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Valeria 2 - hot poker girl
Valeria: 7.6/10
Marilyn - hot poker girl
Marilyn: 7.6/10
Sapphira - hot poker girl
Sapphira: 7.5/10
Kristina - hot poker girl
Kristina: 7.5/10
Gloria - hot poker girl
Gloria: 7.5/10
Dominika - hot poker girl
Dominika: 7.5/10
Rebecca 2 - hot poker girl
Rebecca: 7.5/10
Isizzu 2 - hot poker girl
Isizzu: 7.5/10
Lola - hot poker girl
Lola: 7.5/10


Win rate: 78%

All the tourism study has paid off for Negan – she’s now a top air hostess. Buckle up!

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Negan 3 - hot poker girl
Negan 2 - hot poker girl
Negan - hot poker girl


  1. Green Dragon says:

    Харесват ми снимки 3, 4, 5 и 6. Снимки 5 и 6 са много хубави.

  2. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We think Negan is a hottie. She starts off in that flight attendant lingerie in the first two frames. Then she loses the top in #3 and shows off those heavy hangers. Nice smile too. Next she starts to pull down her thong, letting you see the shape of her pussy. In the anti-penultimate pic her thong falls down to her ankles and she flashes her pussy, and if you zoom in you can see the cleft of her cameltoe all puckered up for business. Then in the finale she sits down and spreads her legs to show off her gaping twat while pushing her boobs together with her elbows. La’Taurs got to go first and pounded away for awhile. After he shot his load Oxbigg stepped up for some serious tittyfucking and when he came, his juices trickled down between her tits and then down her stomach to mix in with Mike La’Taurus’s jizz. Negan delighted in collecting it in her fingers and then sucking her fingers to enjoy the mixture. She invited the Mikes back for another round and said she wanted to suck each mike dry next time. Another good time had by all.

  3. clive ng says:

    3rd lovely ladyyy!!!middle player wow nice pussy n top bodyyy thank u hold em strip em poker!!!top game

  4. Dildo Dave says:

    OMG you guys are still at it! At least Green dragon isn’t broadcasting that he is the first in line to futtbuck woody. But clive ng, come on now. Proud to be in the hunt for sloppy seconds only because the mikes don’t play that game. Another good post by the mikes. WTF is wrong with other guys? Who is next to step into line to sodomize good old woody?

  5. Lothario says:

    5th! Wonderful lady with some huge breasts! I would love to see her smile and show some teeth but a gorgeous body and a sweet pussy. Thanks for the mammories!

  6. Dildo Dave says:

    SMFH! Lothario! You are actually and possibly only second in line to tag woody. GD and the mikes just commented on the pics, so you can get sloppy seconds on woody if that is what you want.

  7. Dplayer says:

    Enjoyed her PC, Love her dimples smile and figure. She is a cutie with a very sexy body. Thanks

  8. Basi says:

    Very, very, very hot opponent. I could feel the waves of body heat radiating out of body. I like her moderate playing technique.

  9. Emmanuel Macron says:

    Et puis, au moins, elle n’est pas gauloise !

  10. Oldpnf says:

    Oh my goddess I just love her. She is gorgeous. Pretty face and eyes. AMAZING tits. Delightful pussy. Even my fav np color. I’m in love.

  11. Dildo Dave says:

    Clive ng (no-genitals) never defended self when I search and find him. He was an as break that day, or a just having bad day.

  12. clive ng says:

    hahaha Thank dildo dave i see the comment on that model !!! when i see your comment i defense me from dildo dave!!! i am happy 4 u when i have a bad D!!!! after dildo dave is ass hole 4 me!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  13. Poopie says:

    Beautiful…one of my faves…just a beauty…Her real name if interested is Maible Marryk

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