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Valeria 2 - hot poker girl
Valeria: 7.6/10
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Win rate: 74%

Busty Chloe has got a job at her local Dentist. Are you ready to open wide?

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Chloe 2 - hot poker girl
Chloe - hot poker girl


  1. Green Dragon says:

    Харесват ми снимки 3, 4 и 5. Снимка 6 е интересна.

  2. Dildo Dave says:


  3. Slaine says:

    Dave, I thought you HATED people putting the numbers on here. I am surprised you have fallen into the trap. So does this mean you are lining up to futtbuck yourself?

  4. clive ng says:

    4rd lovely ladyyy n cool game

  5. Dildo Dave says:

    Slainey, you used my handle again. You are a no account asswipe. You and clive no good love to get on here to line up to futtbuck woody. Go futtbuck clive no good instead. You ran woody off this board.

  6. Slaine says:

    Okay, I admit that I posted “2nd” as Dildo Dave. I was hoping that Dave would get turned on and we could meet for sharing our meat. I love being a pervert, and am not ashamed that I love to slip my dick into guys’ donuts. I think me and clive ng could really enjoy each other.

  7. clive ng says:

    ok, me just want to be fourth in line for getting my small dick in a ass hole

  8. Dildo Dave says:

    i am tired of u small dick dildo dave u are mind sick look for a doctor apart u take my name what small dick dave can do !!!! small dick dildo take my name again n again!!! am fucking small dick dildo !!!take your hand put it in your ass n play this good good for small dick dildo he has nothing to do in this low world me said that clive ng n i will play hold em strip em poker year after year nothing small dick dildo dave can do nothing in this game apart talk n talk i put my strong dick in your mouth n break this mouth fucking u !!! hahaha

  9. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    not much to say about Chloe. She is no Kardashian. La’Taurus took one look and ran away…..he shies from women that outweigh him. Oxbigg, on the other hand, looked at that rack an immediately thought “tittyfuck”. And so he did. Chloe is a good option for guys that like big buxom women. Just not what turns on the mikes.

    Incidentally, when I played football in high school the coach gave us a talk about sharing a shower with team mates. He spoke about body-shaming, and told us to not talk about each others’ endowment. He said that guys that made fun of smaller guys actually had the smallest dicks in the class and/or couldn’t get it up. I’m reminded of that talk by the clive guy, who can’t stop talking about small dicks. No doubt he suffers from “small penis syndrome” himself. Perhaps that is why he always wants to state his place in line because he believes buttholes are tighter for his small size, and mens buttholes are suppose to be tighter than womens’. To each his own, I always say. It is just too bad this talk has run off the old regulars like woody.

  10. Slaine says:

    Well said, Clive, (as Dave). Oh, and I totally agree.


    SO Dave, we will continue to do what we want. After all, freedom of the US and all that. And there isn’t ANYTHING you can do to stop us. We are not ones to run away and stop playing just cuz YOU don’t like something. You are nothing special. And you can keep using my name and posting stupid shit cuz the people that know me know that I would NEVER say the stupid shit you put here under my name. And plus, it don’t bother me. I just like bugging you. Cuz your a fucking idiot thinking you can control other people.

  11. clive ng says:

    hahaha!!! hey if u know me mike oxbigg!!!

  12. Dildo Dave says:

    Wow. Slainey wants sloppy 10ths! Slainey certainly is loaded with STDs. And no good clive has been exposed for having the smallest unit of any poster on here. And after sharing the futtbucking with Slainey, no good clive likely has AIDS.

  13. clive ng says:

    hahaha!!! talk talk small dick dildo dave it your time to give your hole ass in this game !!! u take drug or what!!!! your mind is very sick am very sad for this guy

  14. Dildo Dave says:

    Hey! Clive no good! You keep posting shit but it just running out of your sorry mouth. You get deeper and deeper into your own shit. You really should save yourself the embarrassment and just SYFPH! The mikes have it right. You suffer from small penis syndrome. You have and inferiority complex and it is because you ARE inferior.

  15. clive ng says:

    i not afraid of u small dick dildo dave what u can do for me!!!if i have this!!! u are a doctor !!! i suppose is not !!!take care of your small dick n fucking your comment !!! small dick dave don t know me!!!! small dick dildo dave is ass poop!!! /\ /\ /\ \/ when small dick search he take!!! i am sad for small dick!!!hahaha

  16. Dildo Dave says:

    Poor clive no-good just wishes he even had a small dick. Instead he has none at all. He uses a prosthesis for his futtbucking. Check out the Sabrina board for the details on how clive no-good lost his genitalia and became clive no-genitals. Too bad and soooo sad. May God bless!

  17. clive ng says:

    hahaha hey small dick dildo no body can stop me to play hold em strip em poker!!!talk talk i will always play !!!am always here on holdem strip em poker!!!i am fucking small dick dildo comment u know u are pussy s poop!!! small dick dildo dave search he take in this face!!! hey small dick u know GOD 3 TIME u ask to GOD!!! please GOD make he calm n cool i know GOD listen to me!!!AMEN/\ /\ /\ /\

  18. Dildo Dave says:

    Check out the Sabrina page. clive ng (clive-no-genitals) is a coprophiliac. He loves poop. He plays with poop. He uses poop as a sex aide. He probably even eats the stuff. He talks ass s poop because he is obsessed with scat. The guy is an incorrigible moron with some dangerous sexual deviancy. Beware of this guy. It really is too bad and sooo sad about clive-no-genitals. I won’t say “May God bless” because God does not care for moral imbeciles.

  19. clive ng says:

    hahaha !!!what next!!!!small dick dildo dave it true u are ass s poop your sick mind all body know u have small dick !!!fucking your mind sick!!! /\ /\ /\ /\

  20. Dildo Dave says:

    Clive is a moral imbecile

  21. clive ng says:

    keep cool n peace dildo dave!!!when u search u take!!!

  22. Dildo Dave says:

    clive no genitals is not only a moral imbecile, he is also a social moroon. Elnd of story!

    I can comment all I want and there is nothing you can do about it! I’ll stop commenting when you learn to SYFPH.

  23. clive ng says:

    hey small dick dildo am always here don t forget n fucking your comment !!!! ass poop small dick dildo dave search again u take again n again !!!hahaha

  24. clive ng says:

    i am always strong in my lifetime don t forget this ass s poop small dick dildo dave !!!i wait what next!!!/\ /\ /\ /\

  25. Dildo Dave says:

    Poor clive has no genitals. He is a twerp that couldn’t lift ten pounds if he had to.

  26. clive ng says:

    small dick dildo dave always just said this no genitals!!!hahaha u always have a small dick everybody know this in hold em strip em poker!!! N what next/\ /\ /\ /\

  27. Isaac Chou says:

    Clive you can’t win. When are you going to just shut your fucking pie hole?

  28. Slaine says:

    To both Dave AND Isaac, when are you guys going to learn that WE DONT FUCKING HAVE TO? Clive, you keep doing what you are doing. Don’t let these asshole dickless punks tell you ANYTHING.
    OH, and to you buttfuck Dave, I have had plenty of sex with both men AND women and have NEVER had an STD, not even crabs. And yes, even unprotected sex. Unlike you, I am comfortable with my sexuality and don’t use it to insult and abuse others. Which is clearly what you and Isaac are doing.

  29. clive ng says:

    top said my friend slaine !!!mr issac what is your problem in holdem strip em poker!!!it s no your problem isaac not enter in my problem with small dick he a sick s mind he don t respect any one in this game small dick dildo dave is ass s poop this guy !!! issac understand me not interfere in me n small dock dildo dave !!!u known what means dildo !!!a sex toy!!! play with it!!! hahaha N WHAT NEXT!!!

  30. Phil says:


  31. Dildo Dave says:

    Slainey and clive ng (no genitals) ARE both piglets. They do it piggy style. Bestiality is on each’s menu. Watch out for clive ng (no genitals) though. He likes to futtbuck with his big strap-on. He told Slainey he was gunna cure Slainey’s piles.

  32. clive ng says:

    hey small dick dildo dave u again !!!! u know that Dildo mean a sex toy n take a sex toy dick put it in your hole ass make u happy because he has very very small dick to fucking a lady she has no feeling with the small dick of dildo dave !!!hahaha small dick he is true dick s poop in this lifetime!!!when small dick search me he take in his hole s ass!!! i wait what next mr small dick dildo dave!!!/\ /\ /\ /\

  33. OLDpnf says:

    Reminds me of the dental assistant when I was a teen. She had monster tits that would get in the way. So she hefted a big heavy tit up on my stomach to get the right angle to clean my teeth. I’d pop a massive hard on every time.

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