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Win rate: 73%
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Rating: 6.9/10 (116 votes cast)

Ukrainian babe Irene is a professional singer, but likes to play poker in her spare time. Which explains the sexy croupier outfit, which seems to mysteriously improve her win rate…

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Irene, 6.9 out of 10 based on 116 ratings
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  1. Green Dragon says:

    Тя е красива. Харесват ми снимки 5 и 6.

  2. clive ng says:

    top ladyyy n nice bodyyy!!!where is small dick Dildo Dave kkkk what is can do nothing in this low world!!! put your smallest dick in your bottle n play with it kkkk am 2rd!!!

  3. Dildo Dave says:


  4. Bas says:

    Wow what an opponent, beautiful, with lovely glasses, great body and tits. The last shot excited me so much, I don’t think I am going to sleep tonight. Thanks PC

  5. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We found Irene to be very nicely shaped. Starts out in those stockings and then turns to show her ass. 3rd frame she starts taking off the top and continues that to show her tits in the 4th frame. In the anti-penultimate shot she leaves nothing on but the stockings, but covers her goodies with her hands. In the finale she turns around again and squats down to offer some good old-fashion doggie. Both mikes wanted some of that, so flipped. Oxbigg won and inserted himself slowly because of his girth, but gradually increased his cadence until he was pounding away with his balls slapping her ass with each thrust. La’Taurus got tired of waiting so he positioned hisself on the other side and slipped his dick into her mouth. The mikes communicated how it was going and managed to cum simultaneously. All three then consumed some adult beverage before switching it up and going for anther round. Irene promised to offer another position when the mikes return. How about an encore PC? We loved her nice figure with that tiny waist.

  6. Isaac Chou says:

    I don’t think that was Dildo Dave posting above. His grammar is usually impeccable and 3st is certainly improper. It really looks like a post of clive ng, who is obviously using English as his second or third language. Also the Dildo Dave dude gives us all a bad time when we brag about which post number we have.

    Shame on you clive ng! You are disrupting this board worse than anyone. Learn when to shut your pie hole!

  7. clive ng says:

    what is your problem mr issac chou!!! he is not your problem u are not prefect when u are prefect u can talk to me!!! if he is me what u can do!!!small dick start to said bad thing on me !!!! i respect all play in this game !!! if u are no respect me issac chou i have no respect to u !!! u are cool am coolest fuck your shame hahaha!!!

  8. Lothario says:

    Good player and I like the intelligent looking type. Irene has a perfect smile with perfect teeth and breasts to die for, I would have like to see a better side view of her body. Nice hourglass figure and an ass to match. Thanks Pokerchick!

  9. Isaac Chou says:

    I was just pointing out the obvious Mr. Clive ng. You made a post and used another person’s name, and that is not cool.
    Also, Mr. Clive ng, I am perfect! Awesome is as awesome does, and that fits me absolutely. So, you see, it is perfectly okay for me to suggest to you to learn when to shut your pie hole. And now is the time! So just SYFPH! (shut your fucking pie hole)

  10. clive ng says:

    mr issac chou !!!small dick start to take my name clive ng he start to said bad thing on me!!!! if he is u what u make to shut he pie hole!!!

  11. clive ng says:

    mr issac chou looking the comment of small dick in anissa n ginebra!!!!

  12. Slaine says:

    Issac, YOU stfu. Unless you KNOW 100% who left that post, don’t go accusing others. Anyone can leave any fucking post. And besides, if you don’t like it, don’t fucking read it. Its NOT your board to tell others what they can or cant do. And I have seen PLENTY of other people (who are, I assume are American) leave posts and they cant or choose not to spell correctly and leave the messed up number list posting (1nd, 2rd, 3st etc.). Fucking Asshole.

  13. clive ng says:

    well said n thank u my friend slaine!!!! u are cool

  14. Dildo Dave says:

    After that perve, clive no good, left that post using my name I was happy to see sumbuddy else call him out for that. So I stayed silent. As for shit-for-branis Slainey, who posted using my name in the past, he needs to take his own advice, or, as Mr. Chou said it, “SYFPH”. That is an acronym for SHUT YOUR FUCKING PIE HOLE! no-good clive and Slainey can futtbuck each other to their hearts content since they ran woody off this board.

  15. Slaine says:

    Take your own fucking ADVICE, Dave. Since we BOTH know YOU have posted shit with MY name. So YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  16. clive ng says:

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  17. ''Michaela The Bitch'' says:

    After the great poker game where I won the sweet croupier Irena took a break and invited me to the rest room where we both fucked like crazy bitches.
    Thanks PC

  18. ''Michaela The Bitch'' says:

    Hey, you two Mike Oxbigg & Mike La’Taurus …
    – My Fluffy Pussy Is Still Waiting For You!!!

  19. Dildo Dave says:

    clive no good likes to go into bathrooms looking for a glory hole to put his tiny dick into. When he doesn’t find it, he peeks through the stall cracks. He trolls for cock. He is always willing to trade futtbucks. What a guy.

  20. clive ng says:

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  21. Dildo Dave says:

    no good clive presses the issue because he has been body shamed his whole life for his two and a half inch penis. Too bad and soooooo sad.

    May God bless!

  22. clive ng says:

    when u search u take small dick !!!!a demon like small dick dildo dave talking to GOD !!! now small dick dildo dave know GOD N GOD return to the world!!!i am happy if small dick dildo dave know GOD !!! please GOD make small dick dildo dave no said bad thing on everybody!!! me said that clive ng !!!AMEN

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