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Win rate: 81%
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Rating: 7.4/10 (1724 votes cast)

Natali Blond is the perfect girl-next-door, but maybe not the perfect poker player…

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Natali, 7.4 out of 10 based on 1724 ratings
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Natali - hot poker girl


  1. GotHer says:

    Finally got her – and well worth the win…what a sight!

  2. Michael says:

    She’s a hard one but worth it 🙂

  3. This is so fucking bad... says:

    Ok so my first hand I had 10 8 and the flop came 3 4 10 with no flush draws. She bets 20 and I reraised her and she called that. Same thing happens after the Q turn and after the J river and guess what she had. K 9 off suit.
    Next hand: I had J 6 and the flop came 2 2 J so I start betting and she reraises me. This continues after the A turn and the 6 river. Turns out she has A 6.
    Why the hell would she bet on those hands on the flop when I keep raising her? That is unless she knows what all the cards are gonna be.
    Pretty hard to win when she knows which card is coming up.

  4. PokerChick says:

    I see, so you raise with some poor/average hands and expect her to fold, and then get annoyed when she finishes up with better hands than you? Sounds like you shouldn’t have been raising!
    Because there is no real money involved the AI doesn’t always take a huge amount of notice about how much you raise (since it would then be easy to win, just by continually bluffing) so it’s a smarter move to avoid trying to bluff her when you have a poor hand..
    The AI doesn’t know what card is coming up, ever – the games are completely honest, I promise you.

  5. nil says:

    Well. I’ll have to say that I don’t see how the AI is betting. Therefore, I understand everyone who feels “cheated”. For example the AI raises to 40 at the beginning without any (i.e.: a for me comprehensible) connection to cards, whereas it “tends” to fold when I think “Oh well, that’s not that bad a combination” and raise 20 on the second step, but see no immediate “threat” to the opponent. And so on. On the other hand I, too, really get the feeling that the AI simply knows where it will end in some cases. This makes for a pretty strange feeling overall. Perhaps that can’t be helped with an AI instead of a personal opponent. But since the pictures presented are not that rewarding all in all, I must say I feel that the game tends to become uninteresting considering the “effort” versus the outcome.

  6. SCtheReaper says:

    Very nice girl and not too tough to beat. Nice work 🙂

  7. PokerChick says:

    @nil, the AI doesn’t know where the game will end, ever. It does have a pretty good idea how good her cards are, considering there are only 2 players involved. This means that her playing choices will sometimes seem strange to players more accustomed to playing against up to 8 people at once..
    Sorry you don’t like the pics, but I think they’re pretty hot..

  8. PokerChick says:

    @SCtheReaper, thanks!

  9. nil says:

    @PokerChick: Don’t get me wrong – the pics are nice. It’s just that one has to “work” pretty hard here to get them. 😉 And I do believe you that the AI isn’t “cheating” somehow. I just wanted to say that I understand that one can get the feeling it does. Your remark about the one on one situation is interesting, though. I’ll give it another try and keep that in mind. Thanks!

  10. Black Bart says:

    It’s a travesty that this girl isn’t ranked in the top 10. She has big tits, which most would seem to prefer based on all the fake-ttted girls in that same top 10, and they AREN’T FAKE like so many of the other girls here. This girl is amazing, and the payoff i just as good.

  11. lola says:

    what is her full name???

  12. PokerChick says:

    it’s Natali Blond..

  13. Rocco says:

    Her Bodystocking has a hole…right side under her ass…..poor job guys

  14. PokerChick says:

    @Rocco, don’t know if you’re joking (and it’s not like I was responsible for the photo shoot or anything) but the hole is supposed to be there – it’s a crotchless bodystocking. Which is, of course, the best kind..

  15. SCtheReaper says:

    That sounds like it’s from your personal experience PokerChick… 🙂

  16. JJ says:

    I feel cheated! I had a full house with a pair in hand, she got dealt the full on the last card with higher pair. * out of 20 hands ended on similar situations where it was the last card that won out. Odds like that in real life would result in the dealer getting investigated by the gaming commission.

  17. PokerChick says:

    @JJ – sounds like you’ve had a run of bad luck, it happens to the best of us. Perhaps I should create a ‘bad beats’ section for these tales of woe..

  18. Vlatko says:

    i finally got her, too…I stripped 3 other girls, but this one was playing hard to get 🙂

    @Black Bart
    I agree with you, this girl is amazing and should be in the top10

    Thanx for her full name

  19. gg says:

    just beat her in 20 min
    she has a cute pussy :p
    def worth it

  20. me says:

    took me like 10 trys but i won!!!!! like her necklace too XD

  21. Commander says:

    Pretty girl, but how her on her back with legs wide open.

  22. scott.c. says:

    hi pc, why do so many people complain this game is rigged, i cant win, the ladies arnt good looking enough, if you dont like it dont play, the ladies are stunning and confident, you guys should have more respect and appreciate the ladies doing this for you.

  23. joe P says:

    Well, this one is pretty badly rigged. Lost one complete round, going 45 cards in a row without being paired on the board. Then next round, 24 cards in a row without hitting a pair. Then, five times in a row, if I did I hit a pair, she had a higher pair. (I had stopped betting, just to get all the way to the river without having her fold, to be sure.) She was hitting pairs about a third of the time, which is standard. Also, I had about 50 hands in a row without drawing a set or trips.

    So, it’s pretty blatant. Would be nice if the cards were just dealt randomly. Clearly, not so.

    (As everybody knows, the odds of pairing on the flop are about 32%. So, to have such long runs with zero pairings and no trips is far from random.)

  24. PokerChick says:

    @joe P – this is tiresome, but I’ll bite. It is because the cards are dealt randomly that such “long runs” are possible: the game would have to be rigged to ensure that they weren’t. Of course, if you had the faintest idea about probability then you’d understand that.

  25. dxkt says:

    this girl is smokin hot!!!! wish she lived next door to me or better yet with me!!! i would fuck her seven different ways from sunday lol all night every night!!! it might kill me but what a way to go lol

  26. Mike La'Taurus & Mike Oxbigg says:

    Last picture is a great one for two mikes double penetrating her.

  27. PNF says:

    Great outfit. Great tits. Great pussy. Great ass. What more can you ask for?

  28. clive ng says:

    beautiful ass!!! nice pussy !!!good player top photo

  29. Mike Oxbigg says:

    I went back to see Natali for an encore. La’Taurus wasn’t up to it so it was just me this time. I asked her to strike the second to last pose where she wears that crotchless body stocking and I started banging her and we both really got into it. Somehow the body stocking got tangled with my dick, but I just kept going. When we climaxed simultaneously we just laid back for a bit and then I heard her say, “What did you do with my body stocking?” Turns out I’d slammed it right into her pussy. Yep, all the way in. If any of you would like to see if you could suck it out the same way it went in give it a try. Lol.

  30. clive ng says:

    very nice pussy!!!hard play lovely ass top game

  31. Sue says:

    Beautiful and naturally sexy 10/10


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