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Win rate: 73%

Cute, girl next door, Kristi is a keen guitar player. Got anything you’d like her to strum along to?

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  1. Poopie says:

    Kinda meh….Very nice frontal shot at the end though. She doesn’t know how to call…ALWAYS bets, even when dealt crap. Took 2 mins.

  2. clive ng says:

    congratulation my friend poopie u are first !!!am happy for u !!!thank my friend poopi for the tips!!! am second in the 5th photo lovely tattoo in her left hand n wonderful bodyyy!!!in the last photo she take off her pantie n see her wonderful apple pussy n her left to lean on the floor cool photooo!!! hahaha !!!where is my fan club don t comment on me!!!/\ /\ /\ /\THANK HOLD EM STRIP EM POKERRRR!!!I LOVE THAT GAME HOLD EM STRIP EM PO…KER !!POK..ER !!!POKER

  3. Dildo Clive says:

    Clive no-genitals not true Clive. He loves Poopie and his poop. See how he right under Poopie to smell his ass hole. Both are perverts.

  4. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We like the way Kristi’s dress zips all the way for quick access. But not till the 3rd pic does she open it up to flash her boobs. Next she strips to just her panties, but covers those boobs with her hands. Then she slides the panties down, but the pose isn’t great. In the finale she pulls her panties to show her nice pussy with her legs wipe open. We tag teamed her for a couple of hours. Lots of fun that Kristi.

    What’s wrong with you clive ng? She never takes her panties off all the way. We think you faked the comment and never really beat her, which shows you aren’t very good at holdem poker.

  5. Lothario says:

    Sexy lady who does NOT know how to play poker but good for everyone who likes a quick and easy win. Kristi reminds me of a sweet honey that used to work with me that had a body just like hers. Petite but a nice mouthful of titty with very sensitive nipples. I like the hard nips that look like they need sucking on……………..and her sweet hot body that needs a strong man’s arms around. Her pussy is the best with juicy lips that are begging to be nibbled on and sucked on until her clit starts to get red hot. Thanks for the hot babe to play poker against Pokerchick……………keep them coming……………..while I keep cumming. 🙂

  6. clive ng says:

    KICOU my fan club !!!!ASS POOP DILDO CLIVE ARE JEALOUS his friendship n thank u small dick dildo clive FOR COMMENT ON ME never comment on any model on that game ass poop dildo dave samething like dildo clive same person u still my fan anyway!!!hey little mike u see her pussy or not !!!!she take off her pantie or not if u see the pussy has no pantie in her body man!!! little mike not see the comment on dildo clive when he insult me!!! little mike break ass he look i not beat that girl kristi me I fucking u little mike HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER KNOW it ok 4 me man!!! thank lothario for his lovely comment!!!WHAT NEXT!!!!

  7. The Hammer says:

    Clive I have just five words for ya.

    Please S T F U !

    Your fan club obviously includes a nemesis of yours. Your comments only encourage more of the same.
    And the Mikes spoke true, yet you attack them too. Their point was that you were wrong because she never ditched her panties completely.
    What the fuck is KICOU? Nonsense!
    Why must you include poop in every post? It is disgusting!

  8. clive ng says:

    hahaha KICOU AM HERE!!! the hammer what is your problem when i said kicou n poop !!! I not said for u man if the hammer don t like my comment don t read that man!!! the hammer take your hammer hit on your head to become intelligent man !!! she take off her pantie or not!!! become intelligent the hammer when she has not pantie u will see her pussy man!!!! hammer hammer hammer knock on your head to become intelligent!!! I LOVE TO SAID KICOU!!!HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER HIT ON YOUR HEAD TO BECOME INTELLIGENT IN THAT GAME HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER !!! AFTER ALL FUCK YOUR COMMENT HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER BECOME INTELLIGENT !!!MY FAN CLUB BECOME BIG BIGGEST!!!THANK HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  9. Bas says:

    Nice player but a bit slow in showing her goodies.

  10. The Hammer says:

    Ting should be calling the idiot dumb-dumb not clive-clive.

  11. clive ng says:

    KICOU am here The Hammer !!!why the hammer put ting ting tong inside to comment !!! hammer hammer hammer hit on your head to become intelligent!!!the hammer said that not ting ting tong!!!yes yes yes I am an idiot not like the hammer !!!hammer hammer hammer an idiot knock on your head to become intelligent like me clive ng!!! still play that game always play that game nobody can stop me to play hold em strip em poker!!!WHAT NEXT!!!!

  12. OldPNF says:

    I really like the full body zipper. That would be a lot of fun to undo. Slowly. Last pic is definitely worth the game. She looks like she is a little dry and not ready for a fun evening. She might be good with a guitar but lucky for her I am an expert bajingo player.

  13. Oldpnf says:

    My favorite part might be the full body zipper. My imagination went wild with that. That and her eyes. Gorgeous eyes.

  14. Scammerlikethissite says:

    Still rigged to shit. Hasn’t changed. We share three kings, but sh just happens at that moment to have an eight. Oh guess what she has a fullhouse. The COCKSUCKING programmers that do all these website games need to go back to their cheap college and study what a random draw/deal is, not something pre-programmed so we never win. I played this site under a umber of usernames over the years and the games used to be close to realistic. Last couple of years never won a hand let alone a game.

  15. Scamjustlikethissite says:

    I am always right. Rigged to fucking hell. Tried playing two more games both times she gets great hands and at least one of cards I need is one off what I need to beat her. Anyone on here that claims to beat these girls is full of bullshit. Last game she got three tens, game before two pair one pair aces oh and other pair of nines one of those nines happened to be in her hand. I needed a five to make a straight. Never win computer games they’re all rigged by people who never play poker for money like I have so I know when something is rigged.

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