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Scyley JamRussia

Win rate: 74%

Scyley Jam is a keen swimmer. She likes the breast stroke best of all…

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  1. Slaine says:

    Wow. A new girl and has posted anything yet?? Or is it just like me, everyone is sick of the assholes and don’t wanna get them started. OH well, anyway, on to beat her…….

  2. Slaine says:

    oOOPPSS….. I meant no one has posted yet…..My bad.

  3. Slaine says:

    Not bad. Very nice pose in the end, my favorite. I think she likes Blue, da boo dee. I do like her stockings. I do think she needs to work on her shaving skills or just wax, and I mean all over.

  4. Bas says:

    Skyley is a credible opponent. She is pretty but not as sexy. When she loses she seems to go through the motions without emotions. When I saw the dildo in photo 4 I though that explains why she is not interested. When PC said she loves the breast stroke, I was anticipating to see her behinds but alas that did not happen. She has a nice pussy as shown in the frontal M position but the dildo is a put off. I hope the two Mikes show her alternative ways to pleasure.

  5. clive ng says:

    congratulation slaine n bas first n second !!!! just relax n play in the last photo scyley take the dildo blue in her left hand n suck that I love her nice little apple pussy n top tits!!!me i not fan of dildo but I am fan of her little apple pussy!!!thank hold em strip em poker I love that site!!!cool strip em poker!!!

  6. Dildo Clive says:

    I see Slainey is back and talking about assholes n he is an expert in that field. I believe he is trying to come on to Clive no-genitals who has been exposed for being a butthole smeller. The fake clive no-genitalia and Slainey are like two peas in the same scrotum. The Slainey one got the first three slots in line for the futtbuckling which makes sense since his best buddy is only equipped to be on the receiving end of the futtbuckling (so to speak).

  7. clive ng says:

    kkKKK!!!dildo clive or dildo Dave is ass poop!!! mr Slainey is my good friend n we play holdem stripem all time!!! pussy poop sex you not comment on game like my friend slainey!!!WHAT NEXT???

  8. Dildo Dave says:

    last comment is not me clive ng!!!the madness of small dick dildo dave !!!dildo dave n dildo clive is the same guy!!! HE TAKE MY NAME CLIVE NG AGAIN N AGAIN !!! hey head dick dildo clive take your name stop futtbuckling people in hold em strip em!!! I play calmly strip em poker n comment on the model of scyley jam a gay small dick dildo clive said poop !!WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM ASS POOP U WANT A HARD DICK IN YOUR ASS HOLE !!! when dildo clive search clive ng dildo clive take in his ass!!! he is jealous of friendship
    of slaine n me!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  9. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We couldn’t pronounce her name so we just called her Sicily. So we immediately ask her what the dildo was for and she said some guy named Dildo Clive gave it to her. We asked her to take it out of her mouth so we could fill it up with something else. Sicily smiled and opened wide and Oxbigg stuffed his johnson right in. She kept trying to say something but we couldn’t understand her with Oxbigg’s cock stuffed into her mouth. So she stopped trying to talk and just sucked away until her mouth was full of jizz. As it started to dribble out the side of her smile La’Taurus gave her a towel and asked her to lie back and he proceeded to mount her and in no time that hole was also dripping cum. She asked us to return again soon as she threw the dildo in the trash. How about it PC???

  10. Lothario says:

    thanks PokerChick for another sweet lovely treat. Her tits are a perfect mouthful and her pussy looks likes it needs to be filled with a cock and NOT some blue dildo! She was not as challenging as I was hoping she would be but still put up a small fight at the beginning

  11. NeoTheS says:

    Men, Men, Men,
    She is too sexy to be asked for a change of appearance (people who think she does, need help of a doctor urgently).
    I play this game of strip poker, with her losing pieces by pieces.
    In the end, when it’s dildo time, I grant her one last wish and we get rid of the said dildo.
    Then I use my personal meat dildo and fingers to stuff her kittycat and spoil her red button.
    Finally, her kittycat cream my dildo and my dildo cream her kittycat right after,
    holding the lady in my arms.
    The end (no other possible ending tons of moron XD).

  12. Dr. you Nguyen says:

    Poor Clive is hopelessly confused. He keeps waffling over his own name. This is another clear sign of his mental deterioration. As a caring physician I feel terrible being helpless to have to watch him in these meltdowns.

  13. clive ng says:

    hahaha that dr nguyen is my fan club !!! pussy poop dildo clive is the same person dildo dave !!! dr nguyen when dildo clive take my name clive ng u not see n not comment ON THAT!!!after u said me I am mental deterioration ass break dr nguyen look 4 dildo clive he need help to comment dildo clive or dildo dave not comment any model on hold em strip em poker!!! look 4 his comment he is never playing strip poker dildo clive futtbuckling all the player here!!!WHAT NEXT !!!

  14. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    Calm down Mr. Clive. You post as clive ng sometimes. Other times you change your name to Dildo Clive. And you also like to post under the name Dildo Dave. It appears you use all sorts of aliases to confuse everyone and dominate the posting on this site.These are all signs of multiple personality disorder. This can be very dangerous to you because when your personalities fight with one another it could escalate into murder! In your case the authorities will call it suicide. I implore you once again as my friend on this poker site! Seek treatment now.

  15. clive ng says:

    hahaha it not me dildo clive!!! I just said dildo clive is the same person like dildo dave n take my name clive ng again n again u are not see that dr !!! dildo clive need a dr go to see this ass break !!! i am not crazy after all think what u want me i always n love playing hold em strip poker i still here on that game!!!! fucking your comment man go to suicide dr pussy poop nguyen!!! I AM HAPPY IN MY LIFETIME !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  16. Ting says:

    Old family saying says clive clive not happy when talking pussy poop n ass break. Mention crazy self mutilate clive clive. Clive clive not fuck my comment still have no genitals. Dr. You Nguyen wise old man who see sickness in poor clive clive.

  17. clive ng says:

    hey u ting ting tong search me again n again n thank u hold em strip em poker I have many fans in that game strip em po …po..ker poker!!!after all think what ting ting tong want I AM ALWAYS TO COMMENT IN THAT GAME STRIP EM POKER N ALWAYS IN YOUR PC MAN HAHAHA!!!WHAT NEXT!!!!

  18. Ting says:

    Clive clive not understand world. Ting not use PC. PC is old antiquate style machine. Just like clive clive is old antiquated person who know nothing about holdem Sad that focus of clive clive onn inane topics. Clive clive not know about word “inane” so clive clive google for enlightenment. Very good!!! EN GARDE!!!

  19. clive ng says:

    hey ting ting tong pussy poop said what u want am here in hold em strip em poker nothing ting ting tong can do!!! ting ting tong understand me it ok !!! u are an ass break pussy poop face poop!!! ting ting tong think that understand the world but he is a clown !!! hahaha yes yes yes yes I not nothing in the world n strip em poker !!! AFTER I PISS ON TING TING TONG COMMENT!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  20. Oldpnf says:

    She is delightful in every way. I would love to release my swimmers in her pool after a good long session of foreplay and fucking.

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