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Valeria 2 - hot poker girl
Valeria: 7.6/10
Marilyn - hot poker girl
Marilyn: 7.6/10
Sapphira - hot poker girl
Sapphira: 7.5/10
Kristina - hot poker girl
Kristina: 7.5/10
Gloria - hot poker girl
Gloria: 7.5/10
Dominika - hot poker girl
Dominika: 7.5/10
Rebecca 2 - hot poker girl
Rebecca: 7.5/10
Isizzu 2 - hot poker girl
Isizzu: 7.5/10
Lola - hot poker girl
Lola: 7.5/10


Win rate: 77%

Lovely World Peace enthusiast, Hilary, is back for more poker action. This peacemaker is certainly well blessed.

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Hilary 2 - hot poker girl
Hilary - hot poker girl


  1. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    She holds her mouth just like Hilary Clinton, but that is as far as the resemblance goes. In pic#2 she pops her boob out. Nice. Next, out comes the other one too. Then she follows up by turning sideways to show off her ample bottom. Yay. Next she goes nude but for the stockings but crosses her legs so you can’t see her pussy. In the finale she lays on her back and opens wide in a nice fucking position. Since La’Taurus has been out for awhile he went first and pounded away. Oxbigg took seconds and traded off between the two holes she offered in that pose, but finished by using her nice smile. Another good time had by all as Hilary invited us back for another round.

  2. Dildo Dave says:

    Finally someone posts who isn’t queued up to futtbuck woody. The two Mikes are the only real men that play on here. I also like the way they prove they won. By the way, it wasn’t me that pretended to post as woody on the Gisha game. I’ll just wait to see how woody is gonna bash me this time. He loves to talk about my asshole, and last time he wanted me to give him a golden shower. But I don’t swing that way. I’ll let the next one to post have that honor……who will it be? Hahahaha.

  3. Green Dragon says:

    Аз съм до содомизирам woody

  4. Bareto says:

    разпространяваш бузите си woody

  5. Green Dragon says:

    Харесват ми снимки 5 и 6. Коментар номер 3 не е мой някой си е сменил името и пише простотии.

  6. clive ng says:

    middle player!!!wonderful ass n lovely pussy i love this ladyyy top play thank u hold em strip em poker!!!

  7. Lothario says:

    Amazing sultry eyes that draw you in and enhance your deepest horniness! Good player with so-so bluffing ability. Love the puffy full vaginal lips on the final pic. Thanks Pokerchick!

  8. Bas says:

    It was difficult to figure out which of Hillary’s two appearances is better. She seams to have good photo shots in each. In the previous appearance I commented “erotic ass in photo 2, perky boobs in 4, and pussy lips in 5”, this time I am pleased to add incredibly erotic and curvy ass in photo 4.. Ooh La La and definitely “Yay” as the two Mikes put it.

  9. Woody says:

    Mods why does my hyperlink not work anymore, anyways fuck you all losers

  10. Mike Oxbigg says:

    Once again noting that last post was not by my friend woody. Not only does it not show as a hyperlink, my friend does not capitalize the W. Stop it already with the fake posts.

  11. Mike Oxbigg says:

    p.s. I am actually homosexual.

  12. Oldpnf says:

    If we are making comparisons she is closer to Melina rather than Hillary. Either way, I’m fucking this Hillary. Bill can have the other.

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