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Win rate: 83%

Ah, the lovely Shay Laren. She’s a careful player, so bide your time – don’t be seduced by her perfect looks!

If you are having trouble viewing/playing the game, you may find some help here.

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Shay 2 - hot poker girl
Shay - hot poker girl


  1. Mac McParland says:

    think I found a bug – (this has happenned twice) – if the computer opponent calls against the big blind, and then it’s my turn to bet, I’m offered the option to raise, check, or fold.
    if I choose to fold (which is not a good choice, since I can stay in the game without betting any more), the game locks up and no more cards are dealt.

  2. PokerChick says:

    You should still have the chance to bet on the big blind even if she calls but it certainly shouldn’t lock up if you fold – I’ll have a look at that. Thanks for the feedback! xx

  3. Fabsman says:

    I am so in love with Shay Laren. She is definitely pure beauty.

  4. R.N says:

    Game locks up too often. With IE and Firefox.
    For me it always happens after long hard work when you should be nearly winning. (its like McParland says – but not because of folding bb for me)
    Other opponents I have managed to win by trying again, but Shay not.
    Is there some stupid time limit? Against Shay the game is always long because of her style…

    and yes, she is beautiful!

  5. R.N says:

    right after my previous compliment I finally did her too.
    (still there is that problem. its not only Shay but others too – i hope you check it out …)

    and thanks for your site. its the best anyway!

    Tip: If Shay raises after you just called on small blind, it’s very often a bluff and she’ll fold when you re-raise (of course not always).

  6. PokerChick says:

    Thanks R.N – I will check that out. I’ve never seen the game lock-up so far but I should be able to put in some code to make sure it never happens..

  7. picek says:

    very hard to beat, has some good hands and rips you off if youre too sure… I’ll lick that ass after the game mmmm

  8. WillieD says:

    Locks up when hand is over. Ready for a deal and she just looks at you. Has happened with several opponents. Most frustrating as I am usually winning. Doesn’t seem to happen when she is ahead. You didn’t answer the guy above about a time limit. Is there one?

  9. PokerChick says:

    Nope, there is no time limit.
    The latest opponent (Marta) has been re-coded to try and fix the locking-up problem. Let me know if it works any better..

  10. A.Z. says:

    She will always fold if you are dealt the Ace of Spades…

  11. Aoshi says:

    Never fold before table cards are shown, then it won’t lock up!

  12. GotHer says:

    Game locked up on me a few times just as she was down to her last chip(s). This last game, all worked well and got to see her wonderful brown eye.

  13. J.T says:

    totally owned her, didnt lose once. keeping the trick a sceret =P

  14. PokerChick says:

    The locking-up problem should be fixed now, on all games. It was only happening in very long games (and it takes a long time to beat Shay)..
    If you do a hard refresh to make sure you’re playing the new version, you should be fine, let me know if not..

  15. wavefiat says:

    this AI is the hardest one to beat, this one took me almost 2 hours before defeating her..

  16. Percy says:

    I beat her. However, she folds a lot. I love her ass. SO SEXY SHAY!!!

  17. Holdem34 says:

    If you raise right off the bat as soon as the hands are drawn 9/10 she will fold. You can pretty much do that for the entire game until she gets to the final round.

  18. RoadKill says:

    Shay is by far the hardest one to beat so far. Took me a couple of tries and a good bit of time. all the girls are awesome keep up the good work

  19. necromite says:

    hardest one yet took almost an hour..

  20. luddie says:

    What a shame she is a lesbian.
    There are no vids of her with a man

  21. Enigma Dragon says:

    Opponent is very annoying to play against. Constantly folding, making it take a very long time before cleaning her out of chips completely.

  22. Indgy says:

    wow..just out-bidded her and she gave up so easily…is she like that in bed.

    man she gave me the biggest, hardest erection in a while…i even shot far down the sink.

    doesn’t she look like Karen Gillan from Dr.Who? damn shes sexy.

    no faults for me with the games…..

    shes amazingly fit and amelle berrberrah from the sugababes…mmmmmmmm

    have fun lads 🙂

  23. Gking says:

    OMG!!! never post a comment when you’re about to win. I had to start over just when I was about to win. 🙁

  24. oldvocks says:

    always pair card with the last card….beautiful lady….but a great cheater behind her asshole…..

  25. Leo says:

    played almost xx times during 2 hours and she had got always better cards, omg wtf ?!

  26. terry 7 says:


  27. Joe says:

    This game takes patients…
    But i ain’t got patients I wanna see some TITS!!

  28. miu says:

    Pokerchik…I think that we have a problem with this chick…or with her algorithm..she folds folds folds…until naked…error?

  29. B Rad says:

    there are a lot of nice pussy shots on this site!!

  30. bigflop44 says:

    i don’t think her name is Shay i think it’s I Fold

  31. Frenchy says:

    Big and heavy natural boobs (i love them), pale skin and red hair.
    The last pic is amazing: shaved pretty pussy and asshole offered to the winner with a seductive smile: no regret for the spent time to fight and to beat Shay To win Shay I recommend: you have to be patient, cool. It’s time to play for you.

    (Many apologies if the syntax isn’t correct, remember I’m French 😉

  32. HalGreen says:

    I have played most of the Poker women. This one is the most beautiful. The session was well shot also. Started with Bra and panties and conducted a strip tease until the last shot from the behind. A wonderfully done session!!

  33. gugyerak minimus says:

    tecik eza jatek, csak nehez, mer nem tok pokkerelni

  34. dxkt says:

    very hot girl with a nice body!!!! great tits!!!! great pussy and ass for me to fuck all night long!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. hornder says:

    you can bluff on almost anything.. and dont bet too quickly if you have good cards.

  36. bill says:

    nice looking girl she wasnt hard to bet sorryIplay other was harder

  37. footguy says:

    thanks pokerchick

  38. dima s says:

    PokerChick, чувак отличный сайт, крупье на мыло (шутка) девчушка супер

  39. Bas says:

    She plays cat and mouse but patience pays off and the sexy cat gets whacked hard in the end. Thanks PC

  40. mariner says:

    Only raise and be patient you see her nude !

  41. PNF says:

    She has one INCREDIBLE body. All the better with that fantastic outfit. LOVE it.

  42. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    She does have some fun bags

  43. CHARLE"S says:

    Your hope is as dead as his hair in the sink that night. …………THANKS……….holdemstripem……….

  44. clive ng says:

    very beautiful pussy!!!good player
    very nice tits!!!top play

  45. clive ng says:

    thank u so much holdemstripem

  46. Isaac Chou says:

    So Charming.

  47. Oleguito says:


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