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KimikoSouth Korea

Win rate: 76%
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Rating: 4.7/10 (1256 votes cast)

Kimiko is addicted to internet dating sites, but it’s not really working out for her. If you can get her naked with your card skills, maybe you can be her next date…

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Kimiko, 4.7 out of 10 based on 1256 ratings
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  1. MAC says:

    Sorry pokerchick, gotta call bullshit on this player. Way too many straights and flushes to be coincidence, especially getting the magic card on the river.

  2. oldvocks says:

    i think i m the first!!!!! ha ha ha. virgin ass….but, as per normal…seldom shave their secret part!!!!!

  3. PokerChick says:

    @MAC there’s no bullshit involved with any of the players – sounds like you’ve had a bit of bad luck, that’s all. When you beat a girl in 4 or 5 hands, that’s largely good luck…

  4. footguy says:

    ugh – those things were meant to be clean shaven, …but cute lil asian feet doggoneit!! thanks for the game pokerchick!

  5. silky60 says:

    readem and weep

  6. Mr Ting says:

    Nice girl!
    Komiko not Korean name. Japanese name

  7. me says:

    Like the bush.

  8. Savuriel says:

    Cute, but would have liked this one better with her hair down. Her hairstyle made her look a little wierd.

  9. SweetDaddyD says:

    what a huge fail from hold’em strip’em, she is fucking ugly, damn bitch!

  10. SimWarlock says:

    Well Mr Ting, Kimiko is from Korea, here are her stats from VirtuaGirl
    Origins: Seoul / Korea, republic of – Age: 34
    Height: 5.74 – Weight: 112 – Vital Statistics: 33/23/33
    I think she knows where she’s from.
    Love the game also

  11. Robert says:

    More hairy pussy’s please poker chick

  12. PNF says:

    I think she is cute. Those nails are a real turn on. Natural tits and nice legs. I’d definitely do her.

  13. More says:

    Hey, PockerChick love the site but can you put up some more tomboys like Bernadette or Joanna O and are you Stationed in the Czech republic cause most of the girls are from there

  14. Sorin says:

    Usor de invins, dar o pizda in toata splendoarea ei.

  15. dxkt says:

    nice little korean girl. i would do her just to say i did a korean girl lol

  16. a says:

    Bella figa pelosa !

  17. LeSigh says:

    A classic “butterface.”

  18. ijvalko says:

    Sorry, but this really is bullshit. Get the exact same straight, get beat by a full house when I have 3 of a kind, etc.
    She could do with less make up.

  19. PokerChick says:

    @ijvalko – I’m so tired of comments like yours. In holdem, you SHARE THE BOARD CARDS, which means that two players often have similar, or even identical, hands.

  20. Rainer says:

    I do agree MAC, this game is curious. [tedious ‘cheating’ nonsense removed]

  21. really says:

    I’ve never once complained on any site like this, or any other for that matter, but this is complete bullshit. I call her down on every hand just to prove the point, that somehow, in a game of 2 players have equal odds… but somehow she manages to have a better hand than me 20 times in a row?

  22. PokerChick says:

    @really – even assuming you check/called all the way, which I’m sure you didn’t, and she never folded (which she tends to do when she has bad cards) – a run of 20 hands in one direction is proof of nothing. If you check/called for 100,000 hands you’d be looking at roughly 50,000 for and 50,000 against. The cards are dealt totally at random.

  23. B Rad says:

    Me love you long time! Great legs and trimmed nicely.

  24. number99 says:

    Brrrrrr not my cup of tea…. The game was hard and the pictures of this girl not that rewarding.

  25. joe says:

    Yeuch! Not seen that much hair on a pussy since I ran over a cat.

  26. Todd says:

    Beautiful woman, great body, gorgeous cunt. All these guys who criticize her for having pubic hair have watched so much porn that they’ve forgotten what real women look like.

  27. Eugene says:

    By comments I thought there are terrible eternal bushes… But there are cute short-shaven regular hair.
    Guys, why all of you like totally shaved pussy? Do you know that this is the psychological sign of pedophilia?

  28. Eugene says:

    Also she has got great legs and butt…

  29. Mr. Ting says:

    Woman who fly upsidedown in airplane have hairy crack up.

  30. mr bart says:

    please more hairy bush women, much more attractive than shaved.

  31. Freddy the Freeloader says:

    Easy to beat because she bets high with bad cards.

  32. alden says:

    Kimikos hair is a little spooky, but just like being patient in playing against her, its worth the wait. She grows on ya, and has the best bush of any girls on this sight.

  33. crash says:

    had game end 3 times when i had winning hand

  34. crash says:

    finaly beat her tough going but fun

  35. Bas says:

    The name Kimiko means many things including “Deep Red” which seems to fit this opponent with red skirt, red ribbons, red lipstic, and red cheeks just like her red hot bluffs. all is forgiven for that perfect pussy of hers

  36. amr says:

    I don’t know where the complaints came from. I beat her in three. And besides, there not much hair for an Asian who are mostly very hairy that you won’t see their pussy without parting them

  37. Bas says:

    Kimiko is unique is every possible way from the hair style, doll face, braless top, funny brief, and black finger nails. Yet she has a beautiful body with proportionate boobs and well defined pussy. More importantly she has small legs just like most Asian ladies but without the big thighs. Indeed she is the mystique of the east and that’s what makes me revisit her again.

  38. Mike La'Taurus & Mike Oxbigg says:

    She looked kinda like a china doll at first. Then when she pulled pants down. Even though we didn’t vote for Bush, we’d like to try out the plump pussy she shows in the last shot. Looks like Oxbigg already been there and done that though.

  39. clive ng says:

    hard player!!! she must a little smile in her face !!!i love her pussy hairs top play

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