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Win rate: 77%

Satin Bloom is actually from the Czech Republic, but because she usually has a nice golden tan and the full lips of her South American heritage, some fans think of her as a Latina instead. She’s not all she seems when it comes to poker, either – she has a few tricks up her sleeve..

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  1. Ironvein says:

    Still no obvious change in the AI. Also noticed that in the ‘table view’ the pictures tend to get distorted like the picture is being squeezed together at the bottom and it’s making some of the pictures look less than great. Seems to be the same with a lot of girls it’s just more noticeable with some than others.

  2. Hooowaa says:

    Nice. Seems to play like the last few girls. Raising before the flop. then seeing if there is anything good.

  3. PokerChick says:

    Ah well, I have made quite a few AI changes, but they’re maybe a bit subtle – I’ll ramp them up a bit in the next opponent..
    The distortion is to do with the 3d view, I know what you mean – I may be able to reduce that effect a bit.

  4. tartanterrier says:

    Nice gash!!!!

  5. rammie says:

    Beat her in 3 hans

  6. rammie says:

    gourius pussy

  7. John says:

    Satin is hot! I don’t understand her low rating.

  8. PokerChick says:

    @John – yep, I think she’s hot too. I don’t understand the low rating either…

  9. Get_Em_Naked says:

    Obviously underrated. Very pretty girl.

  10. marco says:

    He is a trans!!!

  11. Frenchy says:

    I think no ….. but Czech et Latina I doubt. Indubitably underrated. Pulpy lips for fellatio and overall, as soon as you win, her thighs widely opened show you an amazing and unforgettable pusssy. Play with her and take the time to win.

  12. footguy says:

    thans pokerchick, great legs

  13. Bobby says:

    Good Game I would love to lick and suck on her clit and taste her sweetness pretty pussy.

  14. dxkt says:

    nice girl nice body nice tits and her pussy feels like satin nice soft warm and wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bas says:

    I don’t understand women! This bombshell fought so hard to win so I was prepared to surrender she changed her mind and surrendered before me then greets me with open ah.. legs. Who am I to complain!!

  16. Sue says:

    Best last money shot on the whole site – thanks PC. Satin makes me horny

  17. PNF says:

    Girl’s rating is way too low. Sue is right. The money shot alone earns her two more stars. Great body and face too. love her panties.

  18. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Good poses, and she has a very nice body, but her dour expression is a turn off. We liked the last shot where it is as if she was answering her dentist when he said, “Open wide.”

  19. Yolanda says:

    She has a very pretty twat.

  20. Yolanda says:

    Should be rated higher.

  21. clive ng says:

    hard player!!!to much clothes in first to 3rd play the last picture is wonderful !!!wonderful pussy hair i love satin pussy n nice tits!!!top game thank holdemstripem

  22. mbahbjoe says:

    jarang ngguyu yo yu


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