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Win rate: 74%

Russian babe, Lovenia Lux, loves a good sandwich, her favorite is a big juicy St. Petersburger…

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  1. Tигъра says:

    Тя е красива. Харесват ми снимки 4, 5 и 6.

  2. clive ng says:

    wow veryyy sexyyy ladyyy n top playyy middle player !!!she is on fire n ready to fuck every where in russian i love drinking a juicyyy n eating a sandwich with loveniaaa n fuck this little pussyyy n beautiful tits!!! any time everyyy where in the world i readyyy to make love with this ladyyy!!!!where is dildo dave!!!hey slaine come n play hold em strip em before dildo!!!!i invite woody to play hold em strip em poker this year don t afraid of dildo he is not a wolf or a shark he is just a human like us!!!

  3. Slaine says:

    Okay, I’m 3rd. I’ll take dibs on woody’s donut!

  4. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Lovenia may be from Russia, but Russian isn’t much of an option with her. But we liked her anyway for her other assets. She starts off in her purple lingerie and it is obvious right off that her tits aren’t her strong suit. But nice legs, eh? In the third frame she looses the bra. And for smaller tits, they are pretty okay. Next she turns around to show her bum, and things got more interesting. In the anti-penultimate shot she suggests reverse cowgirl and both mikes decided they would like to see her bounce up and down on in that position while looking back. Our thinking was that she would change that dour look in from 5. Then in the finale she seems to have rolled over on her back with her legs spread wide apart while telling us to keep it a secret. But her twat is wide open in that shot, since it was taken after each Mike sampled the goods. Thankfully for you guys she cleaned up the creampie we left her. By the way, the reverse cowgirl was an excellent start for the fun that we had.

    Slaine, you are worse than Dildo Dave. If you still play woody, come on back. Mikes will have your back against those two losers.

  5. Slaine says:

    Wow, Dave. Why would you stoop so low to post with my name? That is so fucking retarded.

  6. Slaine says:

    And Mikes, what do you mean by I am worse than Dave?

  7. Lothario says:

    Amazing sexy woman!! She was quite easy to beat which was great so that I could get to the juicy money shot in less than 10 minutes! Thanks Hold’em poker Chick.

  8. Bas says:

    Lovenia the mysterious player from the East is a wonder woman, blond with grand body and nice suspenders, and if that is not enough the way she poses smiling in the first photo confirms her full self confidence. Her perfectly slender body shows on the second pose with a narrow waist curving amazing downwards. her confidence continues with her exposed proportionate breasts in the third photo. not that she can hide her curvy ass in the forth shot, she does bend over with her pant a short way down teasing us with a tiny tip of her pussy. I could not help noticing the change on her face as she felt she was losing her edge on the game. Lovenia gets even more crossed when she loses the following set shows all from back and her face says angrily “is that what you are after, come and have it then”. I am struggling to contain myself with two thoughts do I give up the game and slide underneath or to calm Lovenia rage so she would accept me willingly. My instincts were right, Lovenia lost but she gracefully accepted it revealing her massively beautiful last pose. Her don’t tell plea says “OK you won, let me show you what you what I can do but please , please don’t tell anyone I lost”

    Grand game, thanks PC.

  9. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Slainey, first you wanted to have anal with that jerk Dildo Dave. Then you admitted on the Stella Jones page that you had a male butt fetish. And then on here you say you want anal with woody. And earlier you had bragged about all your hetero moves. It’s jerks like you that pass STDs wholesale.

  10. ''Michaela The Bitch'' says:


  11. OldPNF says:

    Based on the videos I’ve seen of her I’d say her ass has seen more traffic than LA at rush hour. So while I would enjoy a foray down that path I would take the road less traveled and dump my nut butter in her sex pot. She can throat 7 inches and her ass more. Looks like she is into ATM and PTM so she’ll clean me up afterwards and my gf will never know.

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