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Ria SunnCzech

Win rate: 75%

The lovely Ria is a happy camper. You might say she’s a little Ria Sunn (shine)…

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  1. Green Dragon says:

    Тя е красива. Харесват ми снимки 1,3,5 и 6. Снимки 5 и 6 са много хубави.

  2. woody says:

    Nice looking chick,love her lingerie and the poses,would love to make out with her. To bad the two Mikes have gone gay or they would be all over her.
    there loss. Thanks P.C

  3. Potato says:


  4. clive ng says:

    4rd wow!!!very sexy ladyyy ria is readyyy to fuck lovely cunt n i am happy to make love with her!!!thank u hold em strip em!!!

  5. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We don’t like to comment because we might offend these nice ladies. What we do to them should stay in Vegas.

  6. Bas says:

    I love a smiling opponent and Ria has great smiles. She has a nice body that shows beautifully in photo 5 that happens to be the most exciting photo too. Not many interesting comments these days! I wonder what Sue would says about Ria.

  7. Isaac Chou says:

    Ria Sunn is a pretty woman with a nice body and charming nipples.

  8. Oldpnf says:

    Love the first pic. The outfit is sexy and her legs more so. Yummy!

  9. nutthouse says:

    sexy eyes. Great one Pokerchick

  10. Michaela says:

    – Dear you smoothly shaved, big thick, juicy fat dicks!
     “Can any of you tell me what’s on her tattoo?”
    P.S. – I found myself alone that the figures: 15; 11; 2014; actually mean…
    … November 15th, 2014 year.
    … And just right now …
    _____I’m a Dirty Little Curly Fucking Blonde Bitch__________(’24’years old)

  11. Lothario says:

    Ria was one of the toughest chicks I have gone up against, or maybe I was just distracted by her sexy smile. Very nice pussy shot and it sounds like Michaela has had a taste of it back in 2014. Sweets for the sweet 🙂 Thanks pokerchick

  12. Bas says:

    The tattoo on Ria’s back reads “Ester Strach 15.11.2014”

  13. Number99 says:

    Lovely babe! very cute when she smiles. I like it when she bends over, she teases us with her pussy…
    So Hot!

    Thanks PC

  14. Dplayer says:

    Thanks Poker Chick she is a player but she can be had if u bet on her checks. Nice little lady but she looks kind of well used.

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