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Win rate: 75%
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Rating: 6.8/10 (161 votes cast)

The buxom Chloe Lamoure can talk to animals. Well, it’s more that she has the power to turn men into animals, using the language of love, to be honest…

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Chloe, 6.8 out of 10 based on 161 ratings
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Chloe - hot poker girl


  1. Slaine says:

    First to comment.

    Havent quite beat her yet. Do like her huge perfect round melons. The Mikes will have a ball playing Russian with her.

    To Dildo Dave: I will gladly Futtbuck you all day. People can say what they want on here. You have no right to censor or ridicule them. If you don’t like it, don’t play or don’t scroll down and look at the comments.

  2. Slaine says:

    And Second to comment.

    Now I beat her. She doesnt show much except for her big round melons until the very end. She sits down and opens up and pulls up to expose a very pink perfect pussy. Very very very nice.

    And again to Dildo Dave: Anytime you are ready, just bend over.

  3. Green Dragon says:

    Харесват ми снимки 4, 5 и 6. Снимка 6 е много интересна.

  4. clive ng says:

    wow wonderful playyy!!! she has a long pussyyy i love her pussyyy n top tits!! this lady chloe is readyyy to fuck us !!!in the last play she has a pair of 8 me have a trio of ace!!!am the winner !!!thank u hold em strip em veryyy nice game poker

  5. clive ng says:

    well said my friend slaine!!!where is mr dildo dave !!!

  6. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We like Chloie for two reasons. Well, …. three reasons. She is eager to show off those tits, and those are two of the reasons. We both opted for some Russian with her. La’Taurus won the flip and went first. He chose the third pose where she is pushing those massive boobs together to give you some nice friction on them. Mike L had her sit on a chair so he could slide his dick up and down between them. He started slowly and then began to work up a cadence that she really got into. His strokes got longer and longer as he got near a climax and she was begging him to cum on those tits. He was working toward that when Chloe noticed something banging against her chin with each stroke. When she looked down she realized it was the head of Mike’s dick and she smiled in delight. As she smiled, Mike L took advantage of the move and pushed the tip of his cock up higher and it slipped right into that third reason we like Chloie; that smile is so much fun to fill up. He grabbed her by the back of her head and with a handful of her hair he began wildly skull-fucking her face, and in no time he splooged a big load into her mouth. This made Chloie smile even wider and as she did so some of Mike L’s seed began dripping out of both sides of that smile.

    Now it was Mike Oxbigg’s turn, and he wanted a clean start, so to speak, so he invited her into the shower with him. After cleaning her up a bit and feeling and squeezing her boobs he got her out of the shower and gave her another facial much as the other mike had. Another great time had by all.

    By the by Slaine, you should be careful if Dildo Dave takes you up on that. Guys that are into anal often come with nasty surprises. So be sure you wear a cover. And we think it would be nice if you invited woody to watch.

  7. Slaine says:

    Very good point, Mike. I will remember that. Thanks.

  8. Dildo Dave says:

    Hey Slaine! I see you are bragging about being first in line to futtbuck woody again. SMFH! As to your offer, sorry to disappoint you but I don’t swing thataway. woody would probably be glad to oblige you, but maybe not. He seems to still be in the closet because he seems to be hiding out.

    But Slaine, if you are desperate you can just jack yourself off. You have stated you like to fuck dudes, so try playing with Five Fingered Mary. Either of your hands will do.

  9. Dildo Dave says:

    Maybe we could get PokerChick to make a game of Slaine futtbucking woody. Who would be first to be second in line?

  10. Bas says:

    I am not into very big boobs albeit they sit OK on Chloe’s broad chest. Chole compensates that with her perfect pussy and well defined clit. all in all I will be happy to play with Chloe till the turn of the year. Happy new year everyone.

  11. Dildo Dave says:

    That Slaine dude is just a sodomizer; he is a cornholer for sure.

  12. Slaine says:

    You know Dave, for someone who CLAIMS they don’t swing thataway, you sure do talk about it ALOT. Are you sure you are not maybe still stuck in the closet????? And I am not scared of my sexuality, wherever it takes me. I am quite proud of it. And I would bet real money any day of the week that I have had way more pussy than you have even SEEN in your entire life.

  13. clive ng says:

    peace n love 4 this year 2019 !!! i known mr dildo is a kid my friend slaine is a famous guy all of us love to play hold em strip em poker !!!i like woody replay hold em strip em poker this year !!! u are all friends in this site!!! happy new year 2019 all my friends!!!

  14. Michaela ''The Bitch'' says:

     – I love to lick latin pu$$y.
    – My first time with a girl was with a hot Latino chick.

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