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Jelena JensenUSA

Win rate: 76%

Amazing MILF Jelena Jensen enjoys nights spent at home cooking for her close friends that sometimes end with a raucous game of strip poker, which she doesn’t mind losing!

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Jelena Jensen 2 - hot poker girl
Jelena Jensen - hot poker girl


  1. Green Dragon says:


  2. Big Al says:

    Beautiful. we need more like Jelena in 2017 . thanks PC

  3. clive ng says:

    happy new year 2017 holdemstripem!!!middle player very wonderful nipples n lovely pussy hair top play

  4. Sensualover says:

    WoW ! She’s my dream !

  5. The two Mikes says:

    When he saw JJ Mike Oxbigg got really excited. He loves those big boob types. And JJ has a set of massive ones. So Oxbigg asked JJ to pose like in the third picture so he could slide his dick up and down on those tits. JJ squeezed them together for him Russian style and that felt so good that he just pumped away until he popped all over those tits. He loved the way his jizz dribbled down from her boobs and he watched some of it pool in her belly button.

    Next it was Mike La’Taurus turn and he liked the show that Oxbigg had put on, and so he picked right up where the other Mike had left off. He didn’t even bother with a cleanup first, and was quickly stroking away between those two huge globes. La’Taurus started taking longer and longer strokes and soon the tip of his pecker was poking JJ’s chin on the upstroke. When JJ realized what was poking her chin, she tilted her head down so that she could catch the upstrokes in her mouth. La’Taurus pretty quickly forgot about the titty fucking and just concentrated on skull-fucking JJ. It didn’t take long before he exploded into her mouth. JJ tried to swallow as much as she could, but there was just too much cum, and so it began dribbling down her chin and onto those already moist boobs. The cum eventually ran down to her nipples and then dripped off them and onto her stomach, adding more to the pool in her belly button.

    All three laughed at the scene, and named the belly button cum-pool “Lake Mikes”. And excellent time had by all once again.

  6. vainey says:

    So excited to see JJ here! First time, here’s to many more! Love her!

  7. Number99 says:

    If she doesn’t mind to be naked, she can cook naked. @ my place off course!

    Thanks PC

  8. Sue says:

    Now that’s a woman! Thanks PC and Happy New Year all! x

  9. CHARLE"S says:


  10. denny says:

    like to play her strip poker for real winner takes all love to do some titty fucking and fuck her pussy and give her a gallon of come

  11. Bas says:

    Wow, big tits don’t excite me as much as medium perky ones but I will make an exception in Jelina’s case, they do suit her body and long hair. I will repeat what Sue said, Jelina is a real woman and a head turner. Thanks PC

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