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Eva ElfieRussia

Win rate: 75%

Eva Elfie is back, and this time it’s cosplay!

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  1. Dioniso says:

    First! Not very well!

  2. JohnSharks says:

    Showed her boobs
    Showed her bum
    Sword across boobs
    Showed her pussy in the end with her hair down

  3. clive ng says:

    3 rd !!!kicou am here cool photos n lovely pussy !!!/\ \/ /\ \/

  4. Sensualover says:

    easy and little cute

  5. Bas says:

    Young Eva looked quite elegant and mysterious in her pirate fancy dress of a bygone era. The dare devil rebel then made a marked entry ignoring the strippers code and showing her twat before her boobs. Showing her curvy assets in the third photo made me forgive Eva for showing little skin and too much black, however she soon took charge in photo 4 revealing all apart from her nipples. I guessed she was so horny and hot that she could not stand the burning nipples so she covered them with the cold metal of the sward. Photo 5 showed Eva’s tits in their full glory and what a beautiful pair they were. The little tease deprived us seeing her pussy between her squatted legs, I tried to get closer to have a peep but that threatening sward was well grading its owner. Eva appreciated our wait and suspense so she soon opened her pussy wide inviting Bas for the big prise.

  6. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Eva starts off as a one-eyed swashbuckling pirate. Or maybe for this comment board she would be a futtbuckling pirate?
    By the last two pics she loses the patch and everything else but the stockings and the sword.

    The mikes didn’t like playing with Eva while she had the long knife, so we passed until she shows a new costume

  7. The Hammer says:

    Hahaha! The two mikes got it right. Little boy clive is the futtbuckee.


  8. clive ng says:

    kicou am here!!!I am evil hammer ass hole he is my best fan on hold em strip em poker comment just on me that pussy poop!!!hahaha WHAT NEXT!!!!

  9. The Hammer says:


    You are just a nasty vicious little boy. You aren’t The Hammer.

  10. clive ng says:

    HAHAHA I know I am not evil hammer hole After all I don t like that name take it 4 u evil hammer ass hole never become intelligent in his lifetime !!! I am clive ng if am nasty vicious What evil hammer ass hole can do 4 that!!!hey evil hammer ass hole your mom is ready to fuck a man!!! I AM evil hammer ass hole!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  11. The Hammer says:

    You keep saying that you are the hammer and then you say you know that you are not. You are a crazy little nasty vicious little boy. Your small size and tiny brain makes you a buffoon.

    I AM THE HAMMER!!! And I am the hero that tells the truths on and about the nasty vicious little pervert boy clive ng(no-genitals).

  12. clive ng says:

    Kicou am here!!!! FUCK I am evil hammer ass hole !!!what hero evil hammer ass hole are !!!hero of pussy poop n what truth evil hammer ass hole said!!!I always wait the truth on me !!! pussy poop evil hammer ass hole!!! talk talk talk nothing new to said !!!hahaha u are the buffoon of hold em strip em poker kick on his head become intelligent evil hammer ass hole!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  13. The Hammer says:

    You claim again to be the hammer. You ARE the evil asshole. Mebbe you want me,THE HAMMER, to retell the truths on you? Your mental sickness brought on by being sodomized by so many of your family members when you were a kid. The trauma of the despicable abuse you suffered is no excuse for your outrageous rhetoric you spew here. Get some mental health treatment and shut your pie hole or hear all of the truths in their entirety.

    I am THE HAMMER!!! You are just a sick little pervert boy.

  14. clive ng says:

    Kicou am here nothing u can do 4 that I AM evil hammer ass hole never become intelligent that buffoon !!! I am tired to ear same thing on me !!!evil hammer ass hole give your ass in a bar of glory hole n take your ass break put it in a house of rat s to make u wonderful!!! IF I am sick little pervert what is your problem N I take money with ass hole evil hammer !!!when u search u take on your ass hole man !!! sad evil hammer ass hole n hero of pussy poop on that the game !!!! HAHAHA!!! FUCK EVIL hammer ass hole comment !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  15. The Hammer says:

    Little boy clive ng(no-genitals) keeps saying he is the hammer. He is very jealous of me and wishes he could be a hero. But he is just a miserable sicko. He is a very small person wise terrible inferiority complex. He is actually a big fan of me. And I AM THE HAMMER!!! He is a wannabe hammer but he is more like a gutless soft pillow. Too bad and so sad!!!

  16. clive ng says:

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  17. The Hammer says:


    Little boy clive ng(no-genitals) keeps saying he is “evil hammer ass hole “. He is an evil ass hole but he is not hammer.

    The little pervert boy clive just wants to be like me. Notice that he never comments on the models anymore but only tries to be me. He is a big fan of mine and he is so jealous of me. But he is incapable of being anything but a nasty vicious little boy. Too bad and so sad. May god bless!!!

  18. clive ng says:

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  19. The Hammer says:

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  20. The Hammer says:


  21. clive ng says:

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  22. The Hammer says:

    Poor little boy clive ng(no-genitals) mind is so decayed by the syphilis disease that he nonsensically praddles on about poop. He was sodmized so many times when he was a child by members of his own family and that’s how he got the syphilis disease. His little brain has rotted away and he thinks poop comes out of a pussy!!! Too bad and so sad!!!

  23. clive ng says:

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  24. Dildo Dave says:

    Hey Clive! Do you realize what a fool you sound like? Do yourself a favor and shut your f-ing pie hole.

  25. The Hammer says:


    That’s a good one Dildo Dave. But his brain is so screwed up from the effects of the syphilis that the little bastard can’t think straight.

  26. clive ng says:

    Kicou am here!!! stop hahaha u said same thing about me!!! evil hammer ass hole must take other guy small dick dildo dave to attack me n evil hammer ass hole laugh yellow he can defense himself from me never become intelligent that ass poop !!!this two guy must take motel room to suck each other a 69 position it s wonderful 4 this guy!!! evil hammer ass hole take a big black dildo to put in small dick dildo dave ass hole to make his wonderful !!!!small dick dildo dave put a hand in the ass hole evil hammer very cool to see that a 69 position !!! WHAT NEXT!!! /\ /\ /\ /\

  27. clive ng says:

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  28. The Hammer says:


    Clive Ng(no-genitals) is busy right now getting his fudge packed by his father, grandfather, and uncles one right after another!!! He likes it!!! And he doesn’t realize that is how he got infected with the syphilis because syphilis attacks the brain and brings on dementia. That is why he prattles on about nonsense like “pussy poop”.

  29. Dildo Dave says:

    Hahaha. The Hammer is hilarious. He has little boy clive pegged. “He likes having his fudge packed by his family”. Too funny for words.

  30. clive ng says:

    kicou am here that two guy must marry!!! fuck I am evil hammer ass hole !!!evil hammer ass hole fuck small dick dildo dave n small dick dildo dave fuck evil hammer ass hole !!!they love each other !!!hahaha evil hammer said same thing nothing new !!!he small head is very tired with me !!!hey small dick dildo dave can t fuck a woman because he has very little coke any woman can t feel any thing he name dildo dave small coke!! HAHAHA !WHAT NEXT

  31. Slobodon says:

    Wow I just read Clive’s rants. He really does sound like has lost his mind. He is incoherent. Dementia for sure. And he doesn’t comment on getting his own fudge packed. So the stories of him getting sodomized by his family members must be true.

  32. Ting says:

    Old proverb say, “He who talk poop have shit for brains”.

    Clive-Clive good example.

  33. clive ng says:

    Kicou I am evil hammer hammer n hammer on ur head!!! ting ting ting pussy poop ass break fuck my ass hole!!! small dick dildo dave open ur ass hole n me suck on your small coke!!!WHAT NEXT !!!

  34. clive ng says:

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  35. Ting says:

    Ting say again, “He who talk poop have shit for brains”.

    Old proverb perfect description for clive-clive.

  36. clive ng says:

    kicou am here !!!hey ting ting tong poop poop poopiii why I can said poop !!!all body make poop in that low world !!!hahaha ting ting tong ring bell are a robot he not make poop he metal poop !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  37. The Hammer says:


    Little pervert boy clive has turned into a moron. His case of syphilis continues to eat away at his brain. Mr. Ting is spot on!

  38. clive ng says:

    kicou am here evil hammer ass hole u said same thing !!! hahaha I still alive put any disease on me !!!GOD is on my side one thousand die on my right ten thousand on my left nothing can touch me because I am under the protect of GOD!! u evil hammer ass hole demon of hold em strip em poker put disease on me u will saw !!!GOD will give your family a disease !!!continue put disease on me man!!!WHAT NEXT !!!AMEN

  39. The Hammer says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha. The little pervert boy is sick mentally and physically. His “Amen” means the end is near for him.

    And remember, I AM THE HAMMER!!!

  40. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    I’ve been reading the comments about Clive‘s std and it’s effective on his cognitive abilities. Syphilis is an insidious disease that does attack the brain and over time will bring on dementia. But he has a greater danger now with the corona virus running rampant. He immune system is badly compromised and if he comes in contact with a carrier of the virus that would surely be quickly fatal.

    Clive you are kicou still here I urge you to shelter in place.

  41. clive ng says:

    laugh evil hammer ass hole !!!u will saw!!! fucking dr ass poop attack me !!!ok !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  42. Slobodon says:

    I wonder if Clive can pass on the corona virus to us with his comments on here?

  43. Nickelodeon says:

    It’s Neir: Automata’s 2B, not some sort of pirate.

  44. OldPNF says:

    YES! Cosplay! Tits and pussy flash on the SECOND pic! You know I like those painted nails! And Eva is just adorable and incredible. Last pic, I would draw and resheath my sword over and over until I grease the inside with a healthy dose of mineral oil.

  45. ''Michaela The Bitch'' says:

    Eva Elfie Can’t Stop Fucking Me!
    She Literally Tore Me From Hard Fucking!

    – $he Pu$h!ng
    – At The $ame T!me
    – In My T!ght A$$
    – My $moothly $haved
    – Fluffy Pu$$y
    – Her $cary Huge
    – Terribly Fat
    – Double Ninja Dick!!
    – $he Make$
    Me To
    – $cream
    – Helli$hly
    – My Pu$$y
    – $quirting
    – L!ke A
    – Founta!n

  46. ''Michaela The Bitch'' says:

    – When???
    – Will???
    – You???
    – Finally???
    – Fuck Me???

  47. Dildo Dave says:


    ¥ Never

    ¥ On

    ¥ The

    ¥ First !!!

    WHAT NEXT???

    ¥ Date

  48. Dildo Dave says:

    # N I have
    # No dick
    # To fuck
    # U
    # I have no feel
    # Because
    # MY dick
    # Is a plastic
    # How I fucking u!!!
    # michaela have not feeling with me

  49. HardLog says:

    What media player can we use to play your games. Since Flash Player isn’t available anymore

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