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Win rate: 79%

Naomi Nevena is a 22 year old hottie from Prague. Her favorite hobby is hanging out at home alone, playing with her sex toys. Maybe you can convince her to take up some other pastimes?

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Naomi 2 - hot poker girl
Naomi - hot poker girl


  1. errath says:

    She is really sexy. Third picture is awsome.

  2. zork says:

    Nice, very nice; but, what’s with these european chicks & denim skirts? Think I’ll vacation there with a suitcase full from thrift shops & see if I can get laid.

  3. Bas says:

    Sexy and hot! Love the last photo despite she denied us seeing a little more.

    We want Naomi, we want Noami, we want Noami again please Pokerchick

  4. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    goddamit! who airbrushed her pussy out in the fourth pic?

  5. Samuel says:

    Very pretty girl with a very pretty pussy , could use bigger boobs , nice looking ass , Thanks Naomi , good game

  6. Number99 says:

    Damn, she keeps that pussy well hidden! This is a real tease!
    Hope to see more of her body soon.
    Thanks PC

  7. Tommy says:

    Wow! I LOVE the natural breasts! Thank you Holdem guy!!

  8. crash says:

    good looking and her eyes are great

  9. Sue says:

    Naomi is just a little pleasure machine isn’t she 🙂 – Thanks PC

  10. Nikolas says:

    Very sexy girl

  11. john says:

    i am not coming back to this ridiculous site again. The gui is so SLOW, the player keeps getting dealt all these ridiculous flushes on the river.

  12. Mike Oxbigg says:

    Too bad for you John. You will never get to see her offer you a choice of holes to plug in the last pic. I guess I understand though, if you got to the 4th pic and saw how some asshole airbrushed out her pussy. She does have an 80% win rate though, so if you aren’t a decent player of holdem, you would have to play for hours and hours to ever win. I liked the one where she holds her titties out for us too. Still waiting for Sue to model for us.

  13. 神智胡子 says:

    awesome! The girl is perfect!

  14. dxkt says:

    this girl is so hot!!!!!!! i would make her my wife and fuck her in every hole

  15. RebelH8 says:

    I have tried more than a dozen times, and have not won a SINGLE HAND! Every hand I get, she always has the next highest hand. I have kings and fives, she has kings and sixes. I have 3 queens, she has 3 kings. One hand, I had a straight flush to the 9; she had a straight flush to the 10. The odds of that are astronomical. I’m not the best poker player in the world, but this is ridiculous.

  16. footguy says:

    thanks pokerchick. best moneyshot ever

  17. clive ng says:

    hard player!!!beautiful pussy nice body top player

  18. CHARLE"S says:


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