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Win rate: 83%
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Rating: 7.4/10 (2019 votes cast)

Nikita is a lot of fun, and likes to role-play. You may find she’s pretty good in the role of poker shark..

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Nikita, 7.4 out of 10 based on 2019 ratings
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Nikita 2 - hot poker girl
Nikita - hot poker girl


  1. dudearama says:

    Whats her full name?

  2. walahhh says:

    RE:dudearama her name is Nikita Valentin

  3. Ironvein says:

    Congrats, you finally got an AI that I actually had to change my strategy to beat. Just hanging on to any pair doesn’t seem to cut to with her (break even at best, instead of for profit like the others). She still inherits some bad (in my opinion anyway) habits of her predecessors; namely if she checks twice in a row, you can bluff for profit. She’ll still holds on to weird hands at times but she is much more likely to let it go if she feels she’s behind and if she isn’t letting it go she if more likely to actually have something than just bluffing.

  4. PokerChick says:

    @Ironvein cool, glad I’m finally getting somewhere. I’ve got some more ideas to try, too, which I’ll add to next week’s girls..

  5. SCtheReaper says:

    Took a little while (though Jana was even longer) but this is more worthwhile.
    Nikita is much hotter than most, 9 out of 10 🙂

  6. Kura says:

    Whats her full name?


  7. Boing Ha says:

    Nikita Valentin’s AI was definitely more of a challenge than the other AI’s I have already played.
    It took me a good 2 to 3 hours to beat her.
    What makes her AI more difficult is that the AI occasionally bluffs
    or at least is more willing to take chances on getting more difficult hands.
    Most of the time though, will have a pair.
    The most memorable hand was when both of us were bluffing and she beat me with
    a higher face card than I had. The AI is most predictable when it checks a lot.
    You know that the AI does NOT have good cards than. Bluffs work well after the checks.
    Most of the time after a few checks the AI folds.

  8. Tondy says:

    To Boing Ha: Nice one, though it didn’t take me as long as it seemed to be. Read some “poker math” and you’ll crack these girls like nuts,, Good luck guys!!! (-;

  9. Hunter says:

    Its like she knows what cards you have.
    She always folds or checks when you have the better hand. Ive been trying for two hours and I never went past her knickers…..

  10. Robert says:

    very sexy lovley pussy took about 1/2 an hour thats all

  11. gandhi says:

    geile muschi und titten………..
    mehr von ihr

  12. footguy says:

    good feet, i think. thanks pokerchick.

  13. Sorin says:

    Am reusit sasi dea chilotii jos din prima incercare

  14. Sorin says:

    Cu cate perechi de carti se joaca ,Intrun set de carti sunt cate 4 carti de fiecare fel, iar daca in cartile mele sunt 3 de un fel de unde are jucatorul virtual 4 carti de un fel.

    Nu prea este corect.

    In rest pizdele pe care le afisati sunt frumoase.

  15. Sorin says:

    Cred ca joaca cu 2 perechi de carti ,cel putin.
    Un trisor virtual in buna regula

  16. Roshan says:

    Appears to have improbable hands a lot of the times. Too hard to beat her and like someone said she never seems to bet when you have a good hand.

  17. Frenchy says:

    Probably I was lucky coz I won in 20 minutes. Trust me, try and try and try again : Nikita is defintly top. Wonderful boobs, ass and pussy, trust me.

  18. Frenchy says:

    Fucking bad luck. It takes me abour 1/2 hour to be chep leader (with $1190) and my PC suddenly bug ….. Damned. I has just time to see her pussy and her long thighs widely opend. Be sure, I’ll try again.

  19. Frenchy says:

    Sorry for the faults …
    Fucking bad luck. It takes me about half an hour to be cheap leader (with $1190) and my PC suddenly bug ….. Damned. I had just time to see her pussy and her long thighs widely opened. Be sure, I’ll try again.

  20. shahpeer says:

    Though I won against her, yet it was tiring. She has beautiful boobs but her pussy appear to be rammed heavily.

  21. dxkt says:

    le fem nikita lots of fun she really like it when i slide my rock hard cock in her and then makes the purple headed yogurt slinger sqiurt on her tits!!! lol

  22. Rajor says:


  23. Bas says:

    Cute face with perfect body

  24. Mike La'Taurus says:

    Doesn’t it look like, in the last pic, that my buddy Mike Oxbigg fucked her hard and then pulled out fast? Her labia looks like that. Pulled a little inside out. I love it when Mike does that and then I get seconds.

  25. PNF says:

    Gorgeous in Pink! Now I know who Elton John was singing to.

  26. clive ng says:

    middle player!!!wonderful pussy lips n sexy body top play

  27. denny says:

    denny says hard to figure out bets with bad hands and checks with good hands but has great tits love them nipple ons and a great body

  28. clive ng says:

    always middle player!!!nice body n top play!!!thank stripem holdem poker

  29. Isaac Chou says:

    A Slovakian beauty.

  30. Lothario says:

    I was leading Nikita in the last few hands and she only had $450 when the computer froze up………..but her second to the last pic was still worth it. Thanks Poker chick

  31. Lothario says:

    Best TITS on holdem poker girls!!!!


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