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Win rate: 75%

Thitima is from Bangkok, Thailand. Which is a coincidence, because she says she loves to bang-cock. I guess the love of bad puns might be a Thai trait too. Anyhoo, there’s only one way to find out about her Thai style poker game – play now!

If you are having trouble viewing/playing the game, you may find some help here.

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  1. XXX says:

    Yes, Nice game.

  2. Commander says:

    Cute girl. A little more spreading of the legs would have been nice.

  3. WTFMAN says:

    This girl is a fucking cheater, every single time i actually have something she ALWAYS have some thing better, and i do mean ALWAYS – i played four games in row with her and i wasn’t able to take even a single hand off her, every time i have pair she has a higher one, every time a have a straight she has a higer straight and every time i have a flush, guess what? thats right, she has a HIGHER flush.
    The only way i could take some chips off her was if i took the blinds cause she didn’t have anything, never have i took a hand off her in the showdown.

  4. :D says:

    its nice to see some girls with darker skin keep it up

  5. Robert says:

    Dont know WTFMAN is on about I beat her easily but i agree with Commander spread at the end could have been better 8 out of 10

  6. WTFalso says:

    wow now i’m with WTFMAN. first, right off the bat, i get a 8 high straight in my first hand, guess what? she had the exact same hand just different suits. then just i gain the upper hand again (after she managed to come back from here last amount of money to an almost full bank) I manage to get a 7 high straight, in which we both have been max betting from the start of the round, and the AI all of a sudden forgets how to play and stops on her turn. the game isn’t frozen, cause it responds to the keyboard arrows, but it stopped on here turn so i don’t have access to any of the buttons, so now i have to start all over.

  7. PNF says:

    I agree with :D. Nice to see different types of girls, but this one is not my particular type – pretty though she is.

  8. footguy says:

    thanks pokerchick.

  9. dxkt says:

    nice body would be fun for a night she does look like she could suck a good dick though lol

  10. Charles says:

    WTFMAN .. you’re just to noob to win this chick .. I just beat her in 3 minutes.. she has a nice pussy .. to bad you couldn’t see it muahahahah

  11. bony habib says:


  12. JAJAJA says:

    haha she always folds whenever i put in lots of mmoney xD

  13. oldvocks says:

    lousy……ugly pussy..due to play to much WITH tomyam flavour of bang-cock. he he

  14. ? says:

    I love asian women……..and she is a really,really beautiful one

  15. Frenchy says:

    Perfect body, gorgeous boobs ant juicy pussy. A must.
    Not easy to beat …. you have to be agressive.

  16. Catau15 says:

    Very nice game.A combination of poker and hot girls,but are to many girls from Hungary and Czeh Rebublic.Would be more good if add more girls from other countrys and continents.

  17. Holdem Master says:

    I beat it, only lost one round, not including the ones that i gave my win up on.

  18. Bobby says:

    Good game and I would lick that pussy and fuck it deep and slowwwwww.

  19. Bob says:

    Wonderful LBFM.

  20. Brawlerjan says:

    This one is way to easy. Lost only 1 hand on my way to victory. Pretty good looking too.

  21. Mr. Ting says:

    Ting say woman who fly upsidedown in airplane have hairy crack up.

  22. JinXXX says:

    Red Fox, say he who stand’s on Toilet to High on Pot…

  23. 神智胡子 says:

    Typical thai girl, some kinds of beautiful. What I don’t Asian women is, after teenage, their pussy lips and nipples will become more and more black.

  24. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We like the next to last shot where she coyly flashes her pussy. We also enjoyed Mr. Ting’s comment. Lol.

  25. Bas says:

    I see Thai girls are as exotic as their food and I would love to nibble a little on Thitima’s outer goodies before tasting her inner goddies

  26. renato dice says:

    non e possibile o giocato 2 ore e 30 non o mai fatto full piccoli tris e qualche doppia coppia la ragazza a fatto decine di full 50 tris alti 200 doppie coppie con assi ci prendete per i fond….

  27. el pistolero says:

    Always the same with some of these ladies.. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to win at the first time, while became “easy” the 2nd time. However this is an Amazing girl, perfect if you love thai. Unfortunately there are no porn movies with her 🙁

  28. clive ng says:

    wow!!!wonderful lady n she play hold em poker well!!! yesterday she bit me 2 time hard player !!!nice pussy i love this!!!beautiful tits super play

  29. clive ng says:

    she lost her hand!!!easy to win this game!!!she still beautiful nice pussy n wonderful tits thank holdemstripem

  30. Laurent says:

    Just a splendid girl! She was really hard to beat but the pleasure of victory is all the more delightful …

  31. BOB says:

    This game has been coded by morons, since the code is so shitty they added a cheat pattern, so the girls can win from time to time. Boring as fuck to play. Perfect game for retarded perverts LOL

  32. Green Dragon says:

    good player !!!

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