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Martina SmeraldiItaly

Win rate: 73%

Hot Italian babe, Martina Smeraldi is ready to twerk…

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  1. Slaine Mac Roth says:

    OK, I know Im not the first to beat her. I also have to know, what in the hell is going on with this site??? Fuckin 2 months between updates?!?!?!?!?! I havent beat her yet, but right off she looks like shes 12.

  2. Slaine Mac Roth says:

    Not bad, already beat her. I didnt like the drooling dildo at the end. Looked stupid.

  3. clive ng says:

    hahaha second!!! in the last photo martina suck a dildo n she open her legs n see her wonderful pussy !!!ready to fuck her!!! I still here nothing they can do!!!

  4. Dildo Dave says:

    Slainey told THE CLIVE TURD about the last pic. Slainey rushes to be first because he wanted to get firsties in the futtbuck queue. And Clive the Turd still hasn’t beat this one. That is why he didn’t say WHAT NEXT!!!

  5. clive ng says:

    small dick dildo dave always crush all comment here never comment on any model here that ass break small dick hate that game !!!!look his comment u will saw!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  6. Dildo Dave says:

    Clive the Turd always comments with phrases like Kicou, ass break and pussy poop. He knows he should just shut his filthy pie hole but his disgusting maladies make him unable to be civilized. He is a sick little pervert boy.

  7. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We like the way Martina’s nipples poke through her body stocking in the first pic. In the 2nd frame she turns to show that her body stocking is crotchless but she is wearing a thong! The 3rd pic is sort of wasted. In #4 she has taken off her thong, but covers her pussy with her hand. Finally in the penultimate pic she lowers the top of her mesh body stocking to show her uncovered boobs while also squatting down with her legs spread showing her pussy though partially covered by her hand. In the finale she has that pink dildo that Clive the Turd likes so much while slurping at it while gaping her pussy.

    La’Taurus thought she wore too much eye makeup, but Oxbigg overlooked that and decided to trade the dildo in the last pic with his cock. Martina wasted no time working on it until she had it so she liked it, and then invited him to use it on her pussy. But first Oxbigg asked her to put the body suit back on so he could slip into her through the crotchless part of her ensemble. Martina asked him to do her in five different positions ending in reverse cowgirl where she rode him till he was dry. And then La’Taurus took a turn because he saw how much fun his buddy was having. Another fun time had by all!

  8. Pat Mills says:

    Slaine has ripped off my character. Slaine Mac Roth is my invention. Next this slimy Slainey will say he is married to Niamh.

  9. Devo says:

    She’s gorgeous – more please!
    I only rarely play this these days – has there been any comment on what will happen when flash gets disabled at the end of the year?

  10. clive ng says:

    KKKKK!!! Kicou n i piss on comment attack me!!! slaine mac roth pussy poop dildo sex toy drool hate this game!!! me love holdem stripem poker n wait for update not bad!!! slaine live under my coke in this low world!!! pussy poop slaine not attack game not attack me!!! slaine get my coke in his ass hole then he can poop poop poop not playing holdem stripem!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  11. Franti says:

    Again! Again, and again and again! I’m tired! The game is always wonderful! Martina is wonderful! All the girls are simply wonderful! But too many comments are just sickening! Please STOP! I ask to ALL THE SANE PLAYERS just to write: STOP, STOP, STOP TO ALL!

  12. clive ng says:

    KKKKK!!! what kind of woman name franti!!! anyone attack me i not stop stop stop!!! faggy franti close mouth!!! franti mouth open under me coke!!! i clive ng n defense franti n put my big coke in asshole make her poop!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  13. Bas says:

    Martina is not my style. I am not keen on fishnet outfits, they take out of the suspense and wait to real what is hidden.

  14. clive ng says:

    am sorry 4 that guy!!! take my name clive ng!!!!this guy break all comment here I know this is small dick dildo dave is behind the comment go n put a dildo in your ass hole gay man!!!! am peaceful n cool!!!!I don t search n fight small dick dildo dave he always take my name ass hole !!!hold em strip em poker close nobody can t play that game!!!! MY LAST COMMENT in this model Ifuck this copy cat HERE !!!! hold em strip em poke site must block this small dick dildo dave ass break!!! well done said mr franti !!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  15. The Hammer says:

    I’ve tried to stay out of this mess, but I just cannot ignore the call any longer. The little turd keeps commenting to hisself! The guy is schizophrenic in addition to his other problems. Now he seems to be accusing himself of being Dildo Dave.

    So I will pick up the challenge of Franti and say to clive the turd, “STOP STOP STOP “.

    Remember, I AM THE HAMMER!!!

  16. Ting says:

    Ting say Stop Stop Stop.

  17. Slaine Mac Roth says:

    @Pat Mills. So Im supposed to believe you are really him? Im willing to bet you gleened his name from the story in Heavy Metal. And I am also willing to bet you dont know the actual full story that continues beyond the magazine.

  18. ''Michaela The Bitch'' says:

    After She twerking in the top of my purple strap-on dick,
    I fucking her in the tight ass,
    While She screams and her pussy squirts on my fucking face.
    Damn it!
    That was a one incredible and so powerful fucks.

  19. Pat Mills says:

    Slaine I’m not playing your game. Stop plagiarizing my work. Stop Stop Stop.

  20. Slaine Mac Roth says:

    @Pat Mills, ok, now I KNOW you are NOT him. Cuz you are an idiot for thinking Im stealing HIS work just from using the name. I have NEVER written anything from him trying to claim it as mine. Just shut the fuck up and leave me alone. Its a name. I can use it anywhere I please. Just like everyone else on the internet that uses it. So fuck off.

  21. Dildo Dave says:

    Slainey is an ignorant wannabe. He used someone else’s name and when he got caught he tried to bluster and bully obscenely. Slainey reminds me of another fool that comments the same way. I think the actual identity of Slainey is that creepy dude that calls himself Poopie. They are two nuts out of the same scrotum.

  22. Slaine Mac Roth says:

    You know what, DILDO, I dont have to prove myself to you or anybody else. So just shut the fuck up you GAY PLASTIC DICK. I bet you are not even a real man. You have to tell everyone you have a plastic dick instead of a real one. And since you are always so worried about what everyone else is doing, and who posts first, maybe you should get a life (or girlfriend) for yourself.

  23. Dildo Dave says:

    Hey! Poopie Slainey’!!! How do you two like being in the same nutsack? Hahahahahahahahaha.

  24. Pat Mills says:

    “Two nuts in the same scrotum “!!! Ya gotta love that. Maybe just call them Slainey McPoop.

  25. Slaine Mac Roth says:

    Hey Plastic No-Dick Dave, you just love talking to yourself dont you? Fuckin retard.

  26. Slaine Mac Roth says:

    I apologize. I got carried away with the fighting here. I admit that I stole my name from Mr. Pat Mills who is actually my hero and roll model. I also should apologize to Dildo Dave. I’m sorry Mr. Dildo. You are correct. I tried to bully and bluff my way through this mess that w created. I admit my name is ripped off from my hero. And I also admit that I have used the name Sir Poopalot. So I call myself what my buddies call me: Poopie.

  27. Dildo Dave says:

    Since people feel the need to apologize, I apologize for making people believe that I am real man with real balls. I have to openly admit I really dont have a dick and the only pleasure I get is from having big huge giant fags fuck me in the ass and mouth with their giant bull dicks. Non stop one after another, sometimes even three at a time.

  28. The Hammer says:



  29. Pat Mills says:

    I don’t need or want fans like this one commenting on here. He, along with Dildo Dave, should stop their fake apologies and just dry up. And especially for my plagiarist I ask that you go back to using your poopie name. It suits you better than my character’s name.

  30. The Hammer says:

    That imitator Slainey has been banned.


  31. Pat Mills says:

    Yes. I felt compelled to lodge a complaint. High time to Stop Stop Stop.

  32. Slaine Mac Roth says:

    Knock yourself out, big boy

  33. The Hammer says:

    Slainey-Poopie must keep it clean or get censored again. So don’t cross the line again little man.


  34. The Hammer says:

    Okay Slainey the Poop! You were warned to tone it down.


  35. Pat Mills says:

    I like this game. Sexy models and the Hammer is here to keep the trolls in line.

  36. The Hammer says:

    Yes!!! I AM THE HAMMER!!!

    I am committed to rooting out the trolls and nasty vicious attacks. Whether that be the old nemesis, that dirty little boy or the newer troll now known as Slainey McPoop. To those of us that enjoy this game I pledge to never cave.

    May god bless.

  37. Slaine Mac Roth says:

    And HOW exactly is ANYONE keeping me in line?? I am still free to play and comment as much as you fucking retards. And I will continue to do so as long as this site is up.

  38. Ting says:

    Ting see very angry Mr. Roth. Must have very troubled life. Talk like little boy.

  39. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    You are correct my friend Ting. This fellow Slaine is very hostile; very angry. And he seems to feel he is being persecuted. His words indicate that he has been in trouble in his life. I believe he has been incarcerated and fears losing his freedom. In fact it is very likely that he comments from a jail cel even now. His profane attacks suggest he has low self esteem and is totally lacking in social etiquette. He has had a very unhappy life and lashes out in feigned indignation. He seems to find freedom of expression here that is denied him in his incarcerated state. No one has attacked him. Although one person called him out for using a false name. His self-righteous indignation is his attempt to draw attention away from his own plagiarism. He is out of control and really should be under medical supervision. There are meds available that could help him to be more normal and ultimately eased back into society.

    I wish the guy that calls himself Slaine good fortune.

  40. The Hammer says:

    Dr. You is right on. Slainey MacPoop acts like a criminal thug.

    While I AMl THE HAMMER!!!

  41. Dildo Dave says:

    Slainey MacPoop is the new turd. But since he is actually Poopie he isn’t really new.

  42. Oldpnf says:

    Well that was an interesting set. Left nothing to the imagination yet I had a raging boner the whole time I played. Maybe it was the nail polish?

  43. Slobodon says:

    Sheesh! We finally got the little boy clive the turd to keep his tater trap shut but now we have to deal with another a-hole name of Slainey MacPoop. I yearn for the good old days when one could come on here and play the poker game and comment on the models and the play.

  44. Isaac Chou says:

    Why are those two weirdos so obsessed with poop? I don’t get it. So many possible comments on the sexy ladies and they want to say their name is poop or constantly talk about it. One time a few years ago the Slainey guy complained that the games were rigged against him because he always got shitty (poopie) hole cards.

  45. Slaine Mac Roth says:

    OK, #1, I didnt start this shit. I just commented on the girl and the game. Its these other assholes that wanna say stupid shit. And #2, yes, I did bitch about the game at one point, but as everyone can see and read, I dont care about that anymore and just enjoy playing.

  46. Oldpnf says:

    My attitude is I really don’t give a shit about the sidebar insanity. I like the girls and I like making shitty perverted comments. I like reading what others have to say about them. My gaming here is about me, my having fun, and my hard on. WHF cares what the other idiots say about me or their asinine poop fetishes.

  47. Dildo Dave says:

    Well said Oldpnf.

    As for Slainey MacPoop I’ll just say, “hahahahahahahahaha.”

  48. Isaac Chou says:

    This guy doesn’t deny he also uses the name Poopie. And he admits he uses a name created by another. So how can he say he didn’t start it up? And at least he admits he was a bad sport and poor loser when he bitched about the game.

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