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Stella JonesHungary

Win rate: 75%
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Rating: 7.4/10 (184 votes cast)

Buxom beauty, Stella Jones, has a degree in economics. Not Voodoo Economics, just the regular kind. She does have the ability to cast a spell over most of the men she meets, however.

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Stella Jones, 7.4 out of 10 based on 184 ratings
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  1. Green Dragon says:

    Снимки 4, 5 и 6 са хубави.

  2. clive ng says:

    second !!!sexy lady

  3. Dildo Dave says:

    SMFH! Clive has lined himself up to sodomize woody. Who will be next in line? Perhaops woody could do hisself. Lol.

  4. Mile La'Taurus & Mike Oxbigg says:

    Would you just shut your pie hole Dildo Dave? Enough of that!

    As for Stella, she starts out in her miniskirt and cleavage out there. Then she teases a bit showing her thong strings by pulling her skirt down a bit. In the third frame she loses the skirt and pops her boobs out of her halter top showing her nice big, hanging titties. Then she pulls her thong down almost showing her pussy all the while those massive globes are falling further out of her top. She gets completely naked in the finale but her hand is covering her pussy while she might be diddling herself at the same time. Both Mikes decided on some extended titty-fucking for this visit, and when we were done her chest and face were all gooey. Another fun time had by all. Stella asked us to return to sample her holes, but we’ll wait until PC does another spread on her and shows us the goods.

  5. Isaac Chou says:

    Stella Jones is a buxom beauty with cute smile.

  6. Dplayer says:

    PC I loved Stella’s intriguing smile and voluptuous body. What a ripe figure so sexy and happy. While I liked her cute ass in the last pic I was wanting more would of really liked to view a meaty labia. Or was I just wishing for a mature meaty pussy. No doubt I was. Thanks PC, SJ has won me over…!

  7. Bas says:

    Stella kept me suspended, every time she pulls her knicker down she starts winning! It was a good wait until I finally got to see her last photo. She is very pretty and sexy but not my style. Thanks PC

  8. Emmanuel Macron says:

    Trop jeune pour moi :

  9. docbass says:

    look forward to seeing if this is the site that i will use fm now on

  10. Oldpnf says:

    Such gorgeous eyes and perfect massive tits. I want her to titty fuck me and look me in the eye when I cum hard.

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