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Paulina SoulRussia

Win rate: 58%

Russian MILF, Paulina Soul, is a lingerie fanatic. She has a whole room dedicated to sexy undies at home. Maybe she’ll give you a tour, if you ask nicely…

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Paulina Soul 2 - hot poker girl
Paulina Soul - hot poker girl


  1. Green Dragon says:

    Харесват ми снимки 4 и 6.

  2. clive ng says:

    u u u second!!! lovely bodyyy

  3. clive ng says:

    hahaha last photo doggy style i love to fuck this ladyyy!!! i beat that girl paulina soul in 4 minute!!! WHAT NEXT

  4. clive ng says:

    hahaha. Slaine u here!!! do me doggy style I love you fuck my asshole!!! ass poop for you when you do

  5. Dildo Dave says:

    i love this fucking style clive ng (no genital). i feel happy when a hard dick enter in my ass hole because i have a very small dick no woman feel happy with this little dick and every day i take my sex toy and play in my ass hole my doc said me is very good for me. clive ng( no genital) you know i love it

  6. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    This board sucks now.

  7. Dildo Dave says:

    Huh??? I guess there must be another guy who calls hisself “Dildo Dave”. What a coioncidence. And cline ng (no genitalia) has proved my point with his first two posts on this board. He did talk about the last pic to prove that he actually won a game. But he revealed that photo after 29 minutes after he declared he was 2nd in line to get futtbucked. Then he waits over an hour to post again asking Slainey if he saw the troll for cock! This guy is waaaaayyyy out there, if you know what I mean.

  8. Bas says:

    Paulina’s first appearance on this site is not bad at all. She immediately hits with her voluptuous boob that are hardly confined by the straps of her top as evidenced in the appearance of her right nipple that could not be totally covered on the first photo. Paulina’s details specifies her as European but I cannot fail to see the mystic of the east on her face. Paulina knows what to do when she loses, so in the second photo shows her getting ready for a doggy session. She loses again and we see her all too ready in the ‘M’ position. The symmetry of her body is amazing in that position where her body’s left half is a mirror image of the right half. Her triangular brief front forms a beautiful arrowhead erotically pointing to her important assets. Pauline’s upper body shows in between her grand thighs yet exposing her beautiful tits. The straps of her top are pulled sideways just like pulling the curtains to start a theatre show, and boy what a show that is.

    Well, that was my introduction. However, I will abruptly cut it short to the last photo that looks like the second except that Pauline is total naked and ready for action. I had to do this to express my agreement with the two Mikes, this comment board is becoming a race, not about the poker game but a silly exchange between two persons. Sad indeed.

  9. Slaine says:

    I hear you both The Two Mikes and Bas. Even though I love playing and look forward to the new girls. I don’t even bother commenting anymore cuz these two Assholes, (Clive and Dave) will just troll me every time. So I do my best to not give them any fuel.

  10. clive ng says:

    fucking your comment mr sex toy !!!small dick said me not playing hold em strip em poker look in your ass hole hahaha !!! mr slaine i not need any body to defense me after if dildo dave search u look for him not me!!! i never comment on mr slaine !!! i respect u !!! i work in hold em poker n i love play hold em strip em poker !!!WHAT NEXT

  11. Isaac Chou says:

    Simple clothes.

  12. Dildo Dave says:

    clive ng (no genitalia) was in such a rush to post second so he could claim seconds on the futtbucking scene that he didn’t even try to beat the game. The game for clive ng (no genitals) is to troll for cock on here.

    After posting his troll comment he proceeded to play this easy (56%) win rate and actually got to see the final pic. The liar and cheat clive ng (no genitals) claims he beat Paulina in 4 minutes. But it must have taken him at least 29 minutes because that is how long between his posts. And in his anxious state he posted again to make sure that Slainey saw his post.

    clive ng (no genitalia) is a poor poker player for sure. I’d love to get the guy into a cash money game because he is a fool, and a fool and his money are easily parted.

    So clive ng (no genitalia) let me tell you how you can convince me that you win the game on the first try:
    Describe the last picture on your first comment on the next model. But you won’t do that because you are afraid that somebody else will come along and take your place in
    line for the futtbucking.

    Clive ng (no genitalia) doesn’t really care about the poker at all. He just loves to come on here and troll for cock, and Slainey is his favorite foil. Too bad and soo sad that the guy can’t play holdem strip poker and really only wants to troll the board for cock. End of story!!!! NOTHING NEXT!!!

    May God bless.

  13. clive ng says:

    HAHAHA hey small dick dildo dave u are very funny n joy said every thing i am here to comment on ass break dildo dave !!!look for what u want am here n your head is tired with clive ng me!!! i don t afraid of small dick all body can comment in hold em strip em poker this site is not 4 U n all the body can play n love strip em poker !!!because a bit of pussy n ass u talk n talk !!! if am second or not !!!what is your problem it just a game n i love to play it !!!keep cool small dick dildo dave when ass break dildo dave search clive ng me small dick always i beat he in his ass hole don t forget this little coke dildo dave !!! if i have money it for me not 4 small dick u believe little coke u are strong in poker 4 me u are ass poop !!! i know there is a GOD up in the sky to look our lifetime bad or good !!! i defense me to u mr ass hole dildo dave when he said bad thing on clive ng me!!!WHAT NEXT/\ /\ /\ /\AMEN

  14. Dildo Dave says:

    Lol! Too funny for words. I just busted you for telling a fib on here. And you go into your diatribe again and devolve into your as-poop schtick. Now he is even talking about doing coke and he mentions anal in the same sentence. This guy is really out there.

    Calm down no-nuts. Your secret is out and everyone knows it now. So just chill out and go with it. Own it! Ye shall be redeemed!

  15. clive ng says:

    stop!!! stop!!! stop!!! stop hahahaha small dick dildo dave u think i will not to playing strip em poker in your dream n just u make small dick happy hahaha cool mind look in your panties !!! don t forget 4 me u are a ass break just 4 me to another people i dont have his idea !!! years after years AM here !!! Am still here !!!Am always here !!! Am stay here!!! in small dick PC want or don t want !!! KICOU SMALL DICK WHAT NEXT!!!

  16. oldpnf says:

    Pic 1: She approaches me on my throne. “Master? Do you like my lingerie?” I reply in the affirmative after she dances for me.
    Pic 2: “Kneel and bend over” I command. She complies and I slide her thong over then doggy style brute fuck her pussy and ass.
    Pic 3: “Over” I grunt. “Clean master’s cock”. I face fuck her until I am clean and then go down on her until she cums as a reward.
    Pic 4: She warms my cock back up by rubbing her tits on me. Her tits become slick with her spit as she sucks my cock and repeatedly tit fucks me.
    Pic 5: “I’m sorry master!” she said after biting me a little too hard. She presents her ass for spanking and I oblige roughly.
    Pic 6: She kneels again. Master, please fuck my pussy and ass! I kneel and grab her hips thrusting my rock hard cock in her holes. When her ass gets dry I relube in her pussy for a few minutes. After an hour I am spent and cum balls deep into her ass. “You will bed with me tonight” I order knowing I’ll be hard for her again soon.

  17. Marks says:

    Wooohooo! My favorite pics are Nr. 3 – great pose and of course the last one! Who wouldn’t go for her pussy and ass!

  18. vainey says:

    Did I break the AI on this chick?! She only raised no matter what. Raise raise raise. Weird.

  19. Dildo Dave says:

    This is the true proof of what a dumb-dumb clive no-genitalia really is. Lowest win rate of all time for Paulina. Yet it took him 29 minutes to win. In the latest model he talks about “face poop”. This means he is into Cleveland Steamers on his face.

  20. clive ng says:

    hey pussy poop dildo dave stop with me n his head is tired with my coke if i beat this lady 2 minutes or 3 hour what is your problem!!! for me small dick dildo dave is ass break!!!he has nothing to talk apart to look my ass !!!!nothing he can do!!!hahaha WHAT NEXT

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