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Kristy BlackCzech

Win rate: 79%

The lovely Kristy doesn’t like to leave anything to chance, which is why she has instructions tatooed on her body.
See if you can find, “I love anal sex” and “fuck me”….

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Kristy Black - hot poker girl


  1. Kareto says:

    First !!!

  2. Green Dragon says:

    20 hands to win !!! beautiful girl !!!

  3. CHARLE"S says:


  4. woody says:

    When a chick asks to be fucked how can I refuse,so I gave it to her both front and back <twice and she was great.The best part is I beat the two Mikes
    to her. Thanks poker chick.

  5. nutthouse says:

    She would be perfection without those tats

  6. clive ng says:

    top game!!!!
    lovely lady

  7. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Way to go woody one! The dudes ahead of you likely didn’t really beat her; I mean they had no comment on the pics, so they probably just rushed to play firsties. Us Mikes were still busy doing Mira to get around to Kristy. La’Taurus really went for this one though as he likes those spinner types. Oxbigg at first was content to wait. Mike L dove right in though starting with the second pose where he sort of dry humped her from behind, sliding his johnson up and down her ass cheeks, but being careful not to cum on her thong. Then Mike L turned her around to suck on those small but nice titties. He played with them with his tongue removing those studs, and then replacing them. He stepped back a bit to admire her slipping those well worn jeans down. In the next pic he helped her out of her thong and then mounted her with her heels high in the air. He kept going until he cream-pied Kristy and retired for some cleanup. At this point Oxbigg slipped right in and pounded that pussy she showed with the wide open pose. By the way, Kristy told us that he isn’t called woody for no reason. Another good time had by all!

  8. Green Dragon says:

    Mike Ohbigg & Mike La Tauras pak e pisal romani

  9. Isaac Chou says:

    Good nipples.

  10. Dplayer says:

    Thanks PC,
    All of the studs wow that has to hurt…! She is a timid player which belies her four piercings. Easy win.

  11. denny says:

    hey poker chick how come you say small tits when their middle sized i could suck on them nipples all night long i would rather fuck her pussy than her ass she has a sweet looking pussy i could eat that for days and nights on end

  12. Number99 says:

    Well, judging her poses, she doesn’t need the tats for us to understand what she wants! Clean shave… mmm

    Thanks Pc

  13. Bas says:

    Kristy is a star in her own right but she plays good poker too. Thanks PC

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