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Win rate: 76%
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Rating: 7.4/10 (1682 votes cast)

Sabrina’s a Parisienne hottie, with tremendous breasts that she’s just dying to release from that corset – which is where you come in, can you give her a hand?

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Sabrina, 7.4 out of 10 based on 1682 ratings
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  1. Kurtzi says:

    The first one!!! Strike

  2. Frenchy says:

    I think I found a bug: I had 5 cards same coolor (lady high), she had same color (ace high) and I won. Have a look.

  3. whoooot says:

    Take the corset off? Harumph and no back view.

  4. Frenchy says:

    Pretty girl, sexy tatoo, very nice big boobs and delicious puusy lips. Don’t miss the last picture: she offer her pussy opened with two fingers.
    Without any doubt: she’s a hot French slut.
    Vive la France

  5. Carlton says:

    Wow! A midsummer night’s dream for most of the male gender!

  6. B Rad says:

    She’s a hottie for sure! Thanks for the spread

  7. Etria says:

    So PokerChick, whatever happened to the new Hentai Hold ‘Em you said was almost ready? And are we ever going to see more then the same game with a new girl? It would be nice to see some dialogue, doesn’t have to be spoken, but even textual would be nice.

  8. Bochor says:

    nice boobs..

  9. Shox says:

    whats her real name?

  10. Bid al says:

    nice girl but pics not fo the best.coset up higher in finalpic than the one before, bit dissapointing.

  11. Will says:

    Nice legs and suckable toes, pretty pussy. Don’t like big tits, to flappy 4 me, and the tramp stamps gotta go.

  12. Shady says:

    very nice !!

  13. footguy says:

    thanks pokerchick

  14. Pork Chop says:

    Great boobs but posed poorly. Piercings and garish tattoos detract from a lovely gal.

  15. ? says:

    Finally,I saw a HOT french women ;-D

  16. Samuel says:

    Very nice lips , love big tits , very nice pink on her pussy , Thanks Poker Girl , I would love to poke her , LOL

  17. dxkt says:

    not bad she can sit on my face and slide down my pole anytime lol

  18. bobbbbyyy cas says:

    SO EASY omfg

  19. Bobby says:


  20. Asslvr says:

    Love those nice tits…always would like to see them hang in at least one of the pics!

    She kept them under wraps for the most part…

  21. witek says:

    Fille prete a baise!

  22. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We liked the last two shots. In the second to last she is slipping that pink dildo into her pussy. Then in the last one, she spreads those lips so you can see where the dildo probed. Seemed like she was getting herself ready for Mike Oxbigg. Lol.

  23. Bas says:

    I am not into blonds but Sabrina is an exception for her beauty and sex appeal. Thanks PC

  24. clive ng says:

    very hard player!!!nice body!!! top girl

  25. Dildo Dave says:

    Clive no good tried to play the game but got flustered when he saw that Sabrina’s dildo was bigger than his own dick. clive no good just ran away and hid in shame. Too bad and soooo sad for mr clive.

  26. clive ng says:

    hey small dick dildo dave!!!!u again very very tired of u !!!!small dick dildo dave are a ass poop n fucking your comment !!! small dick are prefect not not not he has sick mind!!! take care of u !!!!/\ /\ /\ \/

  27. Dildo Dave says:

    just read an article that disproved my prior info on that clive guy. Turns out that when clive was body shamed for his penis size in middle school he was so upset that he wondered if he would be better off as a girl. so, using kitchen shears he lopped off his dick and his scrotum. He didn’t count on the bleeding, but the paramedics managed to stop the bleeding. They recovered his nut sack and his dick, but they were so badly mutilated that they could not be reattached. In filling out their reports they could not get clive to tell them his last name, so they entered it as “clive no genitals”. Later that got shortened to clive ng.

    Later in his life he realized he had made a tragic mistake, and so he sought medical help and was advised that he could get a prosthesis that would serve in the stead of his (now missing) genitals. He got outfitted with a strap-on device but he was so embarrassed by it that he decided he would only have sex from behind so that any partner could not see his deformity. From that day on, his own form of gratification with others was by futtbucking, rather than “normal” intercourse. Too bad and soo sad for poor Mr. cllive-no-genitals. And may God bless!

  28. clive ng says:

    stop stop stop stop hahaha !!!cool story small dick dildo dave u in reality not in a story!!!! i am alive like u i have one strong big dick can fuck small dick dildo dave n i have two eyes two hands two ears one body two legs n one head just like small dick i forget i have a mind not like small dick !!!small dick love his story come true u are pussy s poop n pee on your story !!! am pity of small dick!!! now small dick know GOD !!!please GOD make this man become cool n not talking false story on me!!!AMEN/\ /\ /\ /\

  29. Dildo Dave says:

    ‘clive no genitals’ does have a dick, but not like mine. His is made of plastic and he has to strap it on.

  30. clive ng says:

    hahaha talk talk small dick dildo dave !!!it s your time to talk bad thing!!! ass s poop hahaha

  31. Dildo Dave says:

    ass s poop? What are you up to now clive-no-genitals. Looks like clive ng (no genitals) is a coprophiliac. He loves to talk about poop. He loves play with poop. He uses poop as a sex prop. Hell, he probably even eats poop. He is the sickest of the sick. It really is too bad and soo sad. May Jesus cleanse him of his mental disease, and may God bless.

  32. clive ng says:

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  33. Dildo Dave says:

    Clive is a moral imbecile

  34. clive ng says:

    peace dildo dave!!!am tired of your comment!!!

  35. Dildo Dave says:

    clive no genitals is not only a moral imbecile, he is also a social moroon. Elnd of story!

    I can comment all I want and there is nothing you can do about it! I’ll stop commenting when you learn to SYFPH.

  36. clive ng says:

    me too !!!hey small dick dildo dave it s true u are pussy s poop !!!don t forget i can comment every thing on small dildo dave!!! u want war i give u war!!! it ok for me!!!fucking small dildo dave !!!hahaha

  37. clive ng says:

    what next!!!hahaha

  38. Dildo Dave says:

    Poor clive has no genitals. He is a twerp that couldn’t lift ten pounds if he had to.

  39. clive ng says:

    stop stop stop stop u become crazy hahahaha small dick dildo dave become a mad man he said same thing u must go to the hospital of crazy man!!!small dick dave have no new comment to said!!! small dick all body know him he is dildo dave i don t forget he is pussy s poop I am not wood i am CLIVE NG dont forget this !! AM ALWAYS HERE ON HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER NOTHING SMALL DICK DILDO DAVE U CAN DO FOR THIS!!! I WAIT WHAT NEXT!!!/\ /\ /\ /\

  40. Isaac Chou says:

    Clive you can’t win. When are you going to just shut your fucking pie hole?

  41. clive ng says:

    i think this guy change name issac n dildo dave is the same person !!!because he said same thing in hold em strip em POKER !!!! i always here i stay here i still here !!!what u can do issac chou !!!WHAT NEXT!!! /\ /\ /\ /\

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