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Win rate: 77%

Dianna is a language student, but she loves the language of love most of all. Can you prove your expertise with your tongue?

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Dianna - hot poker girl
Kristina & Dianna - hot poker girl


  1. Bas says:

    Very pretty girl. Apologies to the two Mikes, it was a compromise between saying I am first and finishing the game but as she is hard to beat I am going to say I am FIRST then finish the game

  2. natalemai says:


  3. natalemai says:

    ops.. not first!

  4. Kareto says:

    Снимки 3,5 и 6 са хубави.

  5. clive ng says:

    lovely girl!!!top photo n middle player i like to suck her sweet pussy n nice tits!!!thank u hold em strip em poker

  6. Sensualover says:

    I suggest the datail view in the last pic ;-))

  7. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    No problem Bas. We will tell you about it. We found Dianna very easy to beat. In fact it took just 5 hands in less than 5 minutes. Sensual, yes you can’t get any closer than that unless you stick out your tongue as both mikes did. Di starts out slow in her little high school outfit. In the second pic she demurely opens her blouse to show her red bra, and then takes that off for #3. It looks like she is trying to take that little skirt off in the next frame but somehow her panties slip down her thighs. Next she goes full nude, but bends her leg just enough to obscure your view of her pussy with her thigh dammittall. Finally in the finally she stands over you and looks down even though her boobs hide part of her face. But that is okay since it gives you a nice upshot of her nips. Her pussy is right in your face and she shows she just got a nice close shave. So we proceeded to take turns tasting that pussy. La’Taurus has the longer tongue so he let Oxbigg go first to sort of prime her pump. After much slurping we both stood up and took turns on her with standing mish position. Oxbigg patiently waited for seconds so that La’Taurus could go first for a nice tight fit. He came quickly and then Di started to cleanup, but Mike Oxbigg was in a hurry to slip her his dick and told her she would probably appreciate the mike-lube and after Oxbigg pounded her standing up for a good fifteen minutes she was glad that she left the first mike’s jizz alone. She was so satisfied that she just stood there and let the two loads slowly drip out as the mikes watched, admiring their work. Another great time had by all. We would like an encore either by herself, or another double date with Kristina. How about it PC?

  8. Lothario says:

    Another fantastic body, perfectly shaped perky breasts and a pussy to die for…………maybe next time have her pull back the hood and expose the little clitty : P
    Thanks Poker Chicks!!!

  9. Number99 says:

    Ow, tease, hiding her pussy in the 5th picture. But if you beat her, it’s all worth it!

    Thanks PC

  10. Isaac Chou says:

    Detail view in the last picture is so fantastic.

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