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Win rate: 74%

Ginny finally left Hogwarts without any qualifications, but she makes a magic maid…

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Ginebra 2 - hot poker girl
Ginebra - hot poker girl


  1. LEO037 says:


    Very nice but not as good as her previous set.

  2. Тигъра says:

    Лео 037 не е победил играта написал е коментар когато рейтинга и е 100%. Няма никаква информация за снимките.

  3. Тигъра says:

    Тя е красива. Снимки 4, 5 и 6 са по интересни от снимки 1, 2 и 3. Снимка 6 е много хубава.

  4. clive ng says:

    cool photooo n lovely ladyyy!!

  5. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Once again Ginebra is misnamed because she doesn’t wear a bra. She starts out in that little maid outfit then sits down and spreads her legs to show off those black panties. Then she drops her top to display those tits we enjoyed playing with the last time. Next it gets real interesting as she is sitting with no panties to flash her pussy. Then she squats, but covers her pussy with her duster, but the position is perfect for taking a quick titty-fuck. In the finale she contorts with her ass in the air with her head looking up through her legs. It is an ideal position to get some DATY while she sucks you off. Both mikes loved that position, but moved from her mouth to the other two holes she was showing off. The butthole was the tightest. When she saw it was us mikes, she didn’t bother to play with the dildo she had last time. Another fun time had by all.

  6. Dildo Dave says:

    I’m feeling bad for woody. Only Leo is lined up for the futtbucking. But then again, that Slainey dude hasn’t chimed in yet. That guy is a cornholing coprophiliac!

  7. Bas says:

    Ginebra continues to improve her game skill and show. She starts with an angelic smile that fades in the middle but recovers towards the end with a grand Monalisa smile. Perhaps we should call her Ginalisa. I agree with Tigura (Тигъра), all her photos are exciting and they get hotter as the photo session goes on. Thank you PC.

  8. ''Michaela The Bitch'' says:

     I have been masturbating for some time while I imagine the two big and thick fatty dicks of Mike Oxbigg and Mike La’Taurus fuck me at the same time …
     – Oh my gosh! I want to suck them both.
     “I wish they would cum in my deep throat

  9. Oldpnf says:

    Pic 1. The maid enters the royal library to dust ancient tomes and the king is there studying a map. Sorry sire! Didn’t know you were in here! Nonsense, the king replied. Complete your duties and feel free to relax a little.
    Pic 2. After dusting the room the maid sits on a desk in front of the king. She has been asking for a raise but the head maid would not hear of it. She seizes the opportunity and takes a chance. Spreading her legs in the chair she asks, not to speak before spoken to my Lord but do you like what you see? He takes a long sniff of her crotch. The fumes intoxicate him. Yes I do.
    Pic 3: She takes it a step further and slides her top down. Without asking the king grabs her tits and begins to suck on them. She grabs his head and pulls him in. Her perfect lips tempt him. He takes out his cock and she takes him in to the back of her throat.
    Pic 4: When he is wet he sits her back on the desk and rolls her to once side. The king plunges is cock into her pussy and begins to pump her sideways. He grabs her ass and sticks his thumb in her like a bowling ball. After a few minutes grunting and panting on her, the king pulls out his member and plunges it into her ass balls deep without resistance.
    Pic 5: The king lays down on the floor and Ginebra straddles him in a reverse cowgirl. She pumps her legs and grinds on him when she gets an idea. She grabs a feather duster and begins to dust the kings balls. It is more than he can take and he is about to cum.
    Pic 6: So he picks her spinner body up and flips her over on the ground and begins to brute fuck her ass. She starts rubbing her pussy knowing if she cums it will please him. It doesn’t take long because the feather duster had him overstimulated. He slams his cock down in her ass to the hilt and semen explodes into her anal cavity. She cums with him. “Should I clean you sire?” No. He said. “I want to smell you on me when I fuck the Queen tomorrow morning. You didn’t ask but yes, you can have the raise.”

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