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Jenny WildCzech

Win rate: 77%

The lovely Jenny is a top air hostess, which was always her dream job. Ready to get mile high?

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  1. Тигъра says:

    Тя е красива харесват ми снимки 5 и 6.

  2. clive ng says:

    hahaha Am second!!! I beat jenny wild in 7 minutes 40 sec !!! KICOU AM HERE where is my fans club!!!!in the last photo jenny wild sit down open her legs n see her wonderful pussy!!!cool player

  3. Dildo Clive says:

    I am 2nd!!! I am the real clive not the pussy poop ass break that call self ng for no genitals!!! I fuck n piss on comment of sexless clive!!!

  4. clive ng says:

    hey dildo clive your name said all u can t fuck n piss on any body in hold em strip em poker because dildo clive has no dick after u said me I have no genital u are very funny !!! N NEVER COMMENT ON ANY MODEL IN THAT GAME STRIP EM POKER!!! me still clive ng n only n one clive ng in hold em strip em poker!!!hahaha dildo dave u must comment on me dildo dave ass hole is my fan club!!!WHAT NEXT!!!!

  5. Bas says:

    Jenny is a beautiful, easy to beat, and as her name implies she is wild. The final ‘M’ position is exciting but she is not my type. Thank PC

  6. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We never had an airline hostess dressed like Jenny. She starts to slip off her top in #2. Then shows her small tits with nice little button nipples in #3. Next a side view in just her panties. Next she bites on her panties while standing nude but for her cap. Finally she sits down and spreads her legs wide wearing only her nylons. La’Taurus won the flip and opted for no foreplay and just mounted her from the last pose and pounded her pussy. Oxbigg took the next turn and did more of the same.

  7. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    Multiple personalities Clive is at it again. He fights with himself over his own sexuality, or lack there of. He has obvious insecurities about his endowment and his relationships with women. It seems that one of his personalities mutilated himself by castration in his sick personal battle over which personality will take control. Perhaps the next chapter in this bizarre tale may well result in suicidal murder of a competing identity. Stay tuned to see if the Dildo character or the “ng” id wiil win control or simply end this gripping but sad odyssey.

  8. clive ng says:

    hey u dr nguyen what is your problem !!! dr dick poop nguyen said me I suicide why I must suicide u win something when I suicide dr dick nguyen!!! after all a dr help people not said suicide u are not a dr !!!u are a false dr ass break stay ass break he can t become a MASTER MIND IN LIFE!!! it is not a story I live in reality n free like air AFTER why dr nguyen dick poop love dildo clive comment n not said any thing!!! it something wrong with that dr I think that dr is gay he love dildo clive n fucking dildo clive in his ass hole because dildo clive has a small dick he can t fuck any body man or woman!!! after all I fuck that false dr nguyen n what u can do apart said me i suicide nothing in low world !!! look mr mike oxbigg n bas have lovely comment in hold em strip em poker thank u for your lovely comment guys!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  9. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    You are clive ng and you are Dildo Clive!! But you are so dumb and perhaps so mentally ill that you don’t realize you have more than one personality. In that last comment you are clive ng, but in your instability to attack your alter-ego, Dildo Clive. If you get violent that could be when you go suicidal by murdering your other self and, of course, killing all your egos at once.

  10. clive ng says:

    hahaha me n dildo clive is a world of different !!! i am not dildo clive !!! dildo dave n dildo clive is the same person dr nguyen dick poop !!!u go to suicide man I LOVE MY LIFETIME that false dr stay a pussy poop 4 me!!!WHAT NEXT !!!

  11. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Poor clives are simply clueless about their multiple identities.

  12. clive ng says:

    hey u dr DICK POOP nguyen I think u are dildo dave !!!if I have many identities what is your problem man !!! u have many identities dr nguyen after ALL u tired me DICK POOP!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  13. Ting says:

    Ting see clive-clive going off rails like runaway train. Better served to shut pie hole and cut losses.

  14. Ting says:

    Ting wonder if clive-clive true name actually “DICK POOP” since always saying that. Hey clive-clive? Should Ting be calling you Dick? Ting not wanting to say Mr. Poop or could be mistaken for that strange person name of Poopie.

  15. Ting says:

    Ting think maybe clive-clive believe it normal for person to have poop come out of dick. Not correct. Poop come out asshole every time.

  16. Dildo Dave says:

    Hey Ting!!! Clive ng {no-genitalia} might have kidney stones but is dumb enough to think it’s poop coming out of stump where his dick used to be.

  17. clive ng says:

    kicou am here what u are said ting ting tong n dildo dave!!! I have a fan club always comment on me clive ng !!! very cool !!! ting ting tong he can t make poop poop poopiii because his ass is very close he must put a BLACK dildo in his ass hole to go to the toilet after u said me that poop come into my dick u are in a cartoon man!!!N dildo dave your name said u are a sex toy !!!your dick is very small that any body man or woman can t feel any thing with that small coke u can t fuck man or woman!!!when u search u take in your face poop!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  18. Ting says:

    Hahaha Clive-clive have epic meltdown.

  19. clive ng says:

    fucking ting ting tong u are not a superior man JUST A MAN LIKE ANY ONE N MAKE POOP EVERY DAY!!!ting ting tong is one of my fan club!!!thank u to comment on me!!! HAHAHA !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  20. Ting says:

    You most welcome clive-clive. Ting enjoy comments on buffoons like you.

  21. clive ng says:

    KKKK ting ting tong agree he is my fan !!! u too have very buffoon comment n funny on that game!!!!ass hole ting ting tong!!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  22. Dildo Clive says:

    Clive ng (no genitalia) might be trying to be funny and refrains from using his favorite word which, of course, is poop. But he calls Ting an asshole for no reason. Seems he is totally preoccupied with anything pertaining to anal. So once again clive ng (no genitals) demonstrates that he is a butthole smeller.

  23. clive ng says:

    hahaha I have a reason to call ting ting tong ass hole n small dick dildo clive poop poop poopiii coke!!!fuck dildo clive comment n never comment in any model on that game hold em strip em poker LOOK U WILL SEE!!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  24. Ting says:

    Ting notice that latest comment by clive-clive just more reason to say butthole-smeller is best description of disgusting fellow.

  25. clive ng says:

    KICOU AM HERE!!!I fucking your notice man!!! when u search clive ng u take poop poop poopiii ting ting tong don t forget that!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  26. Ting says:

    Ting read right here that clive-clive not having genitals. Ting think clive-clive not ability to fuck Ting’s notice or anything period. Clive-clive just big windbag who like to follow men into bathroom and sniff toilet seats. Clive-clive really dirty butthole smeller. Nothing else next.

  27. clive ng says:

    kICKOU u ting ting tong!!! I poop on your comment!!! n nothing wrong when i smell toilet seats!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  28. Dildo Dave says:

    fucking dildo dave u take my name clive ng !!!ass break I shame of dildo dave he can t take his name to said n put a pantie on u pussy poop !!!u are my fan must copy me clive ng!!!thank u boy!!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  29. Dildo Dave says:

    I’ve been quiet for some time clive no-genitalia. But now you attack me for no reason. But now that I’m posting on here I will agree with Ting:
    ……You are a butthole smeller! He must have hit home with his comment about you sniffing toilet seats for kicks.

  30. clive ng says:

    I NOT RESPECT SMALL DICK dildo dave u are ass break n thank u dildo dave to take your name to said something !!! in the last comment u take my name clive ng n said smell toilet seat is good after u said don t attack small dick dildo dave n sex toy dave play the victim !!!I know that people he search n play the victim ass hole dildo dave don t play with me man I AM A MASTER MIND DON T FORGET THAT!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  31. Dildo Dave says:

    You are melting down again clive no-genitals. You are a master alright. Master sick freak. Smelling toilet seats is just plain over the top.

  32. clive ng says:

    small dick dildo dave ass poop u have a problem with me n jealous me !!!u are never comment on any model in that game hold em strip em poker always comment on me n woody!!!! ass poop dildo dave insult all player here !!! u are fool or sick mind man!!!JUST FOR ME U ARE A CLOWN AFTER U LOOK I SMELL TOILET SEAT GO TO SMELL THAT YOUR HEAD IS ILL MAN!!! hahaha!! always comment when small dick insult me I defense my comment any way!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  33. oldpnf says:

    I really like that last pic. Made the time worth while. Do I need to say I want an hour of licking that pussy followed up by and hour of sex with a balls deep cum shot? Surely not. That is a given.

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