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Win rate: 83%

Our newest player, Lorena, comes all the way from Spain. She grew up in a rural area but was always attracted to the bright lights of the big cities, where she has honed her strip poker skills.

If you are having trouble viewing/playing the game, you may find some help here.

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Lorena 2 - hot poker girl
Lorena - hot poker girl


  1. ShineOn says:

    spanish beauty :]

  2. Jay says:

    Found a bug. My two cards are the two and seven of hearts. On the table are the ace, ten, four, and three of hearts as well as the five of diamonds. The three has just been dealt. On the left side of the screen, it shows my and as a flush, but it is the ace, ten, seven, four, and two of hearts. The three has not replaced my two as the lowest card in my hand. The buttons at the bottom of the screen have not shown up and it looks like the game has locked up.

  3. PokerChick says:

    Thanks for the detailed info Jay. There certainly seems to be some intermittent issue surrounding flushes – a couple of other people have mentioned something similar. You’ve given me some good clues on what the problem might be, though, will look into it..

  4. tim says:

    i had a full house but the game didn’t see it. we had a total of a 560 pot and she got it. she had a pair of eights over sixs

  5. Ironvein says:

    Well hadn’t noticed a actually bugs, I have noticed a pattern in the AI and that is it seem too reliant on the rank of the card. Any time I call through with a pair and they have missed the board it always seems to have an A or K or sometimes lower with the looser players. Semi regular players of poker understand and utilize a concept of ‘odds and outs’ when the play; are you familiar with it? If you could somewhat incorporate that into the AI, they’d be much more realistic players and may even help vary the AI reactions more (my method still works on all of them regardless of the AI, and I’m not that great of a player).

  6. Roberto says:

    The graphics are nice, but all the games are lasting to long. It’s also funny, that the dealer always get the better cards. Not a bit close to real in playing. Sorry to say that

  7. Hooowaa says:

    Maybe its not that the dealer gets better cards. Maybe its because the AI stays on good hands that they think would win or at least have a high chance of winning. The only hands that truely get me are when the AI gets a higher pocket pair than me. Say the highest card on the flop and river is a 10 and I happen to get that 10 pair. When everything is all finished the AI had already had a higher pair in thier hand. This happens once every blue moon though.

  8. Tired says:

    How come that the girls always hit something whatever hand they have been dealt? I keep gettin flush draws at the same time as I get open ended straight draws but I’m not hitting anything. At the same time I try to bluff but it’s pointless since she won’t fold ever and always has an ace when I don’t have anything. Make it possible to win instead of this ****…

  9. Ironvein says:

    Ignore Tired, he loses because he sucks at poker.

  10. PokerChick says:

    @Ironvein – you’re right, odds and outs are probably the way to go with the AI. Currently, the AI evaluates the chance of winning with the current hand quite well, but doesn’t really take account of the chances of improving it. Or of potential flush or straight draws.. WIll get to it..

  11. dikl says:

    Hot young girl with a perfect body to play with

  12. fredok says:

    not so easy to beat her in the game.The babe is fucking gorgeous 😉

  13. walahhh says:

    Req: Jana H

  14. PokerChick says:

    @walahhh – will add her later this week..

  15. nikclo says:

    She’s a Knockout!!

  16. erdoe says:

    Simply the hottest girl around!

  17. redwolf says:

    Request: Karina

  18. karpor says:


  19. dutinhae says:

    gorgeous latina

  20. chicklover says:

    1.what her full name????
    2.request jana cova

  21. lola says:

    what her real name?

  22. PokerChick says:

    @chicklover – I believe it’s Lorena Garcia.
    Will see what I can do about Jana Cova..

  23. LeSigh says:

    A problem that just occurred while I was playing this woman, one which you may wish to fix on all the ladies: When she went all in, I accidentally clicked on the ‘fold’ button, because the ‘fold’ button was in the spot that the ‘call/check’ button usually sits. It would be beneficial, I believe, to ensure that the buttons remain in the same locations.

    Yes, I realize I should have looked before clicking. I got excited b/c I’d landed my first flush of the game against her, on what should have been the final hand.

  24. Boing Ha says:

    I definitely enjoyed playing against Lorena… and lusting at her sexy smile and curvacious body as well. 😉
    Anyway, I beat her with a full house. It took me about 45 minutes, which is definitely an improved record since the first game I played, which was against Dommino, took at least 2 hours. The strategy I found works best against Lorena and against most of the AI, is to stay consistent in one’s style of game play. I always started each hand by raising or betting no matter how bad my hand I was dealt. I would only fold after the flop if I was sure I had a low chance of winning the hand. Lorena can be pressured into falling for bluffs after the flop; this happened once.

  25. Ellis says:

    This IS a good Game. She is so hot!

  26. Tomcat says:

    Yes !!!!! My first Royal Flush ! At last hand.

  27. Bryan says:

    more of her! live natural girls with some bush!! Yum Yum!
    oh, and beat her in 15 min.

  28. MAC says:

    I have never seen so many split pots in my entire life. She ALWAYS seems to pull the perfect card on the river.

  29. Robert says:


  30. pj says:

    Hi Poker Chic. this game has frozen on me. just froze, nothing happened, the options to raise, check, of fold didn’t come up. it has happened before, but it had been a while!
    there was a 5s 3d 5d 4d on the deck and 3h and 8d in my pocket
    $310 in my kitty, $120 in the pot. not sure what she had, or how many “dots” each of us had.
    I thought this had been fixed!

  31. Lex-kat says:

    I love Lorena. She is super sexy hot!! And I love that she is trimmed, not shaved. Beautiful.

  32. bob says:

    again I got pored playng, did nowas a head and quit takes too long

  33. Get_Em_Naked says:

    Quick win again. Gorgeous girl, nice slot.

  34. dxkt says:

    tough girl to beat but my god she is hot i ould fuck her all night long all day long and all night again lol

  35. will says:

    nice red underware,beautiful body but not good in poker skill.

  36. footguy says:

    thanks again pokerchick. love the site.

  37. Carlos says:

    Yes very hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But very easy to beat !!! She bluffs way to much ! Keep betting as High as you can …

  38. South40 says:

    Attention Lorena! Don’t let anyone talk you into a ‘boob job’. You’re flat out lovely in every respect AND when you’re 50, you’ll still be shapely and wonderful to look at after the D & DD cup gals start sagging big time. I rated you a 10!

  39. MegaApocalypse says:

    What a beautiful girl 😀

    Thank you for this site

    Lorena Garcia is very sexy spanish 8)

  40. Bobby says:

    Easy Game but I would love to get her in a 69 and dogie style she is very hotttttttttt.

  41. chai says:

    hola que tal?

  42. bill says:

    Idid not mind her enjoy the time we played thank, s again love the girls .

  43. Woody says:

    I love a girl in red to bad she didn’t have red stockings and garter belt on also that would have been the complete pkg.Good game thanks p.c.

  44. FuZZZZzzzzzzz says:

    This one is really easy. It took less than 15min to defeat her… Well, the better the sooner for this latina loca !!!

  45. PNF says:

    Fantastic legs and pussy. I want to cream deep inside that lovely pink with a red lipstick stained rod.

  46. John K says:

    A lot was said about Lorena that is because she is unique in every way, beautiful sexy, curvaceous, ‘A’ class entertainer, natural, etc. So the sore losers grumble and the winner write reams about her. The fifth photo is the most erotic but the fourth and sixth are equally exciting.

    Can we have a third comeback please PC, thanks

  47. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We liked her other game poses a little better. She has nice legs, great face, lovely small tits, and loves to show you her holes.

  48. Computron says:

    Great spread shots!!!

  49. Sue says:

    Lex-kat said it all…………. I love Lorena. She is super sexy hot!! And I love that she is trimmed, not shaved. Beautiful.

  50. Computron says:

    What a pretty face and a great piece of ass!!!

  51. clive ng says:

    hard player!!! wonderful photo nice pussy lips n beautiful boobs top game

  52. Green Dragon says:

    easy player!!!

  53. Laurent says:

    Pretty girl! A real pleasure for my eyes …

  54. Bas says:

    Playing good poker is not the only skill Lorena has, when she started losing she switched the challenge on photo 4 saying “let’s up the stakes, let’s see who can stay longer in this new love game”

  55. Peter says:

    For me she was the most difficult player!

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