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Jia LissaRussia

Win rate: 71%

Jia Lissa is a top porn star. But, did you know she’s also a top cheese maker? She loves nothing better than separating curds and whey….

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  1. clive ng says:

    hahaha kicou am first!!!!

  2. LEO037 says:

    Sweet – a redhead.

    In the second pic she drops her shorts and shows her lovely tushy.

    next she drops the shorts and grabs her butt cheeks (wish that was me)

    In the fourth picture we get to see her pert boobies and oh so kissable nipples

    The penultimate picture gives a hint of what is to come, with her panties dropping off her butt

    In the final picture she is on her hands and knees offering it doggie style

    A gorgeous woman.

  3. Dildo Dave says:

    Little boy clive ng(no-genitals) is at it again and again. Trolling for sumbuddy to futtbuck him!!! He didn’t even play the game this time. He is a sad little twerp that couldn’t lift ten pounds if he had to!!! The trauma of being sodomized so many times as a kid by his own family and his multiple resulting maladies makes little boy clive a sicko. Too bad and so sad!!

    May god bless!!!

  4. The Hammer says:

    I am The Hammer!!! I am ready to hammer out the truth and there is nothing that the sick little pervert boy can do about that!!! Hahahahahahahahaha.

  5. Baz says:

    Jia’s pubes in the last photo is most exciting.

  6. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Both mikes liked Jia’s smile with that wide mouth right away. We both were thinking, “oral”. Leo covered the pics nicely. And that last one made us change our minds. But neither mike wanted to go second so we flipped for position. Oxbigg won and chose to use the last pose. He poked her a bit with his dick to get her wet and then slipped right in and started thrusting while holding on to her hips. Soon he was balls deep and just kept hammering as Jia moaned.

    Meanwhile La’Taurus moved to the other side and asked Jia to smile wide and as she did so he inserted his johnson. Jia’s moans became sort of muffled as he picked up on Oxbigg’s cadence and soon both mikes were pumping in unison. La’Taurus was about ready to shoot his load and so Oxbigg picked up his pace and soon the splooged Jia simultaneously. All three then jumped into the shower, then treated Jia to lunch and drinks at the local pub. Then back for some more fun as they switched ends.

    Another fun time had by all.

    We guess clive didn’t take the time to win the contest since he didn’t bother to comment on Jia.

  7. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    I hope that my good friend Mr. Ng has finally taken my advice and seen a therapist. His silence is encouraging.

  8. clive ng says:

    hahaha nobody comment have no fun here!!!!only hold em strip em poker know I win that game I have many fans on that game they comment just on me nothing they can do am first n here /\ /\ /\ /\ !!!dr nguyen u are always fuck die woman !!!KKKK I am evil hammer ass hole what truth u said the evil hammer ass hole!!!hey small dick dildo dave am still here n alive nothing u can do !!! hey my fans club I have lot of work n I stop comment !!!they have very kids comment here !!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  9. The Hammer says:

    The person who calls himself little boy clive ng(no-genitals) is a sick pervert. There are some sad truths to be told about this diminutive guy.

    He castrated himself over his depression caused by his lack of success with women.

    He is obsessed with poop and thinks a turd is a sex toy.

    He tries to post first on here without even playing the models because he trolls for cock. He attracted another pervert on here who calls himself “Poopie”. Go figure!

    When he was young he was sodomized daily by his own father, his grandfather, and his uncles. His mother and grandmother sodomized him with a broomstick.

    The sodomy by his own family caused him to become infected with syphilis. That disease has caused him to lose his sight in one eye. That malady has also attacked his brain resulting in him being in mid-stage dementia.

    Ther is more but enough about this diminutive sicko for now. He is a sad case!! Too bad and so sad.

    May god bless!!!

  10. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    What is your problem Mr. Ng? I only speak nicely and give you encouragement but you respond with your attack. I’m afraid that The Hammer is correct and you are actually a nasty vicious person.

  11. clive ng says:

    pussy poop doctor fuck die woman !!! I not with disease evil hammer put on me!!! KKKKK!!! evil hammer me suck ur little dick!!! nothing u can do about that!!! hahaha!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  12. The Hammer says:

    I know little boy clive would like to suck a dick. But he will never get near mine. He committed first on here trolling for cock. He got some sick pervert who calls himself Poopie to like him so if he wants it just go suck Poopie.

  13. clive ng says:

    hahaha I have many disease but I STILL ALIVE !!!Hey evil hammer ass hole I am tired to ear same thing about me !!!very beautiful me I don t know that evil hammer ass hole said on me!!! evil hammer ass hole stay an ass poop any way on that game !!!talk talk talk am here nothing that evil hammer ass hole can do still here!!!thank u 4 that to defense me small dick dildo dave !!!WHAT NEXT!!!!

  14. clive ng says:


  15. The Hammer says:

    Hey! Clive Ng(no-genitals)!!!

    How is the syphilis??? Oh. That’s right you wouldn’t know because it attacked your brain and you have dementia.

    So tell me if you have gotten rid of the genital warts all around your mouth? I know you got that shit from your uncle who had you try to suck the warts off his dick.

  16. clive ng says:

    kicou am here n still here evil hammer ass hole become crazy said same thing never become intelligent he talk about syphilis I don t know that disease evil hammer ass hole know that disease well !!!evil hammer ass hole evil hammer ass hole evil hammer ass hole he get that disease !!!after all I have all disease in the planet never mind that disease put on me !!! evil hammer nail jesus it s your work !!! N I AM ALIVE NOTHING EVIL HAMMER ASS HOLE CAN DO !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  17. The Hammer says:


    Little boy clive can’t understand what is happening to him. The syphilis he caught when he was sodomized by members is eating his brain so he is clueless about the dementia that is ravaging him. I will continue to tell the truth on the little boy clive. And there is nothing that he can do about that. Hahahahahahahahaha.

  18. clive ng says:

    hey evil hammer ass hole how u know that !!!because I am evil hammer ass hole have that disease know that!!!become intelligent man!!! am back nothing evil hammer ass hole evil hammer ass hole evil hammer ass hole kick on your ass hole become intelligent !!! KKKK WHAT NEXT!!!

  19. The Hammer says:

    I am The Hammer!!!

    Nasty vicious little boy clive has such a feeble mind from the ravages of his maladies that it’s obvious he suffers from dementia caused by the syphilis.

    I am The Hammer and I will continue to tell the truths on little boy pervert clive and there is nothing that he can do to stop me. Hahahahahahahahaha.

  20. clive ng says:

    kicou am here N ALIVE nothing evil hammer ass hole can do said what evil hammer ass hole want me I comment here !!!what truth evil hammer ass hole u mind are ill with me when I comment on hold em strip em poker go fast to a hospital to saw a dr !!!!HAHAHA HEY your dad is always buy a bottle of whisky n then sleep with dog!!!! all body know u
    are the evil hammer ass hole kick on your head never become intelligent !!!WHAT NEXT!!!!

  21. The Hammer says:

    Hahaha. The little pervert boy clive just showed how insane he has become with his last nonsense rant. He is just a sick and sad moron. The Hammer has spoken!!!

  22. clive ng says:

    hahaha don t shy evil hammer ass hole your dad sell woman ass hole n pussy hole on street n buy his bottle of whisky !!! where is I AM evil hammer ass hole!!! that pussy poop speak well me I speak nonsense KKKK become intelligent !!! I ALWAYS COMMENT I HAVE TIME TO COMMENT !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  23. The Hammer says:

    I am The Hammer!!!

    Little boy clive ng(no-genitals) is so pathetic with his deformities and diseased mind that the only women who would get near him are the escorts t gf at he calls on from his hotel room. And after one look at him they leave him alone in his room and all he can do is jerk himself off he almost yearns for the times his family used to sodomize him every day. He is nothing but a pathetic lonely little bastard. His only girlfriend is his own wart-covered hand. And his brain is so addled from the syphilis that he is oblivious to the world around himself. His only friend is the sick guy who calls himself “Poop”.

  24. clive ng says:


  25. Ting says:

    Clive-clive think money buy women and happiness. Clive-clive have no clue. Good woman no like poop coming from mouth of man. Wise man talk nice and leave poop out of conversation. But clive-clive not wise and trash mouth result in lonely life. Good advice for this guy: close pie hole and keep silent or never have friend in life.

  26. Poopie says:

    That’s not quite true Ting. Clive is my buddy. He may suffer from OCD but he seems like a really nice chap. Liking poop and making convos about it can be fun. I could love him if given the chance. He seems like a really sweet boy.

  27. Slobodon says:

    Poopie you are a fruitcake. You should heed Ting’s advice and shut your filthy pie hole. Having a preoccupation with shit isn’t at all normal. Your stupid rhetoric makes me wonder if you were sodomized like Clive. The two of you are sick fucks.

  28. Dildo Dave says:


    I’ve always said that little boy clive is a butthole smeller and toilet seat sniffer. Seems that Poopie is a kindred spirit. Those two are poop loving fools and I say let the futtbuck each other but do it in private.

  29. clive ng says:

    HAHAHA am here top fun here ting ting tong poop poop poopiii I know money can t buy health friendships love your lifetime but I have a lot money to spend I must use it man nothing I can do!!! after all people love money which people don t love money in that low world just ting ting tong poop poop poopiii don t love money KKKK TO SPEND !!!what is a dirty name slobodon your dad have not name when u are birth slobodon miam miam miam poop poop poop!!! small dick dildo dave thank to take my name to defense me from another guy here!!! n no enter me n my friends poopiii said what sex toy want my friendship is strong!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  30. clive ng says:

    very big fan club here!!! JUST COMMENT ON ME !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  31. clive ng says:

    me only clive my!!! some fan take my name poop poop poop searyme KKKKK!!! small dick sex toy can do nothing about that if I say poop poop on ass break!!! I spend my money to have women who fuck me good and like me for my money!!! nothing ring tone ting ting ting can do to stop me!!! n if i want to share poop with woman i pay money nothing my fans can do to stop. Hahaha I have much money n use to get woman to like me!!! dirty name slobodon can do!!! piss and poop on all comments!!!

  32. clive ng says:

    my fans stop putting disease on me and stop search me for family that sodomize me again and again!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  33. clive ng says:

    Kicou!!! ass break small dick dildo Dave search me n put disease on me!!!! bad name slobodon have bad father n hammer hammer on head become smart!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  34. clive ng says:

    evil hammer say family sodomize me over n over!!! what he say happen to him!!! my mother grandmother hammer broom in his asshole!!!

  35. clive ng says:

    i my own fan many times!!! small dick take my name n i poop poop poop on small dick comment!!! WHAT NEXT???

  36. clive ng says:

    Kicou u u u!!! /\/\/\/\/\ I have tons of money so i poop on all comments!!!

  37. clive ng says:

    My money buying much woman!!! I give woman $$$ n then she fuck me long time n big time!!! hahaha WHAT NEXT!!!

  38. clive ng says:


  39. clive ng says:

    me like call many women come my hotel room n i have much Montgomery have them fuck me long time!!! very happy have so much money n fuck those woman many ways!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  40. The Hammer says:


  41. clive ng says:

    hahaha I am evil hammer ass hole nail !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  42. Oldpnf says:

    Pic 1: My Lord you called me? Yes, it is my understanding you stole from the royal harem bedroom the other day. It was a small sum sir. Never the less present yourself for punishment.
    Pic 2: *begins spanking* Ooo my Lord. I love your discipline. Do you like my ass sir? Yes, it is perfect.
    Pic 3: Ouch! Please sir it is too much! Quiet and receive your discipline!
    Pic 4: Please my Lord! Give my ass a break! I submit my tits for your pleasure to earn a break. Very well. I will suck them. But I will also bite. This is suppose to be discipline!
    Pic 5: *The king gets rock hard* Enough! Turn around and receive the rest of your discipline! *Paddles her ass*
    Pic 6: My Lord no more! I beg you to fuck me instead! Well I am merciful. I accept your plea. *fucks her pussy until he is good and wet then jams her ass* Receive your final discipline! *cums balls deep in her ass* Thank you my just and merciful Lord!

  43. Michaela 'The Bitch' says:

    I made this skinny bitch scream my name!

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