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Win rate: 71%
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Rating: 7.4/10 (3088 votes cast)

Zuzana, the girl with the perfect boobs, makes a third holdemstripem appearance. I think she likes getting naked while playing strip poker – it’s surely more about the strip than the poker with her… Mind you, once her clothes are off, who knows what might happen?

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Zuzana 3, 7.4 out of 10 based on 3088 ratings
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Zuzana 3 - hot poker girl
Zuzana 2 - hot poker girl
Zuzana - hot poker girl


  1. FatCock says:

    Fuck Yes, the hottest girl on the site back for round 3.

  2. RangerDruid says:

    yup her and Cindy. Love them both.

  3. Chris says:

    Great work PC. Please never stop using her. She is total beauty.

  4. brad says:

    not good!!!

  5. brad says:

    zuzana,not is top 10

  6. Robert says:

    i dont think she looks quite as nice as on the other 2

  7. dxkt says:

    ok i would fuck this girl until i could not fuck anymore lol the second hottest girl on the site the first of course has to be pokerchick because she brings all these gorgeous girls to us tip of the cap to pokerchick keep it up sweetie great job!!!!

  8. Cheap says:

    God damn, can she hit the river anymore often?

  9. footguy says:

    thanks again for the game pokerchick.

  10. Fury says:

    Pretty woman, for the 3rd time around. For some reason it froze. Other then that it was going fine.

  11. PNF says:

    She is just perfect. I love her lips, her tits, that awesome pussy, those rockin’ legs. Just perfect.

  12. BruthaLuv says:

    Not my favorite set of hers from this site or VirtuaGirl, but that last shot about has me licking my computer screen…

  13. CAMDENJOHN says:

    Superb, but don’t give up the day job! Poker is not your game…

  14. oldvocks says:

    damm u fishy… always beat by one point. lousy pussy

  15. terry 7 says:

    been there, done that!

  16. Sorin says:

    Ce mai frumoasa femeie de pe aici.

  17. B Rad says:

    One of the best looking ladies on here, i love her pussy. If i ever had a chance to go down on her i’d die a happy man.

  18. punish- says:

    lol…its very hard but i win πŸ˜€

  19. Frenchy says:

    Very esay to beat and very beautiful girl: nice big boobs, pretty pussy lips and ass hole.
    Do not hesitate to play her.

  20. SenecaChief says:

    Zuz is a 10 and I enjoy playing her!

  21. the epic awesome says:

    challenging but the result is AWESOMERIEST πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  22. Woody says:

    Absolutely perfect. Beautiful girl with ample but wonderful tits, nice ass & awsome pussy with a little groomed bush. I think her best asset is her tiny waist that makes her hour glass figure the best i’ve ever seen. She is so perfect i have trouble deciding how i’d like to do her. She has a pussy that i just want to go down on, tities & facial beauty that would be amazing in missionary or girl on top but that waist & ass would be amazing doing doggy.

  23. Gerry says:

    Wow! I love her, man! Please talk her into another shoot!! She is a goddess. Oh, and while you are talking to her, ask if she like to marry a guy from Ohio, please!

  24. CD says:

    Great girls. Thanks!!!

  25. Gary says:

    Preety girl

  26. Gary says:

    Shes hot

  27. John King says:

    I played about 80 games against and she won in 72 of them, I can only think that she is rigged to win as if statistics told me something, no such probaility exists

  28. PokerChick says:

    @John King – she isn’t rigged to win, she’s just designed not be crap at poker. You’ll notice she folds more that you do – this should tell you something…

  29. negritoblak says:


  30. Alen says:

    Not only charming body but intriguing poker too. Respect PokerChick

  31. Samuel says:

    Great Game , Nice Boobs , Legs and pussy very nice , Oh and pretty grey eyes , Thank You Zuzana , ready for your next game

  32. sexman says:

    This is Zuzana Drabinova, come from the Czech Republic. So correct country of origin.THX

  33. Will says:

    That is one tasty looking asshole and pussy, MMMMMM I can almost taste it.

  34. Asslvr says:

    What a voluptuous woman!!!

  35. SlightlyGray says:

    Got her beat and stripped in 3 hands. Too easy for such a sexy ass woman

  36. dxkt says:

    this girl makes my cock so hard it throbs!!!!!!!!!!! i would love to dance inside her all night long!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Number99 says:

    This great woman would be perfect for a 4th time on the site. What a body!!!

  38. Mike Oxbigg says:

    great last shot. Would love to titty fuck her, then plug those two holes.

  39. η₯žζ™Ίθƒ‘子 says:

    blonde, beautiful face, big boobs, shaved and tight pussy, also with the eyes full of desire, wow , this is my dream girl!

  40. Mike La'Taurus says:

    We were afraid she wasn’t going to show those precious boobies, but she gave a peek at them in the 4th shot, then really showed them off along with her juicy pussy in the fifth shot. Finally in the finale we got the choice of her 3 holes, or a titty fuck. She is a pleasure machine for sure.

  41. Sue says:

    Sensational x

  42. Bas says:

    Zuzana was my very first opponent on PokerChick and every time I revisit her I marvel at how pretty she is and what a great body she has. Thanks PC

  43. clive ng says:

    very hard player !!!she play very well n very hottt body !!!i love to fuck the pretty lady thank hold em strip em poker!!!!

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