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Kristina & DiannaUkraine

Win rate: 79%

Ukrainian babes Kristina and Dianna make a hot twosome, don’t you think? Your poker game may have to be twice as good to beat them…

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Kristina 2 - hot poker girl
Dianna - hot poker girl
Kristina & Dianna - hot poker girl
Kristina - hot poker girl


  1. Kareto says:

    Те са много хубави. И 6 те снимки са много хубави. 2 е по добре от 1.

  2. Rockerdave says:

    First, the dynamic duo. Great pictures including the last one

  3. Behnam says:

    Tnx For Your Great Game.

  4. Sensualover says:

    ” Double Fantasy “

  5. clive ng says:

    wow double pussy!!!!good players top bodies thank hold em strip em poker!!!

  6. potato says:

    anyone know what Dianna’s last name is??

  7. Mike La'Taurus & Mike Oxbigg says:

    We let the girls pick their mike and Kristina remembered Oxbigg from the last set and chose him. So Dianna entertained La’Taurus. It was a real orgy. A fuck-fest with partners swapping continuously. Our favorite was when the girls set us up for a 4-way 69. Dianna has the sweeter pussy, but Kristina gives the best head, so both mikes like that setup, but no complaints when it went the other way around. Another great time had by all. We would like to invite Woody and Sue to join us next time for a 6-way.

  8. Bas says:

    Nice team but I am single so I’ll leave them for team Mikes. Thanks PC

  9. Yolanda says:

    Looks like “Grren Dragon” changed his name to Kareto. At least both names post their comments in Bulgarian. Why Kareto? Seems to be a small village in central Africa. Weird.

  10. Isaac Chou says:

    Double pussy and double ass holes.
    I like these two Ukrainian Women.

  11. Behnam says:

    I Love Les
    Can You Put More Les In This Site?

  12. Number99 says:

    Great final shot… How does someone choose if offered the oppertunity? I also like the picture where Kristine spreads Dianna’s ass cheeks a bit…


    Thanks PC

  13. Brian says:

    Your major problems. Click on girls to play and their name and their header shows but no game no images nothing. I have no problem playing other sites.

  14. Dplayer says:

    Thanks PC. K & D are real sluts and exvASSpureeating……..

  15. nutthouse says:

    10 for Kristina

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