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Win rate: 81%
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Rating: 7.4/10 (1774 votes cast)

Karina may carry a gun, but don’t worry – she won’t shoot you unless you accuse her of cheating!

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Karina, 7.4 out of 10 based on 1774 ratings
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  1. Rikki says:

    im latvian also 🙂

  2. Rayray says:

    Im willing to bet that most the people who play these (including my self) are not looking for a challenge! Some easier players would be nice. hint hint

  3. Addup2 says:

    Got to say the makeup doesn’t really suit her. – Rayray, you don’t want them too easy!

  4. kbr6969 says:

    i agree with rayray the players are too hard

  5. PokerChick says:

    @krb6969 yep, I think I’m going to start alternating between adding easy and hard players soon. the consensus certainly seems to be that people want easier players…

  6. only_me says:

    She is definitely too hard.. I tried few times, but near end she is getting always strong cards and i can’t get nothing whatever I do… ;/

  7. Something Rude says:

    I guess “fat thighs” isn’t a good tag…. no matter how accurate it is?

  8. PokerChick says:

    @Something Rude, you think she has fat thighs? I think she has a great (if not entirely natural) figure – it’s a shame that so many people seem to have bought into the idea that women should have bodies like adolescent boys, with the addition of breasts of course. This idea of female beauty originates from the fashion industry, which is dominated by gay men. Women were foolish enough to go along with it, and starve themselves half to death along the way, but now even many straight men, who used to like an hourglass figure on a lady, seem to have bought this too. Sigh..

  9. GotHer says:

    Finally got her – took a while, but worth it. Nice V-trim in her pubic hair at the end. And for those who wrote she had big thighs…you must not have progressed very far – as her clothes made them seem bigger. She got better – and maybe your poker playing skills should get better as well.

  10. SCtheReaper says:

    I’d much rather have a full figured woman than a stick insect. Never seen the point in a bag of bones myself 😛

  11. Nice says:

    Nice pussy! It was taken an hour to win.

  12. Something Rude says:

    I definitely agree that a natural shape and figure is superior, both health-wise and for aesthetic pleasure. I also agree that the later poses didn’t accent the look of the early ones ( and I went through first time playing her, thank you very much )… but I hated to complain about either the availability of which models/poses are given to work from. Nor did I wish to detract in any way ( at least then ) from the time and tremendous effort PokerChick devotes to the site/games/ enjoyment…. Thanks for the stereotypical diatribe on the cause and effect of societal pressures to conform to body type…. include the AMA and internet/TV/movie industry next time.
    In future I’ll avoid here or stick to the accepted complaints of hair color or breast implants…

  13. PokerChick says:

    @Something Rude if you agree that “a natural shape and figure is superior, both health-wise and for aesthetic pleasure” then I fail to see how you can describe this girl’s thighs as fat. Karina isn’t remotely fat and certainly does not have fat thighs by any sensible measure, unless you view the stick-thin legs of anorexic fashion models as the ideal.
    I wasn’t attempting to sum up all the pressures on women concerning body shape, merely expressing my view that the primary source of the stick-thin ideal is the fashion industry. For a long time, the kind of figure aspired to by so many women was at odds with what straight men found desirable – women wanted to be very thin while men wanted women to be curvy.
    It is with a heavy heart that I have noticed an increasing trend amongst straight men towards viewing stick-thin women (with surgically enhanced breasts) as the height of perfection. I think this is an extremely negative development.
    You’re welcome to express your views on any aspect of the games, as long as you don’t mind if I also express mine. That’s what free speech is all about.

  14. SCtheReaper says:

    Then my view is: healthy amount of flesh with natural breasts 🙂

  15. hello says:

    whats her full name

  16. jjrex says:

    Beat her on the first try. Got her with straight six high. Too easy.

  17. Anac says:

    20 minutes to get her buck naked

  18. wtf says:

    really, everytime she rivers a winning hand? come on how is that fiar at all? i really dont care if their hard or easy opponents but theirs not one that lucky that every hand they catch a winning hand? so freaking frusterating.

  19. joe13 says:

    After many trys, I finally beat karina. She is hot! Plays a good game. I played mostly minium bets, then when I felt good hand, I increase my betting. It took me almost 1-hour to get her naked. Hopefully they have another version of Karina.

  20. Hunter says:

    I took less than 15 mins. She likes to bluff especially when she bets low on the flop then she gives up on the river. When she raises she must have a good hand so watch out. By the way, perfect girl, nice proportion.

  21. gus says:

    i want to be that gun

  22. dxkt says:

    what a nice pussy to fuck all night long!!!

  23. zerox says:

    all night job

  24. achingBallz says:

    Wow, is that Ashley Judd? Gorgeous girl! Love the shave.

  25. jorge 14 says:

    I played severals games and game stoped by her turn.

  26. B Rad says:

    Not sure what all the complaining is about, beat in in like 10 minutes, and for those dissing her make up it does come off you know. She is a beautiful woman with a clever shaving job. Is that a V for victory?

  27. Frenchy says:

    @B Rad : You’re right, her V is very funny and nice.

  28. Oh no, says:

    the game frozes two times!!! The second time when it frozed I had 1280$, the pot was 220$ and she was all-in! I saw her cards and she had nothing while I had a pair of fours! So I would have won the game! But then the green buttons disappeared and nothing happened any more! So I wasn´t allowed to see the last picture! And that´s after playing more than an hour!! SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT

  29. gjs says:

    I hat the high rated ones. You get a good hand and they get a better one. Really annoying.

  30. Bob says:

    OK. Gotta say, I’m enjoying this player. Hot. Shows enough skin. Been playing forever. I get up 2 then she’ll get up 2–back and forth. But it isn’t like she wins. Every. Hand. I’ve got to stop because I’ve wasted too much time and I had a straight–the highest for that hand–so I went all in. Unfortunately she had a flush. And I just don’t have time to play my way back from that right now, but so far I like this player.

  31. Bobby says:


  32. Wermon says:

    Gun inside pussy *****and****BUM!!!

  33. JessCram says:

    @ Rayray… I love this website cuz of the challenge… if i just wanted to see naked women, i could go to a porn website with videos… Yeah if it was impossible to beat then id be like ummm cmon… but they are basic challenge for those who know the game… if you dont know the game, then it might be harder but this is a good way to learn since the rules are posted 😀

  34. footguy says:

    thanks pokerchick

  35. rajor says:

    Regretably she doesnt show her booty

  36. Sue says:

    You fella’s are crazy. Karina could stap-on have me any day

  37. Bas says:

    Wow what a sexy gansgter. Thanks PC

  38. PNF says:

    OK dont shoot! I’ll suck your titties, screw your pussy and make you cum!

  39. Mike La'Taurus and Mike Oxbigg says:

    Nice tits! Also liked the pussy shot at the end with the nice little V.

  40. charles says:

    thanks pokerchick…..Nice tits

  41. clive ng says:

    very hard player!!!i love her hair pussy n nice tits top play

  42. clive ng says:

    i love this girl!!! lovely apple pussy n pussy hair nice body i like to fuck wonderful karine hard player!!!thank holdemstripem top game


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