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Li MoonUkraine

Win rate: 82%

Everyone’s favorite citrusy girl is back, and she’s not bitter about it!

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Li Moon - hot poker girl


  1. Green Dragon says:

    Тя е красива. Харесват ми снимки 4, 5 и 6.

  2. clive ng says:

    second!!!! i love this ladyyy li moon lovely pussyyy n top bodyyy!!!WHAT NEXT small dick

  3. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Li Moon is a little older now but still looks like a young girl. But she has ass and boobs. She is dressed only in socks and a sweater-dress. 2nd pic she turns sideways to give you a nice boob shot. Next she turns again to face us, but her dress is splayed open to show off those perky boobies. Then she slings her top down to expose more of those suckables. And then in the anti-penultimate frame she drops the dress to her knees and gives a side profile of those boobies and her ass. We also enjoyed the pursed lips in the pics suggesting some oral could be available. In the finale Li positions herself standing right over us and as we gazed up we could see her pussy in all it’s glory. La’Taurus won the flip and opted to do her standing from behind like in the second to last pic. He grabbed onto her boobs as he bent her over as he entered and nailed her from behind. Oxbigg patiently waited and then asked Li for some head and she was very happy to wrap those lips around his cock and she sucked him dry. Another great time had by all.

    Too bad Clive Ng never seems to win any of these games and so he has to wait for us mikes to tell him what he missed out on.

    But it really seems that Clive is only interested in trolling on here as he opens himself up for more rhetoric from that Dave character. When are you gonna wise up, eh Clive?

  4. Lothario says:

    Thanks Poker Chick for bringing Li Moon back, yes! she is one of my favorites and a tough sweetie to beat. First time around she handed me my shorts, second time around proved to be a winner. Her beautiful lips match her pussy lips and WOW, what a view.

  5. Dildo Dave says:

    The mikes are right again. clive no-genitalia only comes on here to troll for sumbuddy to futtbuck him because he is too dumb at poker to see the strip show. So he comes on here and takes a number to be in line for when Slainey comes on here to respond to his troll. I offered a truce, but clive no-genitalia just can’t control his hormones. Too bad and sooo sad. End of story!

    May God bless.

  6. clive ng says:

    hahaha mr mike u have a problem with me!!! when small dick dildo dave start first u are not comment !!!mike is afraid of character small dick dildo dave me not !!! play hold em strip em poker calmly oxbigg!!!WHAT NEXT

  7. Dildo Dave says:

    Hey clive no-genitalia! The mikes were just noticing that you never comment on the models other than to say “nice pussy” or such. You don’t comment of the pictures themselves, so it seems you never see the “money shot”. And you continue to post “second” which indicates you are trolling to get futtbucked second in line. Why don’t you just find a gay bar with a glory hole?

  8. clive ng says:

    hi small dick dildo dave break ass am second what is your problem !!! ass poop dildo dave is jealousy me when am second !!! my comment is my comment sex toy dave !!! if i love this lady i like her !!! i love li moon pussy s i like !!! small dick dildo dave must go to a gay bar to see a man to fucking him in ass hole because he has a little dick to fuck a ladyyy n take your small dick put it in a bottle u feel happy!!!! WHAT NEXT

  9. Dr. Nguyen says:

    Please calm down Mr. Ng. You seem to be having a relapse talking about poop and ass again. Please see your therapist. Your rant sounds very much to me like you are losing touch with reality.

  10. clive ng says:

    fucking your comment Dr No Genital UYEN!!!! what is your problem am not sick s mind !!! i am happy in my lifetime !!! hey DR just look for a true DR !!!if a body said bad thing on U what do u make give a flower !!! where are u live in a world of peace love no said ass n poop!!! this is a true bad world said fuck ass pee poop dick !!! am sad for No Genital UYEN the world is not perfect every day has accident crime drug gunfire after u said me calm down when a said ass n poop go to sleep false DR!!!HAHAHA WHAT NEXT

  11. Dildo Dave says:

    Ahahahahaa. Clive (no genitalia) I did not realize you knew and are related to the famous Dr. Nguyen. But you have called him “No Genital”, so if he isn’t related by blood he is related by situation. And you turn right around and say ass n poop several more times. The good Dr. is correct in diagnosing you as a sufferer of coprophilia. And apparently you are suffering from dementia also, acording to the good Dr. You, clive (no genitalia) are so screwed up. Too bad and it is soo sad. End of story and nothing NEXT….

  12. clive ng says:

    kicou am here !!! fuck your comment ASS POOP dildo dave said i am sick mind what u can do for me when i said ass poop n for me dildo dave is pussy poop !!!what u can do for this break ass dildo dave !!!when pussy s poop dildo dave search me u take in ass hole!!!!WHAT NEXT

  13. Bas says:

    Angel face Li’s 4th appearance blinds all the others. She is a mature woman now, performs and plays poker professionally. She knows how to dress and of course how to undress. she knows how to keep her opponents at bay being ahead of them by one step at a time, she wins then lets them win but then shew takes their winnings away. She can play this cat and mouse game forever. But when she feels the opponents are going to give up she then lets them see more of her. All her photos are great but I think photo 4 is the prettiest I have seen. she appears like a goddess with loose hair, he lips quivering asking to be kissed, her boobs dangling loose wanting to be caressed. Compliments to the photographer who caught the best of Li. After a long tassel to get past the second photo, I started looking at the cars rather at this beauty but then when the game finished I had the chance to keep flicking the photos one after another being mesmerised at this sexy woman.

    – In the first photo she says “Hello opponents, have you missed me”

    – In the second photo she says “do you like my dress”. A very elegant dress indeed revealing a big part of her back. I look from top to bottom. Still pretty as ever, she’s doe her hair, but wait, is that her boob peaking a little, I do want to see it all. Then there is the low “V” end of the dress showing a gap, I desperately want to see what is inside. no, no, I wat to hold her and kiss those pretty lips first then let may hand feels the warmth of her back with the increasing as my palm slides down and ending inside the gap of the dress. Looking down again on how the woven dress curve3s with her body and stopping just below her butt revealing her ivory thighs. So exciting then I am thinking I know now why I was losing, of course I was losing focus on the game with that photo distracting me all the way.

    – Next when Li lost again she stared at me seriously, pulled the top of her dress to the side and got her boob out then said “is that what you are after huh!”

    – The forth photo said it all, Li is excited now, she is struggling between giving in or continuing the game. As a woman though she knows how to make any man melt no matter how hard he tries to keep his composure. Looking down, her dress strap slung down with the neck piece gaping open hinting at what’s behind it. So, so sexy.

    – photo 5 shows Li challenging the opponents, she is standing upright showing her body’s left side exhibiting all her fantastic curves. She has a perfect perky boob, and of course her trade mark ass is dominating the whole view. I am so wound up when I don’t see any sign of a panty there, only a bit of her dress is still hanging on her thigh.

    – After a long struggle Li finally threw the towel and stood above me tally naked and her face says I knew this is what you were after so what are you going to do know?

    Love you Li, and thanks PC

  14. Dildo Dave says:

    Bas that was a good post.

    clive ng (no genitalia) you just keep getting in deeper and deeper with your repetition of ass and poop. You prove with every word you type that you need a therapist to help you work out your mental diseases. I have great empathy for the feeble and sick minded (talking about YOU clive ng (no genitalia). I really do feel sorry for you. I’ll say a prayer for you and ask forgiveness for your potty mouth. I realize you cannot help yourself because you are an anal sex freak.

  15. clive ng says:

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  16. Dildo Dave says:

    clive ng (no genitals) keeps on proving what a perve he is. “ass”, “poop” always proving his coprophilia. Most people would hide it, but he seems proud. SMFH!

  17. clive ng says:

    hahaha break ass dildo dave search me again n again small dick dildo dave very very tired of u mr ass poop small dick shut your mouth with me!!!stop small dick feel happy when a said ass n poop your ass hole beat when i talk poop n ass!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  18. Dildo Dave says:

    Poor clive ng (no genitals). Coprophilia is his bain. He may fall deeper into depravity. Some coprophiliacs eat scat. Is that YOU clive ng (no genitals)?

  19. clive ng says:

    stop!!! everybody know small dick dildo dave is sick s mind go to see a doctor n go to the hospital of mad man to take medicament to drink your head is tired with me !!! this ass break dildo see i eat scat hahaha !!!! i am sad for u small dick!!!when ass break dildo dave search me u take in your ass hole don t forget this !!!WHAT NEXT small dick dildo dave

  20. Dildo Dave says:

    No clive ng (no genitalia) I didn’t see you eat scat. You must have a guilty conscience over that. But it is a fact that some people obsessed with poop and asses play with and even eat it. You say hahaha about it, but it is not funny. You are risking your health as well as your reputation. You would be well served to just shut your fucking pie hole (SYFPH).

  21. clive ng says:

    i fuck your comment small dick!!!! i have a big big reputation n a master mind hahaha !!!!WHAT NEXT

  22. oldpnf says:

    1st – Been a hard day in the throne room when I head to bed. Without speaking she comes to me, pulls out my cock, and titty fucks me. She is gorgeous and I’ve always loved her legs, but that cleavage had me hard when I walked in the room.
    2nd – Do you like what you see my lord? she says starting to strip. I grab her ass and cup a tit while pulling her into a long luscious kiss.
    3rd – She pulls away and dances for me. It is teasing and building my urges. I can’t contain my lust after a few moments.
    4th – I pull her top down and tell her to suck me. She kneels before me and puts her lips on my cock. She begins to suck and her tongue cleans precum off my cock.
    5th – She rises and teases me with more dancing but this time it is on my lap. May I serve you? she asks. I take her tit into my mouth. My crotch aches with want. Complete your duties I order.
    6th – She presents herself to me and I oblige her pussy with my mouth to make sure she is wet. I then plunge my rod in her and pump her while grabbing her tits and kissing her perfect lips. When I am satisfied, I unload my seed with my balls slapping her ass as hard as I can. We pant for a few moments having spent our heat. May I clean your cock lord? She asks. Of course I reply…

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