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Mila AzulUkraine

Win rate: 80%

20 year old Ukrainian babe, Mila Azul, is a rare jewel: busty, beautiful and utterly charming too!

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Mila Azul 2 - hot poker girl
Mila Azul - hot poker girl


  1. Green Dragon says:

    first !!!

  2. clive ng says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    How does her bra manage to conceal such lovely bust? I had no idea how talented she was until it came off!

  4. Slaine says:

    Trying not to complain……. I know you say its all “random” but it seem like 99% of the time I get really shitty hole cards.

  5. Phil says:

    OMFG – im in love…

  6. Dplayer says:

    She is so young and cute, sans tats; but, her big pussy huge clitoral shaft makes looks like it has been put to good use! And I love it…! Thanks PC she is a keeper for sure.

  7. Marcos says:

    Had a straight and $1150. $120 in the pot which I was going to take…………and it froze up

  8. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Mila gave some might sexy poses. The third pic has a nice side shot of her up-tilted boobs. Then next she offers her boobies up while smiling with her open mouth, and we wanted both. The fifth pic we like the completely naked frontal pose showing her extremely close shave. And the finale shows that smile again as if to say how much she enjoyed Oxbigg working her pussy over. La’Taurus opted for some Ukrainian (Russian) as she posed like in the 4th pic, and he was stroking between those boobies and as he got more into it the tip of his dick started poking her in the chin, so she looked down to see what was poking her chin and just opened her mouth a little wider and La’Taurus slipped it right in. After taking Mila out for some lunch, the two Mikes took her back home and traded poses to make use of that perky body. Thanks Poker chick!

  9. CHARLE"S says:


  10. Dekk says:

    Ahhh… the Ukraine!

  11. Isaac Chou says:

    Ukrainian Beauty.

  12. Rocket says:

    Marcos: >Had a straight and $1150. $120 in the pot which I was going to take…………and it froze up

    Had other chicks do that – seems to always be when she is on a straight

    Hmm-mm! Mila is IT!

  13. Number99 says:

    Absolute beauty! I would like to take over her boobs in the 4th pic.
    So she can rest her arms!

    Thanks Pc

    P.S. Bring her back soon… Pretty please 😉

  14. Bas says:

    Mila is my kind of opponent, she’s got the lot and I give her 10/10. Thanks PC

  15. Samuel says:

    Absolutely beautiful face and body,
    not a fan of big boobs but that is it

  16. hank says:

    was within $200 of beating her, had full house 5’s over 3’s and it locked up.
    This girl seems to have the ‘no lose’ control cranked up fully.

  17. TheRules says:

    I wouldn’t mind if the girls had more clothes on at the start, since they’re gonna strip them off anyway.

  18. clive ng says:

    she still middle player!!!wonderful cunt!!!i love this girl to make love thank u hold em strip em poker!!!

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