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Valeria 2 - hot poker girl
Valeria: 7.6/10
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Marilyn: 7.6/10
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Sapphira: 7.5/10
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Kristina: 7.5/10
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Gloria: 7.5/10
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Dominika: 7.5/10
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Rebecca: 7.5/10
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Isizzu: 7.5/10
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Lola: 7.5/10


Win rate: 78%

Vanessa Decker works in her local Beer Halle. Mysteriously, she receives twice the tips of any other waitress. Are you ready to lick the froth off her beer?

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Vanessa 2 - hot poker girl
Vanessa - hot poker girl


  1. Green Dragon says:

    Харесват ми снимки 4, 5 и 6.

  2. Lothario says:

    2nd! but somewhat of a disappointment at the last money shot. I love beer but I like pussy even better! Great body and wonderful tits!

  3. Dildo Dave says:

    Lothario apparently likes sodomizing woody even better. He is lining up to futtbuck poor old woody.

  4. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Vanessa is a beer drinking wench. We like that. In the second pic she shows you her tongue, suggesting some oral thrills. Next she turns around and bends over a bit exposing her nice derriere. Then she turns back around after losing her top; nice titties! In the anti-penultimate pose she goes full nude sideways, giving a nice profile. And in the finale she sits down and crosses her legs over to expose her pussy, but she sets the damned beer stein right in your view! Next time we hope for a nice pussy shot.

    By the way Lothario, nice going. You put yourself out there for Dave Dildo to speculate on your intentions. Have you no respect for poor old woody who has been bullied off this board?

  5. Bas says:

    Vanessa is a lovely new comer, I look forward to seeing more of her in future but she has to quit drinking, doctors say its bad for the health 🙂

  6. clive ng says:

    finish working relaxxx drinking a bottle of beer n play hold em strip em poker good player!!!i take 7 minutes to beat this wonderful ladyyy vanessaaa!!! pecfect bodyyy i like to see this little pussyyy !!!top game n thank u holdem strip em poker!!!

  7. OldPNF says:

    At first I was like whatever. Nice skirt, pretty and comes with beer.
    Second pic I’m like, ok the foam finger is fun, but that top is making me think she has no tits.
    Third pic I’m like, ok, nice undies. I’d slide them over and slap my hips against that ass.
    Fourth pic I’m like DAYUM!!! Those are some good titties!
    Fifth pic has my cock rock hard for her.
    Six pic her legs almost make me cum but no. That fucking beer cock blocked me!

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