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Li MoonUkraine

Win rate: 83%
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Rating: 7.2/10 (279 votes cast)

If life gives you Li Moons, then please don’t try and make soda out of them. Play them at strip poker! Mind you, if you have an accident, the lovely Li can come to your Li-Moon-Aid…

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Li Moon, 7.2 out of 10 based on 279 ratings
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  1. Green Dragon says:

    first !!!

  2. clive ng says:


  3. Rusty Armor says:

    If life gave me Li Moons, I’d squeeze, pump, and grind every drop of juice I could. Lick it all down ’til the last drop!

  4. Big Al says:

    fisrt. what a lovely body. built for comfort and speed. not to mention thoses boobs.

    thanks pc

  5. Sensualover says:

    First ! I fuck always happy Asian women!

  6. Slaine says:

    Yay, first again.

  7. Bas says:

    Beautiful and sexy opponent. Thanks PC

  8. rocket says:

    At a glance reminds me of Summer Glau

  9. The Two Mikes; La'Taurus & Oxbigg says:

    Nice tight body and what a smile. We used both to our mutual satisfaction!

  10. The Two Mikes; La'Taurus & Oxbigg says:

    By the way, we both loved the last shot when she sort of puckered both sets of her lips. Oxbigg took the mouth; La’Taurus enjoyed the pussy!

  11. Marcos says:

    First?? Sweet young thing. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  12. Marcos says:

    Looks like we were all working on her at one time. We all thought we were first lol

  13. mike&mike hater says:

    mike and mike are homosexual twats who never saw a pussy, they only suck each other and pretend they’re normal

  14. The two Mikes says:

    Hey hater! Just because you have a problem doesn’t mean you know us.

  15. Lee Brentwood says:

    First, and damn she’s sexy

  16. artes911 says:

    Nice, very nice

  17. Isaac Chou says:

    Ukrainian Beauty.

  18. xy11120 says:

    First time first

  19. Mee says:


  20. Dplayer says:

    Wow nice little pussy and nice game, Thanks PC

  21. Nathaniel says:


  22. dxb says:

    First 🙂 Great natural beauty…sweet face

  23. Yolanda says:

    Wow! Time to strap on and sink it in. Love her body.

  24. Chester says:


  25. rockerdave says:

    First, lovely girl with great photos, especially the last one.

  26. BigTom says:

    FIRST! Hot piece of Asian ass

  27. LEO037 says:

    First 🙂

    Lovely lady

  28. db13 says:

    beat her 2/3/2017

  29. jr says:

    good. good.

  30. Flerm says:

    Maybe first [[ well, I was when I started typing… ]]

    Much prefer her smile in the first pic, but the less she had on the more I liked it… 🙂

  31. Flerm says:

    Mmmmkay… guess not. The webpage didn’t load any comments the first time through; the Intarwebs goofed up and made me look foolish… 🙁

  32. kragen says:

    first to beat her!

  33. Bob the Honker says:

    Yowza. Nice stuff. Thanks Poker dudes.

  34. Big G says:

    I beat her twice now. How can it still show her undefeated?

  35. Johnnie Fuckerfaster says:

    In the second to last pic I though some asswipe airbrushed away her pussy. But I see in the last picture it was just shaved and hidden between her legs.

  36. Bas says:

    Beautiful girl with a sexy body. Love those perky tits and inviting pussy in the last photo, it is 1:30 An and I am already having dirty dreams about her. Thanks PC

  37. HeyGuys says:

    First, nice Li Moon 😉

  38. First says:


  39. Jaynor 999 says:

    First to beat her

  40. Samuel says:


  41. Myk12 says:

    Nice girl

  42. Big Al says:

    EY PC . whats happening? last week I was the fisrt to beat this beautie, to find outb i was about fith. this week .she is still unbeaten.
    stil got a hot bod.

  43. Sensualover says:

    First ? Boh ….

  44. Jeff Smith says:

    Win rate is NOT 100%. (But the toughest I’ve played here)

  45. First guy says:


  46. CHARLE"S says:


  47. Legibleduck1 says:


  48. denny says:

    Wow why so few comments? P.C. she’s a cutie, nice smile nice face and very curvatious. Not to mention her little shaved pussy. I’d likely stretch it out a bit. That would be fun!

  49. The Frobisher says:

    Fifty Sixth!

  50. Number99 says:

    Very pretty! I hope we see her again soon!

    Thanks PC

  51. slacker says:


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