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Win rate: 72%

Venezuelan babe, Agatha Vega really is a Cracker from Caracas…

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  1. Bas says:

    I like young Agatha, she is beautiful, and has perfect body , nicely proportioned tits. I would have preferred photo 3 appearing before photo 2. Agatha is a hardened play but she surrendered in the end revealing the lot.

  2. Bas says:

    Very few stars put tattoo on their breast. Manipuladona is what brave Aghatha wrote

  3. clive ng says:

    First!!! KICOU!!! am king of this game n piss on bad comment on me!!! small dick dildo dave n evil hammer never become intelligent!!! pussy poop dr no genitals i poop on you under my dick!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  4. clive ng says:

    thank u defense me from other guy here!!!!hahaha ass hole small dick dildo dave u always destroy the comment here!!!take a dildo like miss vega put it in your ass hole n make u happy!!! because of that ass break small dick dildo the site of holdem stripem poker to shut!!! me I don t attack but I defense my comment from any guy here!!! small coke dildo is copy cat of that game!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  5. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Agatha is no skagatha. We like her lean body. Her breast tat says that she is a player. I guess she played the little boy who posted twice and both times used his favorite P word. That’s why he got named with a T word.

    The player is better than her win % shows. She slow bet a few times which makes the game more interesting. Good job PC.

  6. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    This comment is for The Turd. He calls himself clive but he loves the word “poop “. He says he doesn’t attack but once again he has attacked me since I am the only doctor hereabouts. And he attacked the jerk Dildo Dave even though that guy (who is also obnoxious like the turd) hasn’t even posted on this thread. I only tried to give sage advice trying to help this sick, sick fellow. He doesn’t love this game. He loves to bully and hate. I regret ever coming on here trying to offer the wisdom I have gained from my years studying medicine. I now realize his mental illness and perverted mind are beyond anyone in the medical field to help short of extreme medication or performing a lobotomy on him. It seems his only hope for peace is to be committed and forced into treatment and then incarceration and/or institutionalization. THOSE ARE WHAT IS NEXT.

  7. Ting says:

    Ting see dildo in last photo. Wonder if belong to Dave character?

  8. clive ng says:

    kicou guy the first comment is not me I have a copycat here!!!!sorry 4 that dr!!! if a guy offence u in my name clive ng !!!! ting is intelligent man wonderful seee!! hey candy m n m just one time I comment!!! look in other model comment I am not attack in my first am just defense me from other guy !!!small dick dildo in his first comment attack anyone here n destroy all comment on hold em strip em poker!!!look carefully candy m n m will saw!!! after all I am not happy if the site of hold em strip em close because of us !!!top n lovely game!!! always still stay here !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  9. Ting says:

    Ting notice first two comments by Bas and not clt-clive or Turd-Turd. But next comment after Bas by clive-clive Turd-Turd and start with same Kicou word as last comment. Ting suggest little crazy boy have two faces.

  10. clive ng says:

    Kicou turd no turd me ting ting ting ring tone ass break!!! poop poop poop on pussy poop ring tone!!! you stay under my dick and not become intelligent!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  11. Ting says:

    Little turd boy crazy. One comment he say he not attack. Next comment he attack. Confused or schizo? Very sad case. Ting feel sorry for miserable life.

  12. Oldpnf says:

    It is always more fun when the outfits are awesome. She is gorgeous. I love that the heels matched the dildo too. That is just fun

  13. The Wally says:

    What player software best to use since Flash Player not supported anymore?

  14. The Hammer says:


    Little boy clive has no genitals. In fact he has no life since he bled to death after being gang-sodoized by multiple members of his own family. A rough end for the little turd. Much deserved!!! Hahaha!!!

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