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Win rate: 73%

She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge. She studied sculpture at St. Martins College.
That’s where I, caught her eye.

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  1. clive ng says:

    u u u am first!!! the last photo she open her leg to see her wonderful pussy lips n lovely tits!!!hahaha nobody said i not beat that ladyyy inna!!!kicou am always here to troll little mike nothing is good 4 this man!!!cool little mike!!! hey small dick dildo dave am first /\ /\ /\ /\

  2. eman says:

    she told me that her dad was loaded…

  3. Bas says:

    Inna’s show starts with her video clip where she is showing her sexy body, exposes her boobs and plays with them, and not missing to shake her butt. Her Skimpy see through outfit can hardly hide her assets, and the string on the back can hardly cover her pussy. The video mesmerised me that I could hardly concentrate on the strip game. Inna is quite generous so on the first loss she confidently turns to show her backside where the black string struggle to cover her holes, very exciting indeed. The second loss made Inna a bit uneasy but she exposed her perfect breast boasting two rounded melons with clear areolas. I was all excited and ready for action. Inna’s frontal in photo 4 showed he perfect line of symmetry from the parting of her hair going all the way between her boobs, through her vertical navel. Photo 5 was not as generous as the earlier photos, I was hoping to he her pussy but her voluptuous breast was a good compromise. When Inna lost the game she took of her outfit and immediately wet her fingers ready to masturbate. I let her have a go first then I had to oblige with many positions until we both fell asleep.

    Well done PC.

    One comment for my friend Clive: “You proved you can play and come first so why do you want to continue fighting instead of describing how the great opponents play and strip, it will make us enjoy your writings much better than the verbal abuse you shed these days”. The same applies to all those who got dragged into bad mouthing each other. “write well and I promise to vote for who writes better, and if the other visitors do the same then we will know who gets the majority votes”. Regards.

  4. Ting says:

    If clive-clive win why he not see unusual happen in 3rd picture? Clearly shows, if magnify screen, that Inna has very small dick hanging from between legs. Ting say later pic photo shopped. Always though clive-clive interested in men who post her like Slaine-Slaine and the poopie one. Ting not liking dick showing in 3rd picture. Ting rate 1 because no zero. Ting say funny how Bas skip over dick-shot too. Hmmmnnn.

  5. clive ng says:

    hey u ting ting tong ring tong !!! Inna has a big pussy lips !!! look good put a glasses in your face of poop poop poopiii n ting ting tong to saw very well!!IF I INTERESTED WITH MAN what is your problem n make poop poop poopiii ting ting tong feel happy!!!WHAT NEXT

  6. clive ng says:

    thank u my friend bas well said !!! when ting ting tong search me he take poop poop poopiii in his ass!!!sorry 4 this my friend poopie!!!I must defense me to this guy ting ting tong the bell!!!this guy ting ting tong must respect me n i respect u ting ting tong pussy poop!!!hahaha

  7. Lothario says:

    WOW!!!! Amazing woman with one of the BEST bodies your website has shown us! Beautiful face, gorgeous big brown eyes and perky nipples on a couple of wonderful breasts. Flat tummy and a clit that has the puffiest pussy lips yet. You have really undone yourself with this beauty PokerChick!!! keep up the great job 🙂 and show us more of Inna.

  8. Poopie says:

    If anybody wants to know,,,,her full name is Inna Innaki

  9. Dildo Dave says:


  10. clive ng says:

    cool my friend poopie n thank !!! all your best!!!

  11. Dildo Dave says:

    You got in first place clive no-genitalia??? Good for you. And you had several followups. Does that mean you got some futtbucking done? Or are ya waiting for Slainey??? IS THAT WHAT IS NEXT???

  12. clive ng says:

    u too small dick dildo dave u followups me !!!hahaha small dick dildo dave are one of my best fan in hold em strip em poker !!!hahahaha thank small dick to congratulation me!!!I not said WHAT NEXT!!!!

  13. Dildo Dave says:

    He clive no-genitalia!!! You didn’t answer the question….. Didja get some good futtbucking? And did you give or receive??? And who was the subject of your amore??? ANSWER THAT NEXT!!!

  14. clive ng says:

    hey small dick dildo dave this is my private life !!!! i am not comment on this!!!small dick dildo dave love to futtbucking him in his ass hole!!!hahaha a good news 4 hold em strip em poker!!!

  15. Dr. Nguyen says:

    Clive has just admitted he is into anal, but does not want to share his romantic liaisons. And that is okay. But he has gone so far into his sicknesses that it is already to late now. He really needs intervention from his family.

  16. clive ng says:

    hey dr pussy poop nguyen what is your problem with me n fuck your comment IF i love this what problem !!!put a black dildo coke in your ass hole n feel wonderful this false dr nguyen is not a true dr he is a dick poop 4 me!!!
    he love a body fuck he in his ass !!! pussy poop false dr!!! dr nguyen u have not wife at your home n he must take a die person to fuck at your hospital that is good !!!hahaha my private is my private life!!!dr pussy poop respect my private life!!!OK

  17. Dildo Dave says:

    Hmmmnnn. So who gave you the futtbucking clive no-genitalia???

  18. clive ng says:

    well said my friend small dick dildo dave!!! this dr nguyen make love with dead person because he has not people to love !!! he love I have romantic liaisons with him n break his ass hole with my strong dick !!! the poor dr nguyen am so sad 4 him!!! thank u n cool my friend small dick to defense me!!!

  19. Dildo Dave says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  20. Dr. Nguyen says:

    Poor, poor Clive Ng. I have found that very often people with severe mental illnesses often accuse others of their own repetitive actions. This poor man has displayed symptoms of coprophilia, which is the fetish of playing with feces, particularly during sexual activity. Now he has made an accusation of necrophilia and I surmise that he is also deviant in his desire to have sex with corpses. It is also likely that he combines his coprophilia with his necrophilia.

    Mr. Clive!!! This is a very dangerous practice. And it is also most illegal. I must once again implore you to seek therapy to control you fetish urges lest you find yourself incarcerated. Or perhaps you already are??? That could explain your fixations on “poop” and “ass”. I wonder, have you been assaulted in the shower? Is that why you feel compelled to troll on here for anal sex???

    Yours is a very interesting case Mr. Clive Ng. I would be willing to offer you my services to you free of charge. I am a psychiatric therapist and feel I can help you. I would only ask that you allow me to publish your case study. Of course I would not use your real name.

  21. clive ng says:

    hahaha dr nguyen false dr pussy poop!!!if i need a doctor to help me i not look 4 u !!! go to sleep with dead people u have not girl at your home n make u feel good in the down world !!in the place u tired me put your dick in a hole !!!fucking dr nguyen!!!

  22. Dildo Dave says:

    This comment blog should be discontinue because it has become a have for people obsessed with defecation. It is called coprophilia. Clive no-genitals must have been molested as a child. Perhaps his father or an uncle anally raped him? At any rate his obsession is a sickness. It all started on here with clive no-genitals trolling for futtbucking. And I guess it worked. Slainey came on and professed his participation in this nasty fetish that is disgusting to normal people. And it is a dangerous practice as e coli is often present in feces.

    The worst sign that this board has become a coprophilia paradise is the entrance of a perve that calls himself “Poopie”. And clive no-genitalia loves this guy.

    It is disgusting. I will post on the current board one more time and then revert to older model pages to make my comments.

    It’s killing this site. Too bad and sooo sad!!!

  23. Poopie says:

    Dildo Dick,,,you are such a snorefest

  24. Dildo Dave says:

    Hey Poop! You are a piece of feces. Your name says it all.

  25. Poopie says:

    Yup…your mouth is moving, but nothing intelligent is coming out of it.

  26. clive ng says:

    If poopie love me n I love poopie what is your problem small dick dildo dave !!! small dick dildo n dr ass poop is the same person!!!!he change personality !!! i know the write of small dick n dr ass poop is the same writing shame of small dick dildo dave !!!hahaha u must take 2 or 3 personality to said something on me!!!ass hole small coke i have one eye on dr pussy poop n small dick don t forget this!!!/\ \/ /\ \/

  27. Dildo Dave says:

    I get it. clive no-genitalia loves Mr. or Ms. Poop in the biblical sense. And the Poopie one loves futtbucking ass poop clive no-genitalia. You two should get a room! Or maybe you could get PC to set you up for a photo shoot together. If she does, my question is who will wear the pants? And please don’t keep your one-eyed snake looking my way ’cause I don’t swing like that. If you are looking for a 3-some, Slainey should be your hole.

  28. clive ng says:

    hahaha small dick dildo dave are jealous the friendship of me n poopie!!! he has many personality in hold em strip em poker small dick is a mad mad one he is dr dick poop he fucking dead person another personality he is said futtbucking !!! he head dick is tired to fuck a lady n small dick must put a pantie in him to feel wonderful!!!/\ /\ /\ /\

  29. Dr. Nguyen says:

    Fetish clive mentions anal, necrophilia, and coprophilia in his last post. Poor, sick, sick, sick clive-clive.

  30. Ting says:

    Yessss! clive-clive is one sick puppy. Ting think clive-clive roll all weirdo stuff together. He be futtbucking dead person while rolling in shit! Ting say clive-clive very warped.

  31. clive ng says:

    yes am sick mind nobodyyy can change me said what we want I have always one eye on your comment !!!!KKKKK but am free n every lady I want I have yellow black white brown in this low world !!!when u search me dr dick poop n ting ting tong poop poop poopiii go to make poopiii in the toilet !!!u take dick poop n poopiii!!!sorry my friend poopie 4 thisss I always respect my friend poopie n nobody can break this friend ship in hold em strip em poker!!! thank strip em poker !!!I love to play thisss game!!!/\ \/ \/ /\

  32. Ting says:

    Clive-clive prove point. Dr. Nguyen right when diagnose as sicko. Ting think clive-clive more interested in Mr. Poopie than any lady. But Ting not consider Poopie may be woman. Ting also think clive-clive need to play with poop during sex to get off. Sad for clive-clive.

  33. clive ng says:

    hahaha said what u are want ting ting tong poop poop poopiii u cant make poop your ass hole is so close that he can make poop ting ting ting tong poop poop poopiii he must put a dildo in your ass to make poop n feel best in down world!!!WHAT NEXT FUCKING TING TING TONG POOP POOP POOPIIII!!!!\/ \/ \/ \/

  34. Ting says:

    Clive-clive is crazy psychopath. Why talk all time about poop?

  35. clive ng says:

    yes I am a psychopath but I free!!! ting ting tong the bell must afraid of me!!! search me n ting tong tong will see n I will come when u sleep in your dream !!! AH AH HA HA

  36. Dr. Nguyen says:

    Clive ng is what we call a “sexually perverted psychopath”. It is one thing to be kinky about a thing or two but clive ng has a gunny sack full of fetishes that are way outside the norm. According to the dildo fellow clive is into anal. He calls it “futtbucking” to be nice. Clive ng is also into necrophilia, which is sex with a corpse. He is also fascinated with feces and just because he calls it poop doesn’t change the fact that he is also a coprophiliac.

    What other fetishes does he delve into? Perhaps they all are related to the horror that the dildo guy talks about him having no genitals. Traumatic, for sure. Clive would be a great case study. One of these days he will step over the line and be put away. In a way he is the Jeffrey Epstein of this Hold’em Strip’em game blog. Does that mean he could be a candidate for suicide??? Could that be WHAT IS NEXT???

  37. clive ng says:

    Hey dr dick poop go to fucking a dead person not said we said u!!! u have not lady to make love it time to reach a wonderful babe after u look am suicide never I suicide dr dick poop go to suicide u n my lifetime is very wonderful I go all over the world !!! dr nguyen gay love am suicide in your dream look in your dirty ass hole am suicide dr dick poop
    go fuck dead man !!!not tired me in hold em strip em poker !!!what dr nguyen fucking dead dead people can do!!!nothing I always comment n I still here on hold em strip em poker!!! u search u take in this game!!!DON T FORGET THIS !!!THANK HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER I LOVE THIS SITE!!!

  38. Dildo Dave says:

    clive no-genitalia is just as the good doctor says. He is sexually perverted in so many ways. He certainly is the Jeffrey Epstein of this blog. He should have been banned from this board many models ago. And his little dog the poopie one too!

  39. clive ng says:

    kicou small dick dildo dave !!!!no bodyyy can banned me n poopie in hold em strip em poker !!! want don t want am here to troll ass break dildo dave!!!what u can do 4 this ass poop!!!dildo dave ass break is not the king of the world he just a little boy make attention on him poor small dick sex toy n he like become the king he just joker of the king!!!hahaha

  40. Oldpnf says:

    Gorgeous Teri Hatcher look-a-like with spectacular legs. I unloaded my nut sack pretending I was emptying them in her. Love the early teases on ass and pussy.

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