a dildo in the finale. Olay!

  7. clive ng says:

    u u u i am the winner of the house very very hard player!!!finish working n play hold em strip em poker !!!i have $30 n she has $1470!!! i am the winner n take 2 hours n 32 minutes to beat the lovely ladyyy rebecca!!! very hard play n happy to see her wonderful pussy !!! just relaxxx!!!thank u holdem strip em !!!top gameee

  8. ''Michaela The Bitch'' says:

      – Oh yeah! It was a pleasure for me to lick all over her body

  9. ''Michaela The Bitch'' says:

    “But I Want To Lick And Suck Someone’s Shaved And Big Thick Fatty Dick… Right NOW!!!

  10. Dplayer says:

    Rebecca has a nice firm little body, beautiful smile and eyes. She likes to tease (sucker) and I’ll bet her shaved pussy is sweet even with out that lollipop. She is a fair player not afraid to bet or bluff. I’m going to play her other post as I’m curious about what that tattoo says. Thanks PC I enjoyed her.

  11. Oldpnf says:

    I want the lollipop AND her pussy after she puts the lolli in there. Gotta say her tits are fantastic and I want to suck on them.

  12. Isaac Chou says:

    Rebecca is a beauty with sexy udders and charming pussy.

  13. Dildo Dave says:

    clive ng (no genitals) can’t get it up even for Rebecca. It is because he has no dick and no testicles. He castrated hisself years ago

  14. clive ng says:

    hahahaha sex toy dave is in a story !!!!small dick dildo dave u still ass poop for me!!! this ass break is not strong mind n what is your problem with me !!!pussy poop dildo dave n WHAT NEXT

  15. Marks says:

    Best girl! Better stick that lolly inside your pussy.

  16. Dildo Dave says:

    clive no-genitalia admitted in his first post here that he is a very poor player of holdem. He admits it took him 2 hours and 32 minutes to win a game here. At the time he had not started his troll so he did not post before he won. Now he always rushes to troll for cock and worries about beating the opponent later!

  17. clive ng says:

    fuck dildo dave comment!!!what next!!!

  18. Dildo Dave says:

    clive no-genitals wants to get futtbucked by Poopie because he cannot be the futtbuckler

  19. clive ng says:

    hey small dick his head is tired !!! am here dont forget this break ass!!!

  20. Dildo Dave says:

    clive no-genitals should spend his time taking a class in English rather than playing holdem. He might get better at English, but he is a total disaster at poker and will never learn!!!

  21. clive ng says:

    thank u to said me that small dick dildo !!!teach me to talking english !!!

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