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Win rate: 74%

Secretly shy stunner, Eufrat is back for some more card-based fun. Has she improved her poker skills since her last appearance, or has she been working on some of her other talents?

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Eufrat 2 - hot poker girl
Eufrat - hot poker girl


  1. ak47 says:


  2. Oki says:

    thx pokerchic, pretty girl, that plays well!

  3. footguy says:

    thanks for the game pokerchick. pretty girl. good feet–cute lil toes. best so far. she got the “sexy toes” allotment for a couple of girls. wait…..except, of course, for viki. still looking forward to another barefoot viki. love the site!

  4. Rangers11 says:

    HI PC! I have an anomaly for you. Normal playing all is well and suddenly after the RIVER there is no betting options. I believe I was the big blind but not 100% on that. STARTING OVER!

  5. whooot says:

    Nice job Poker Chick, loved the thong, great shot, wish it lasted longer but super hot chick!!!

  6. Ironvein says:

    Thx for adding the random link 🙂

  7. bony habib says:


  8. pollo says:

    Real name?

  9. Bochor says:

    Eufrat yes she is the real name>>very nice pussy…

  10. pokerfiction says:

    I’m not a bad player, but this game is the biggist bullshit o the internet. Last card is allways on her side. Try to invent something more clever

  11. Boo Hoo says:

    Hey pokerfiction, suck it up sissy boy. Not only are you shit at poker, you are a whinger as well.

  12. dxkt says:

    this girl just keeps getting hotter and hotter!!!! what a great body for fucking lol good job pokerchick

  13. Will says:

    Need to show more feet on these women like this one, I like to jack off while I play cards and I love feet.

  14. B Rad says:

    She’s super sexy, not sure why she isn’t rated higher.

  15. Don says:

    Не удачные фотки

  16. Sue says:

    I agree with B Rad and dxkt – id share her vibrator

  17. amr says:

    At last!!!! I almost believed pokerfiction. When she plays all-in she always win the last card. But when you got her to her last $20, she has no option but start with an all-in and so I was able to beat her.

  18. mika says:

    I love you only eufrat Greetings from the lover of France

  19. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Put the vibrators away. Just go for that twat. I guess PC erased the comment about Oxbigg getting stuck in the fleshlite. Didn’t mean to hurt the business. It really is a great sex toy. Oxbigg is just too big, and instead of pulling out after he cums, he always basks in the afterglow of his “O”, and his cum dries like superglue.

  20. CHARLE"S says:


  21. clive ng says:

    middle player!!! lovely pussy n nice tits!!! she play well thank poker!!!

  22. steve mulveny says:

    Mmm… such a hottie, and the see through top is a great prop.
    I would like to see more see through outfits (I know there is already a lot – but too much is never enough)

    I would also (and this may be asking a lot) be able to control when the table gets cleared of the last hand so I can look at it longer – sometimes I cant always figure out why the result went one way or another in time before the cards disappear (yes I’m a noob poker player 🙂 – what better way to practise ehhhh!)

  23. Franti says:

    Perfect body! Eufrat is always one of my favourite girl!

  24. clive ng says:

    am still here and nothing small dick fruiti franti can do!!! why you not be like my good friend poopie!!! you not good player n not remember cards!!! take my big coke in your ass hole become smart!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  25. The Hammer says:

    I aThe Hammer and I have news about the little pervert boy clive. It seems that there is a new strain of gonorrhea. It is referred to as a super strain and one person to become infected is clive the turd’s uncle. He is one of multiple members of the ng clan to attain this miserable and debilitating malady. This infected uncle is known to sexually attack The Turd anally and has infected clive with this super gonorrhea by repeatedly sodomizing his nephew while not wearing a condom. Expect clive the turd to soon exhibit the telltale signs.

  26. clive ng says:

    HAHAHA evil hammer ass hole!!!! top story about me your mom is fine she still on the paths 4 some money n get a bottle of whisky to your dad !!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  27. The Hammer says:

    Little boy clive ng is the turd. He still can’t communicate in English. Dildo Dave already told the story on him. His last name isn’t Ng. The NG stands for no genitals. But that doesn’t stop his own family members from sodomizing him. Even his mother and grandmother are in on the fun; sodomizing him with a broomstick and then pulling it out then jamming the poop covered broomstick into his mouth and deep down his throat. That kind of abuse turned him out as a fan of poop. He can’t stop talking about it. He is a true coprophiliac. And now his uncle has infected him with the horrible strain of gonnorhea.

  28. The Hammer says:

    By the by…..


  29. clive ng says:

    evil hammer ass hole understand me it ok 4 ME!!!!never become intelligent in his lifetime hahaha nail jesus it your work hammer hammer hammer knock on ass hole make u wonderful!!!HAHAHA am back to kick your ass evil hammer ass break WHAT NEXT!!!!

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