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Ellie LeenRussia

Win rate: 74%

Ellie Leen is a bunny girl, in a bunny world.
Eggs in baskets, it’s fantastic!

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  1. Green Dragon says:

    Тя е красива. Харесват ми снимки 5 и 6.

  2. Green Dildo says:

    Congrats to my green brother for winning. You are the king of the house.

  3. clive ng says:

    hahaha I am 3rd !!! I BEAT THAT GIRL IN 5 MINUTES in the last photo elie leen close her eyes lay on her back n she play her wonderful pussy with her right hand!!! cool photo!!! I love that game I am in holiday but here on hold em strip em poker!!! when a body search me I always comment don t forget that!!! /\ /\ /\ /\ WHAT NEXT!!!

  4. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We liked the third frame best where Eileen was showing off her fat ass.

  5. nutthouse says:

    Great lady PokerChick

  6. The Hammer says:

    Something I’ve noted is very suspicious of the two of the most prolific posters on here. Consider this:

    –How does little boy clive ng KNOW that Dildo Dave has a small dick?
    –And how does Dildo Dave KNOW that little boy clive ng has no genitals?

    Think about those two facts! The most plausible explanation is that those two have a broken relationship and they also have past carnal knowledge of one another.

  7. clive ng says:

    hey hammer hammer hammer kick on your head u will saw if I have no genital !!!hahaha not tired your small mind !!!hammer hammer hammer knock on your head become intelligent!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  8. The Hammer says:

    Hey!!! Little boy clive!!!
    You could answer the questions if you dare. So tell us how you know that Dildo Dave character has a small dick? Have seen it??? Or have you done things with it??? And why do you talk in code about your last name??? Anybody can figure out that “ng” stands for “no genitals”. You are always trolling on here and it seems Dildo Dave hooked up with ya.

  9. Bas says:

    Ellie is a dream opponent, she has a perfect body, she is sexy, and all her photos are exciting but 5 and 6 are definitely the most erotic.

  10. clive ng says:

    hahaha I am not in school to answer your question !!!why I answer your question of fool!!! hammer hammer hammer knock on your head to become intelligent n not said question of idiot !!! not tired your head with me !!! I am well good health cool mind don t forget my DICK IS HARD to fuck any girls in the planet!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  11. The Hammer says:

    Now, now, now little boy clive. Calm down. You are having another meltdown. It’s pretty obvious that you and that Dildo Dave character have some history together. I only asked the rhetorical questions of the two of you to bring it out more into the open on here so that you would both stop going back and forth on here. Your banter has messed up this fine game for everyone.

    So I’ll just have to put the question to Dildo Dave directly:
    “What is this secret you two guys share that you know so much about each other’s anatomy and why do you continue to subject the rest of us to your personal drama?”

  12. Dildo Dave says:

    I can only answer part of your question Hammer. I got tired of little boy clive always jumping in to comment and only to say the he was in some contest to comment first. It seemed he never made any comments about the game other than “top player” or some nonsense. I was not the only one that got tired of his little game. So I asked if he was lining up trolling victims on here for futtbucking. It grew from there and he started calling me small dick, which is just his juvenile response to my jibes. We have never met. So I responded by suggesting his last name “ng” was just his initials for “no-good”. He kept up with his calling me small dick. He also called the fine poster, Mike Oxbigg, “little mike”. I think it was that Mike that blasted him for his “me first” obsession. The no-good tag morphed into no-genitals. So it was actually little boy clive that named himself. You were right in suggesting that his ng name was his code for no-genitals, which could be a slang troll for offering himself by trolling on here for cock. But his English is so poor that most of what is said on here goes over his head. He should go back to school so he could answer your question above. He needs to take a class in English, or he should use whatever language is his native tongue.

    Short answer to your question is we don’t know each other. We obviously annoy one another though.

  13. clive ng says:

    hahaha IF I have not mind n I write bad english but I play hold em strip em poker always!!! small dick sex toy n hammer hammer hammer kick on your head become intelligent!!! understand IT OK !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  14. The Hammer says:

    So little boy clive no-genitals is just a big blowhard. I never liked little guys with inferiority complexes that try to make up for their small stature by bullying online. The little twerp is probably making up stories about his poker abilities. And he probably has to pay women for their favors too. Women detest little guys like little boy clive little boys like that have small dicks and never score with women except fugly ones. I guess I sort of feel sorry for the little bastard.

  15. clive ng says:

    stop stop stop stop hahaha hammer hammer hammer become intelligent u think I am little n I must to pay a woman to make love !!! I enjoy many girls in my bed!!! yes yes yes I am inferiority like hammer hammer hammer u must knock on your head to become intelligent!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  16. Mike Oxbigg says:

    Message to Clive:
    You are embarrassing yourself. Take a break and just shut up for awhile. You are just making yourself look the fool.

  17. clive ng says:

    kicou am here!!!!hahaha all body can comment on that game !!! NOT LITTLE MIKE TO SAID ME NOT COMMENT HERE I FUCK your comment little mike IF u don t like my comment don t read it man!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  18. Mike and Oxbigg says:

    Another memo to Clive:
    No reason to be so nasty. I was only trying to give you feedback. You don’t realize you look like a complete fool with your comments on here. However, if you don’t want to even consider my constructive comments then I can only suggest you take your own advice and don’t read my comments or any other comments. I won’t waste my time trying to show you how to be effective in your English language. But my final suggestion is that you really need to keep your tater trap closed. You just come across as a dummy.

  19. clive ng says:

    hahaha am always comment on hold em strip em poker nobody can change that even little mike!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  20. Dildo Dave says:

    Nice try Oxbigg. But little boy clive ng(no-genitals) could really now be known as little boy clive ng(no-genitals) the fool.

  21. clive ng says:

    hahaha !!!!

  22. The Hammer says:

    I’ll just refer to him as the butthole smeller. He is a sad sack of s*it.

  23. clive ng says:

    kicou am here I piss on your comment hammer hammer hammer I KICK ON YOURS ASS HOLE !!!I always comment here nobody change that become intelligent hammer hammer hammer ass break when hammer search me I defense my comment!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  24. The Hammer says:

    Oh look!!! The little boy clive ng(no-genitals) with his stubby little dick just pissed on hisself! Every time he tries to comment the same thing happens again. Whenever he gets flustered that happens. Or worse he poops his pants. He really is just a sick little boy. And when he opens his pie hole the same thing happens again and he gets embarrassed by The Hammer. Hahahaha.

  25. clive ng says:

    kicou am here don t forget that hammer hammer hammer become intelligent man!!!years after years I play hold em strip em poker!!! said what hammer want or not me I PLAY n comment nothing u can do !!!hahaha!!! I am in holiday THE HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER KNOCK ON YOUR HEAD BECOME INTELLIGENT I CAN COMMENT MANY TIME A DAY!!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  26. The Hammer says:

    Little boy clive ng(no-genitals) is the fool again. He must be feeble-minded.

  27. clive ng says:

    yes am crazy n also a master mind on hold em strip em poker!!!! ass poop hammer hammer hammer knock on your head become intelligent!!! don t understand me when u search me am always here to comment ass break hahaha !!!WHAT NEXT

  28. The Hammerr says:

    Hahaha. Never said Little Boy clive ng(no-genitals) was crazy, though that just may be true. I said “feeble minded”, which precludes being a master of his own mind. And keep in that feeble mind of yours, little boy, that I am The Hammer! And I can comment on you anytime I want, as often as I want, and even if you don’t want me to. Not a thing you can do about that. Heh-heh-heh.

  29. clive ng says:

    kicou I know nothing I can do but U TOO !!!!hammer u again n again !!! said what hammer hammer hammer want on me !!!I not tired my head with u !!! I LOVE N PLAY THAT GAME HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER NOBODY CAN CHANGE THAT N ALWAYS COMMENT !!! hammer hammer hammer I KICK ON YOUR ASS HOLE THEN U BECOME INTELLIGENT

  30. The Hammer says:

    Little boy clive ng(no-genitals) just cannot stop the drivel from spewing from his mouth. He must eat grunt. And I am here to hammer and hammer that point home every time he continues. I get to do that anytime I want as often as I want and even if the little twerp doesn’t want me to. Nothing little boy clive can do about it. I laugh in his face.

  31. clive ng says:

    hahaha love to play this game !!!play hammer hammer hammer knock on your head u become intelligent !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  32. The Hammer says:

    Sick little boy clive ng(no-genitals) finally posted without referring to poop. I can always return comments on the little boy and there is nothing that he can do about it

  33. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    Yes Hammer, it could be that this Clive character might be realizing his problems. But his incessant posting last on every board shows he is obsessive-compulsive. But I believe there is a deeper root to his problems. I discussed his case with several of my colleagues and one pointed out that his obsession with the anal could be completely explained if he was abused as a child; specifically it could well be that he was sodomized often over his early years. Many cases like this are perpetrated by a family member. He so often talkes about poop, be it ass poop, pussy poop, or just poop poop poopie. And he uses the word “ass” excessively too, as in ass break, kicking in the ass, It might also be very telling that he often says he wants to piss on a comment which infers that he might have been victimized with golden showers while he was sodomized as a child. He might be the worst case I have ever encountered showing the effects of a lifetime of sexual abuse. I wonder if he was used by his father or an uncle? It could even have been his mother and/or his grandmother who sodomized him with a shoe, a boot, or any number of articles. He is a very sick fellow and probably deserves our empathy. But the way he attacks everyone on here makes it difficult to forgive his insane actions.

  34. clive ng says:

    hahaha ass break dr nguyen u don t know me shut your mouth !!!!very beautiful story but NOT TRUEEE!!!think what dr ass poop want !!!not tired your head dr asshole with me dr become mad !!! u look my family sodomized me !!!u are mad dr ass break nguyen !!! WHY I NOT GO TO THE POLICE TO MAKE A CASE!!! AFTER NOT TIRED MY HEAD WITH dr madness nguyen!!! AM HERE TO PLAY N COMMENT !!!!WHAT NEXT!!!!

  35. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    Yes,yes Clive. I’m happy that you can acknowledge that your family members sodomized you as a child. And it is okay that you didn’t report it to the police. That is perfectly normal for you to think that you were to blame in some way. That often happens when children like you were sodomized by family members over and over again. And that is also why you are so hung up on the anal. But your case is be extreme so it makes me wonder if they gave you Cleveland Steamers too. Did you have to participate in golden showers too?

    Again, I know a professional therapist in Kyoto that could help you get your mind straightened out. I have spoken to her about your case and she is willing to offer you a free consultation. I know that you are scarred for life from the sexual abuse inflicted upon you and she is be sympathetic. She is also well connected to law enforcement if you want to report the abuse you have suffered. Just let me know and I’ll set you up.

    Your good friend,
    Dr. You Nguyen

  36. The Hammer says:

    I am The Hammer!!! It’s too bad little boy clive ng(no-genitals) got abused like that. But he needs to get some help. Otherwise he will just continue to be a sick butthole smeller.

  37. clive ng says:

    hahaha kicou am here false dr ass poop nguyen become mad he said nonsense go to see faster a dr your head was ill with me !!! I am not sexual abuse with member of my family !!! false dr ass poop nguyen don t know me don t comment anything on me!!! I am very happy in my lifetime not said false story on me!!! ass break dr nguyen !!! everybody know u are hammer !!!hammer hammer hammer kick on your head not become mad like dr pussy poop nguyen!!!WHAT NEXT!!!! /\ \/ /\ \/

  38. The Hammer says:

    Hey little boy clive ng(no-genitals)!
    Don’t be disrespecting a fine doc that is trying to help you through the trauma of being sodomized through your childhood. It’s obvious that someone in your family ruined you in so many ways with the abuse suffered upon you. But it still means you are a nasty vicious person at this stage of your miserable life your constant talk of ass break, ass poop and sick stuff like that makes you an obnoxious pervert and arguably just as awful a person as your father or your mother or your grandma. Or was it an uncle?

    Your family history of sexual deviants has obviously left you scarred for life. I hope you never have any kids because you are sure sodomize them to since we have all seen what a screwed up person you are. I hope it’s true that you have been completely castrated so that you won’t pass down your perversion to another generation and ruin more children with your evil and vile ways.

  39. clive ng says:

    HAHAHA I not PUT YOUR FAMILY IN THAT GAME IF I SAID FUCK YOUR MOM IT OK!!!ASS POOP HAMMER u search me again n again!!!hammer hammer hammer u are not a true male u must put my family on hold em strip em poker!!!put a pantie on u man!!! shame on hammer hammer hammer I kick on your ass hole become intelligent !!! FUCK YOUR MOM N SISTERS FUCKING HAMMER MADNESS !!!WHAT NEXT

  40. The Hammer says:

    Once again little boy clive ng(no-genitals) shows how sick he is. He must seek help for his mental illness and moral depravity. If he refuses one day soon he will be jailed when he steps over the line in public. I guess only then will he be given the care he obviously needs so desperately.

  41. Ting says:

    Ting now see sad story of Clive-Clive. Ting not surprised to hear that Clive-Clive is bad boy because abuse from own family made it so. Old proverb say, “Apple not fall far from tree”. Ting say bad apple fall from rotting tree. Clive-Clive bad rotten apple.

  42. The Hammer says:

    Well said Mr. Ting .

  43. clive ng says:

    hahaha said what hammer hammer hammer become intelligent n ting ting tong the ring bell want!!! I stay N play on hold em strip em poker they said bad thing on me n my family I not put any family in that game talk!!!after I fuck hammer hammer hammer n ting ting tong comment!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  44. The Hammer says:

    It was the good doctor who figured out about you being sodomized as a child. Then you little boy clive ng(no-genitals) attacked him and I, The Hammer, came to his defense. I can post anything I want as often as I want and there is nothing you can do about it. You are a sick little boy and just because you got sodomized when you were younger doesn’t give you a pass. Every time you attack me or the nice doctor that is just trying to help you I’ll be here to defend. And don’t say,”WHAT NEXT”.

  45. clive ng says:

    me too I can said every thing here don t forget that !!! I know what kind of people hammer attack me n play the victim here become intelligent!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  46. The Hammer says:

    The little pervert boy has a sad story about him being sodomized by family as a youth. But it is hard to feel sorry for an admitted butthole smeller

  47. clive ng says:

    hahaha said what hammer want all body know is not true!!!ass poop hammer hammer hammer knock on your head become intelligent !!!hammer hammer hammer want a hard dick in his ass hole n break his ass!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  48. The Hammer says:

    Little boy clive ng(no-genitals) talks like that because when he was a child his father used to sodomize him daily. So little boy clive thinks that is normal. And his mother and grandmother use to shove objects up his asshole That’s why he turned into such a sick pervert. To little boy clive sodomy is just his normal every day fun.

  49. clive ng says:

    hahaha very funny your story!!! u insult me again n again I have nothing to lost HAMMER love to play I PLAY THAT GAME hammer hammer hammer asshole take your hand put it in your dirty asshole become happy !!! I FUCK ALL YOUR FAMILY !!!FIRST I FUCK YOUR WIFE I PUT A DILDO IN HER ASS HOLE N SHE CRY NOTHING HAMMER HAMMER CAN DO u said me stop!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  50. The Hammer says:

    Little boy clive once again shows what a sicko he is. He talks about sodomizing like it just his normal everyday thing. He is mentally unstable and sick. He really should try that doctor’s suggestion and seek help.

  51. clive ng says:

    yes yes yes am sicko HAHAHA !!!hammer hammer hammer knock on your head become intelligent when u search N insult me I always comment on hammer!!! u love to play that game of insult n said me am sicko I MUST GIVE U A FLOWER or ASSHOLE WHEN U INSULT ME!!!to meditate on that !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  52. The Hammer says:

    Little pervert boy clive ng(no-genitals) is pitiable. But little boy clive has showed us that he is into forced buggery. I guess it is a long term family trait. Perhaps a clergyman or clergywoman could step up and counsel him if he has any religion at all.

    Now I can see what that Dave dude was referring to when he talked about little boy’s futtbucking.

  53. Dildo Dave says:

    It appears that The Hammer has supplanted me as the voice of reason. That is fine with me because I believe that the time had come to get down to clive’s level and that would be very difficult for me. So my thanks and approval to and for The Hammer.

  54. clive ng says:

    hahaha kicou am here !!! when any body search n insult me I always here to comment n defense me from that guy!!! it is my religion !!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  55. The Hammer says:

    Little boy clive’s region is his family secret of sodomizing their own youth. Sexual deviants all of them

  56. The Hammer says:

    I am the Hammer!!! I don’t search morons here. But when a butthole smeller keeps posting on here I can post too. I will post what I want and whenever want and as often as I want and even if the smeller doesn’t want me to. Hahaha.

  57. The Hammer says:

    And there is nothing he can do about it. Heh-heh-heh.

  58. clive ng says:

    hahaha every people know u are the hammer your name said that hammer asshole!!!! hammer hammer hammer ass hole kick on your head n your head is tired with me !!!I AM COOL N RELAX on hold em strip em poker nothing can do hammer hammer hammer your work to nail down jesus !!!shame on the hammer 3 time u said me to comment!!!fuck your comment one two three time!!! KKKK !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  59. The Hammer says:

    Little boy clive is just a small boy but he is a sick one. He is morally dead and long since rejected by nature.

  60. clive ng says:

    KKKK yes yes yes am sick just 4 u hammer hammer hammer knock on the nail down jesus IT S your work !!!! DON T FORGET always here still here forever here just 4 hammer hammer hammer I kick on his ass hole n become intelligent on hold em strip em poker!!!!why I rejected by nature am here to comment n I am alive !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  61. The Hammer says:

    Poor little boy clive ng(no-genitals) was cornholed daily be his family. He would bend over and his relatives would take turns sodomizing him. The abuse caused big trauma.

  62. The Hammer says:

    Did clive ng(no-genitals) get a jar of KY jelly from his grandma last Xmas???

  63. clive ng says:

    kicou am still here always here nothing the hammer can do for that hahaha hammer asshole hammer asshole hammer asshole his head is tired with me go to holiday n put a dildo in your ass make u happy!!! when u search me hammer hammer hammer take on his face of poop !!! second fucking hammer s sister !!!my big dick enter yours sister s tiny pussy n she love it !!!she said me don t stop to make love !!!hammer hammer hammer knock on the nail down jesus it s your work !!!shame on hammer 2 time u said me to comment !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  64. The Hammer says:

    Go ahead little boy clive. Spew your sick obsession with poop. You look like a total freak. You aren’t just a diminutive person in stature and in mind. You are just a sick little pervert boy. I am The Hammer!!! And I will continue to expose you for the pervert you are!!! There is nothing that you can do that. Each time you open your foul pie hole I will be here to sing the song of your depravity. I will keep doing that any time I want and as often as I want and there is nothing you can do to stop me. It’s like I hold you over a pit like the spider until you hold up your sinner hands admit your sickness and promise to repent.

    May God strike you down for invoking Jesus name. Amen.

  65. clive ng says:

    hahaha always u said u are the hammer every body know that become intelligent in the low world yes u are the hammer ass break n what!!! IF MERIT THAT A PAY FOR THAT !!! HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER INSULT ME N WHEN I COMMENT HE CRY N SAID ME GO AHEAD STOP INSULT ME MAN I STOP !!! I always comment nothing u can do to stop me hammer hammer hammer think he is strong to comment on me !!!hammer hammer hammer stay an ass hole still a dick poop always a pussy poop !!!when u stop I STOP !!!ME TOO AM SICK MIND DON T FORGET!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  66. The Hammer says:

    That Little boy clive the pervert is so messed w. Now he wants to call this exchange off because his family obsession with poop and sodomy has become the main talking point. His is the family of sodomists and coprophilia. But that has nothing to do with me. This guy calls others out for his own discretions. I will be here until the end of time. So shut your filthy pie hole.

  67. The Hammer says:

    I am The Hammer!!! I am here for duration!! I will never stop attacking shit for brains clive.

  68. clive ng says:

    kicou am here!!! all body know u are the hammer ass hole hammer ass hole hammer hole n what !!! kick on your ass become intelligent !!!me too always here want don t want am HERE !!! hammer hammer hammer become intelligent !!! your family is not perfect n your mom give her ass on the road n have many man to fuck hammer mom s don t have a dad because when hammer hammer hammer birth her mom is fucking to many man dick s in her pussy hole!!! hammer mom s love many dick one in her mouth another in her pussy 3rd is in her ass hole she love enjoy coke !!!!people paid to fuck mom hammer s!!! hammer said me to comment 2 time me one time is ok 4 me !!!KKKK!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  69. The Hammer says:

    I am The Hammer!!!

    Each time that little boy pervert clive comments on here he proves what a degenerate he is. Probably started being the perve because so many of his family used him sexually. Too bad and so sad.

  70. Ting says:

    Clive-clive never learn keep mouth closed. Ting think to finish this battle with Hammer clive-clive need stop stop. Clive-clive look like big fool to whole world and stories about his abuse by family just go on and on.

  71. The Hammer says:

    Little boy clive ng(no-genitals) cannot keep his pie hole shut because he is used to squealing as his grandmother shoves a broom handle deep up his ass. She punishes him for letting his father and uncle to take turns futtbucking him.

  72. The Hammer says:

    And remember that I am The Hammer!!! I can and will tell the sick truth on the little boy.

  73. clive ng says:

    KICOU AM HERE I am hammer hahaha I KNOW U ARE HAMMER ASS HOLE HAHAHA !!! hammer hammer hammer keep cool n calm l !!!! the battle of comment he is just start not finish !!! hammer hammer hammer dad s sold woman on the street to have his bottle of whiski!!!!hammer hammer hammer the battle of comment he just start become intelligent!!!fucking that ass break hammer hammer hammer nothing u can do apart talking bad thing n what on me!!!!shut your pussy hole ting ting tong the bell!!! people said bad thing to other he is himself!!!! WHEN A BODY SEARCH ME HE TAKE ALWAYS IN HIS ASS HOLE !!!! IT s MY RELIGION don t afraid to said that !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  74. The Hammer says:

    I am The Hammer!!!

    I pound out the truth about little pervert boy. It is sad and too bad about Clive being sexually abused as a child by being buggered by many ways by many in his own family. But those experiences have resulted in him being a moral imbecile. He is a danger to society and so he is long since rejected by nature.

    It’s a great thing that deep thinkers like Mr. Ting see the truth about this WACKY BOY little sick clive. But it is paramount that the whole world see and know the truth!!! So I’ll hammer out a warning and shout it out to the rooftops!!!

    People like this clive who was molested by sodomy by three generations of his own family need to be institutionalized because he represents a clear and present danger to society. And if he cannot be rehabilitated he should undergo a complete lobotomy. It is the only way to save others from falling victim to such a self perpetuating evil!!!

  75. clive ng says:

    hahaha when u said I am hammer u are strong pussy poop hammer HAHAHA N I know u are the hammer become intelligent man !!! KEEP CALM hammer hammer hammer think he is in a story but u are in reality man!!! hammer s sisters love pet to fuck her n very dirty family hammer have !!!me stay CLIVE NG anyway when u search me I always comment on the hammer ass hole !!!hammer hammer hammer knock nail down jesus it your work!!! I SEE MANY THING IN MY LIFETIME DON T AFRAID THE HAMMER ASS HOLE !!!TALK TALK TALK AM HERE TO COMMENT !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  76. The Hammer says:

    WACKY LITTLE BOY clive ng(no-genitals) is having another meltdown. He is always trying to dream up new perversions to try. Now it sounds like he is having his dog do him. Sick,sick,sick

    Remember that I am The Hammer!!! I will always hammer out the sordid details about the disgusting life of little boy clive. THAT IS ALWAYS WHAT IS NEXT!!! So little boy clive need not ask that again

  77. clive ng says:

    TALK TALK TALK AM HERE KICOU !!!hahaha I am the hammer ass hole !!!! hey u hammer hammer hammer nail down jesus it your work n u are not strong here hammer just a ass break n love to comment on me !!!u know that
    u are my famous fans!!!hammer hammer hammer ass break comment am always here nothing hammer hammer hammer can do become intelligent !!!I LOVE PLAY HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER NOBODY CAN CHANGE THAT!!! I think hammer hammer hammer like a hard dick come into his ass n love suck coke in the low world it wonderful 4 him!!! DON T SEARCH ME I ALWAYS HERE TO COMMENT ON HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER!!! WHAT NEXT!!!!

  78. The Hammer says:

    U R that little boy pervert!!!

    I am The Hammer!!!

    I can see that the facts about you and your sadistic family. I’ve detailed some of the sordid details but for now I’ll just plead with your sad soul to reach out for some help. Please check yourself in at a local clinic

    May God bless.

  79. clive ng says:

    KEEP CALM N kicou am here!!! THANK u hammer hammer hammer to take care 4 me n hammer is famous fans just before small dick dildo dave !!! I know GOD LOVE ALL PEOPLE IN THE PLANET!!! but hammer hammer knock on your head become intelligent all body know that!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  80. The Hammer says:

    The deviancy of little boy clive ng(no-genitals) is a sordid take. His abuse at started at the hands of his paternal grandma who the family referred to as “Broom-Hilda” for her penchant for bending little boy clive over and yanking his pants down and then ramming her broom handle deep into and inside clive until he cried out in pain and terror. Now clive abuses others in the same way.

  81. clive ng says:

    KEEP CALM N COOL ass hole hammer hahaha talk talk talk top story but not true !!!am here nothing hammer ass hole can do!!!ho ho ho happy christ masss!!! all my fans !!! I see your comment tomorrow !!!it s time to christ masss!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  82. Dildo Dave says:

    It will be another sad Christmas for little clive. He is castrated so the only sex he can get is to be futtbucked, which is okay because that is his favorite.

  83. The Hammer says:

    Dumb-dumb clive is no Christian. The little fool can’t even spell Christmas. The little dude is nothing more than a twerp that couldn’t lift ten pounds if he had to. He caught genital warts when his grandfather sodomized him.

  84. clive ng says:

    hey hammer hammer hammer I kick on ASS HOLE!!!said said what hammer want I ALWAYS COMMENT HERE!!!people said bad thing to other he is himself!!!hammer hammer hammer your grandfather is sodomized u man n grand mother fuck u with a dildo hammer nothing can do 4 that !!! hammer hammer hammer nail down jesus IT YOUR WORK OF EVIL !!!BREAK ASS EVEN CHRIST MASSS THE BATTLE OF INSULT ARE NOT FINISH !!!SHAME ON HAMMER U ARE NOT RESPECT CHRIST MASS!!!GOD HAVE ONE EYE ON THE HAMMER !!!I NOT AFRAID OF ANY BODY HERE !!!GOD IS ONE N ONLY CAN JUDGE ME not an ass break like the hammer !!!I KNOW MY POWER ON HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER !!! I LEAVE GOD JUDGE THE HAMMER BRAKE ASS!!!HEY U SMALL DICK DILDO DAVE I HAVE A HAPPY CHRIST MASSS !!!hahaha

  85. The Hammer says:

    Little boy clive ng(no-genitals) is judged by his perverted mind and his name. Little boy clive is sick like his relative Charles Ng. Little boy clive will end up in prison just like Charles Ng. Search both of the Ng psychos. Hahaha.

  86. clive ng says:

    hahaha AM FREE NOBODY CAN CHANGE THAT !!!hammer hammer hammer knock on your head!!!YOUR HEAD is very tired with me !!! u go into prison n in the prison all body put his coke in the mouth of hammer hammer hammer he like that he said once more n very good hammer love that don t stop go head man!!!!ALWAYS I HAVE ONE EYE ON THE EVIL HAMMER!!! SHAME ON THE HAMMER ASS BREAK!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  87. The Hammer says:

    Little pervert boy clive no genitalia is just like his namesake Charles Ng. Charles Ng is the mass murderer who is on death row in San Quentin. Little boy pervert clive will end up the same. Crazy psycho Ngs are dead end lives. They will both be judged by the almighty and spend eternity reliving their sordid pasts. The little pervert w clive will wallow in poop. THAT IS WHAT IS NEXT FOR HIM!!!

    Athe will be sodomized over and over again for all eternity. He is happy with his life because he loves only poop and assholes.

  88. The Hammer says:


  89. Dildo Dave says:

    I would not be surprised at all if clive ng(no-genitals) was related to the mass murderer Ng.

  90. Ting says:

    Yes!!! Ting say many times Clive-Clive big crazy one.

  91. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    I’m afraid it is too late for Clive Ng to seek treatment. But he could be much safer to himself and others if he were institutionalized. If he is indeed related to the infamous Ng fellow there is definitely added danger to him and those around him that his psychosis could manifest itself into harmful actions by this sadly sick and tortured man. I read a lot of hostility in his comments the way he uses capital letters to show his anger. It is only a matter of time until he has a public meltdown and the authorities will be forced to lock him up for the rest of his life. Or, he could offend the wrong person and he would be helpless given his diminutive size.

    I urge you, my good friend Clive, to turn yourself in.

    Your good friend and partner in Holdem Poker,
    Dr. You Nguyen

  92. The Hammer says:

    The funny part is that the little boy thinks we are all his fans. Little clive must be a complete moron.

  93. clive ng says:

    hahaha I know all is my fans club any ways !!!!I don t what charles ng said about me!!!!I KNOW HE IS MY FRIEND IN HOLD EM STRIP EM POKER!!! the hammer ass break is not my friend he is the evil of human always an ass hole in his lifetime !!! me always comment on himself he is not strong at all he must take others guy to comment on me!!!I AM ONE N ONLY CLIVE NG IN THAT ALL WORLD!!!ALL BODY WHEN HE SEARCH ME I always comment to defense me from any body here!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  94. The Hammer says:

    So Charles Ng is your friend? Good because maybe one day he will be your friend and roommate. That will be what is next.

  95. Dildo Dave says:

    Clive ng(no-genitals) not only has no fans on here but he also has no friends. He is a moral imbecile. And he is a social moron. I think his English is so bad because he posts drunk. That would also explain why he is such a terrible player of holdem poker. He just sucks big time.

  96. The Hammer says:

    The little pervert boy just plain sucks. He says a mass murderer with the same last name is his very good friend. Is he pen pals with Charles Ng? Maybe he gets conjugal visits and they futtbuck one another.

  97. Dildo Clive says:

    The Ng guys are both sickos. One is a serial killer and the other is a poop lover.

  98. clive ng says:

    I am the one n only clive ng. All my fans are pussy poop ass breaks. hammer hammer hammer knock on your head n put ur coke in my mouth. WHAT NEXT!!!

  99. clive ng says:

    fucking your mom small dick dildo dave I AM HERE u must take my name ass hole dildo dave to said!!! hahaha I AM THE evil HAMMER pussy poop I kick on my dick become strong to fuck a gay on the road n I have not home to fuck !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  100. Dildo Dave says:

    Little boy clive ng(no-genitals) is having another meltdown. Calm down little boy. You are gonna make yourself sick all over again.

  101. The Hammer says:

    Hey little boy pervert clive!!! What did you get for Christmas? Probably a used toilet seat and a bag of poop would be perfect for you


  102. clive ng says:

    hahaha KICOU AM HERE NOBODY CAN CHANGE THAT!!! hey u the evil hammer evil hammer evil hammer !!!what did u get 4 chrismasss!!! probably a pink dildo to put into his ass hole n make evil hammer shine in bed!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  103. The Hammer says:

    Hahaha!!! KICOU AM HERE AND NOBODY CHANGE THAT!!!! what did you get for Christ mass??? Probably a black dildo to shove up your asshole before you suck on it!!! Little boy clive the pervert is a nasty vicious evil person with poop on his brain. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT YEAR???

  104. clive ng says:

    AM HERE !!! where is I am the hammer ass hole!!!! hammer ass hole are the evil n u said me that am the evil become intelligent man!!! he go to make a big poop in his pantie n play with it 4 new year 2020!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  105. Dildo Dave says:

    clive ng(no-genitals) you have ruined this board for all the old timers. The Hammer is probably an old timer that changed names just to bother you because you have made it no fun to post on here anymore. As Bas said, it is only the two mikes that still comment, and you have even attacked them. Even your buddies Poopie and Slainey don’t comment anymore. Your poop obsession has made it no fun here anymore. Shame on you.

  106. Ting says:

    Old saying:

    He who talk trash become garbage.
    Same same for excrement.

  107. clive ng says:

    Am here hahaha I AM THE EVIL HAMMER !!!when hammer ass hole said I am sodomized with my family is wonderful!!!nobody said hammer ass hole a pervert when I said poop ass hole pussy poop break ass here all body said me I love poop n ass hole!!!where is the morality in that game of insult!!! me always play hold em strip em poker anyway!!!! I FUCK YOUR SHAME small dick dildo dave!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  108. The Hammer says:

    I am The Hammer!!! You are just the little boy pervert clive. I only insult you because you keep going and going over and over again. All players are just sick of your trash mouth. I will always respond and tell new truths on you until you just shut your filthy little pie hole for awhile and let some of the old posters to comment and make this a peaceful forum again. It would also help if you omit let your family members sodomize you again and again.

  109. clive ng says:

    HAHAHA I said again n again the battle of insult it just start !!!hammer break ass hammer break ass hammer break ass u don t like my comment don t read it man become intelligent always an ass hole in life!!!it is just one model u attack me !!! it has one year to comment on here don t forget that !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  110. The Hammer says:

    Poor little boy clive!!! He sounds unhappy. Probably got gang-sodomized by his mother and grandmother and then his father and his uncles each took a turn. Poor little boy clive has a sore bunghole now.

  111. clive ng says:

    kicou am here I am the evil hammer !!!people said sodomized he is himself his father is sodomized the hammer ass hole 4 new year n the hammer ass hole hammer ass hole it his gift 4 news year 2020 hammer asshole love that!!!! N your mother give her ass on the street she is well I take the news of your parent hahaha !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  112. The Hammer says:

    The little pervert boy clive makes no sense. He makes comments but claims he is The Hammer??? Poor little boy clive is just crazy.

  113. The Hammer says:

    Little boy clive ng the pervert doesn’t like hearing the truth from me. I am The Hammer!!! I will tell the truth on little boy pervert clive and if he doesn’t like hearing the truth he should stop reading my comments. I will always tell more and more about little boy clive’s miserable life story. The truth about his abuse at the hands of his own family explains why he is sick and rotten to his very core. It’s sad and too bad.

    May god bless!!!

  114. clive ng says:

    am here nothing u can do 4 that hahaha I AM EVIL hammer ass hole evil hammer ass hole evil hammer ass hole it s your story not my story!!! I know evil hammer ass hole his grand parent put a dildo in his ass hole n he love that every 9 he said his parent deep n deeper!!! the grand parent of evil hammer is a pervert after u said me I am a pervert what kind of world u live n u stay a pussy poop never become intelligent !!! your mom give her ass on the road n your father sell woman on street I see very dirty family evil hammer asshole have !!! EVIL hammer said me it my story your head is crazy man !!!WHAT NEXT

  115. The Hammer says:

    Sick little boy clive the pervert tells more about his renegade family by his attempt at attacks. But I am The Hammer!!! The little boy clive is just a sick little pervert boy. Very sad sick situation.

  116. clive ng says:

    kicou am here the EVIL HAMMER ASS HOLE !!!every body know u are the evil hammer ass hole your name said the hammer what u write on the top ass break not u write the ass hole hammer kick on your head become intelligent !!!why evil hammer ass hole said many time sodomized because hammer pussy hole is sodomized so many time by his father friend s after u said my family sodomized me!!!KKKK shame on the dirty family s hammer !!!hammer stay a ass break any way on his lifetime n I know that !!!never n ever become intelligent !!!evil hammer evil hammer evil hammer knock nail Jesus !!! Jesus pardon his action!!!AMEN!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  117. The Hammer says:

    One of little boy clive ng the pervert’s uncles had an advanced case of syphillis when he was sodomizing little boy clive. Now clive has syphillis too. Untreated this nasty disease attacks the brain and causes dementia. Clive is suffering from the condition and is sort of incoherent in his ramblings, as anyone can clearly see. So many untreated maladies afflict little boy clive. The sores from syphillis are present all over his body. It’s no wonder not a single woman will allow him near her.

  118. clive ng says:

    hahaha I am well n health in my lifetime !!! evil hammer ass break evil hammer ass break evil hammer ass break said what u want !!! I always here u look am have disease put it in your dirty ass hole !!! I think evil hammer ass hole have this disease in his ass hole syphillis n put on me !!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  119. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    Wow! I knew there were issues with my good poker friend Clive Ng. But I had no idea. Syphilis is no joke and I should have recognized it’s latter-stage symptoms. I am afraid there is no reversing the effects on the brain when left untreated. Lashing out at The Hammer for infecting you is another example of how it is affecting your thinking. Mr. Ng you are a danger to yourself and everyone around you. I urge you to submit to a medical evaluation. There are asylums set aside in every country to care for and protect others fromm this terrible affliction. I am truly sorry you carry such a burden.

    Your very good friend,
    Dr. You Nguyen

  120. The Hammer says:

    Well said doctor. Little boy clive is despicable. But he is to be pitied too.

  121. clive ng says:

    kicou am here when evil hammer start comment n I finish the comment hahaha am well n health!!! my friend dr pussy poop other comment u said me I must suicide am here to comment life is so wonderful that dr pussy poop n evil hammer ass poop put disease on me !!! I still alive nobody can change that!!!just GOD can judge me !!!if I make something bad in my lifetime I will paid !!!I KNOW GOD IS ON MY SIDE WHERE I go n travel in the world!!!THANK GOD PROTECT ME FROM the dr crazy nguyen happy am died!!! the evil hammer nail on jesus !!!I not need any pitied from the evil hammer ass hole kick on your head become intelligent n evil hammer don t want intelligent!!! WHAT NEXT!!!AMEN

  122. The Hammer says:

    Getting all upset only makes your problems worse. And let’s be clear here. It was your uncle that “put” your disease on you. And you got infected with genital warts by another uncle. It seems that god has already judged you. You castrated yourself over the shame of the warts and the syphilis and that only makes you less attractive to women. And you still have those sicknesses. God has judged you harshly but fairly.

    You are to be pitied for your grotesque physical liabilities. But you brought them upon yourself. The lord holds you over the pit like a spider!!! Your only hope for your salvation is to hold up your hands in front of the lord and shout hallelujah!!!! Do that NOW to avoid further hellfire and eternal damnation. And may god someday forgive you for your lifetime of sins. Start today by eliminating words like “ass” and “poop” from vocabulary. Do that and I just might pray for you.

  123. The Hammer says:

    And remember that I am The Hammer!!!

  124. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    Hello again my good friend Clive Ng. I know that we both enjoy playing this game. But when you keep going on and on. You and Mr. Hammer have made it so uncomfortable for all the other people that used to comment here that nobody even bothers anymore. Won’t you please just let it go? It will be better for your health.

    Thanks for considering my plea.
    Your very good poker friend,
    Dr. You Nguyen

  125. clive ng says:

    hahaha the evil hammer ass hole your head is very very very tired with me clive ng !!!GOD never put disease on any body in that world opposite he love humankind make human happy not disease peace just demon like the evil hammer ass poop put disease on me n said every thing wrong !!! I am evil hammer ass hole !!!I don t afraid of evil hammer asshole u said me that I have disease I leave on the top of your head judge the evil hammer ass hole !!!I said again n again if I said something bad on the top of my head judge me !!! where is the morality when the evil hammer ass hole said that I am sodomized by my family n I said ass poop pussy poop ass break n ass hole every body said that!!!! my friend dr nguyen I known this is a game all body here love to play hold em strip em poker here but evil hammer ass hole like him said nonsense about me !!! put u dr nguyen in my place what dr nguyen make !!!to meditate on that dr!!!thank to take care 4 my health dr!!!! if my health is bad I not comment !!! There is one n only clive ng in hold em strip em poker !!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  126. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    You have ignored my pleas and council. I can no longer try to be your friend Mr. Ng. You continue with the blasphemy and just continue with the hate. I’m afraid that Mr. Hammer is right that you have been judged. You see no light. Even Pokerchick seems to be fed up with all the rhetoric. Have you noticed that no new models are created for us to play? You have ruined the fun of commenting here. You have run all the old timers away and now there will not be new models to play anymore. It’s been a month since we got a new one. And it is all your fault. Shame on you for destroying what used to be fun here. You can wallow in your sad life. I too am now done with you.

    Dr. You Nguyen

  127. Ting says:

    Ting see same same. Bad karma kill fun here. Ting find new game.

  128. Poopie says:

    REALLY Ting and Dr Nguyen? You are putting ALL of the blame on Clive for destroying this poker site? Frankly, i blame EVERYONE that has responded to and has disrespected Clive…Sure he has quirks,,,we all do,,,YOU ALL KNOW ….Dr Nguyen , Dildo dick, Ting, The hammer, and even the 2 Mikes that if you just ignored Clive he wouldn’t respond…PERIOD. I went back aloonnggg way and looked at all of the posts he made and the only time he says something, is when somebody puts him down and talks suicide and other BS. Clive will always be on this site,,,he likes it,,,man i like it. All he will say is nice lady and then he will give out the last picture to prove he won. He doesn’t even have to say that….Nobody has to prove dick all but it seems the 2 mikes wanted him to prove it. If you all don’t believe me don’t say anything to Clive and the site will go back to normal. NO MORE DRAMA. End of soap box comment. Have a great NEW YEAR ALL 🙂

  129. Dildo Dave says:

    The poopy one chimes in. He supported all the poop talk. He is a weirdo for sure.

  130. clive ng says:

    hahaha well said my friend poopie cool mind !!! all body attack me here when they stop attack me then the site give us a news model !!!become intelligent evil hammer ass hole!!! I not need the friend of that dr ass poop nguyen !!!ting ting tong ring tone always go to the toilet to make his poop n can t make poop!!!hey small dick dildo dave u are always alive n your name said all sex toy!!!

  131. clive ng says:

    WHAT NEXT!!!

  132. The Hammer says:

    And the beat goes on. The stigma of his family abuse is clear. He is like a broken record. The same guttural words spew from his mouth in an unending stream.

  133. clive ng says:

    hahaha always here to comment!!!

  134. Ting says:

    Ting wish stream dry up.

  135. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We didn’t like how the board had just become a rush for some to say, “FIRST”. That was quite a long time ago. So we suggested that those just saying the obvious chronology of comments that they make some comment to indicate they had actually seen the set of pics. Then that Dildo Dave character chimed in and added the suggestion of lining up for the futtbucking. I guess Dildo Dave agreed with us and took it a step further and the race was on. Then came all the poop talk which only encouraged Dildo Dave even more. We tried to just keep commenting on the models, but it got harder and harder to sift through the ridiculous posts.

    The guy named Poop doesn’t seem to think that clive is to blame. But all the poop name calling was from him. He has had to have the last comment on every model until this Hammer guy came along and turned out to be just as anal as clive. So I blame clive for wrecking this game.

  136. clive ng says:

    hahaha be patience little m & m u have new model !!!if u search me not have new model little m & m !!!!not make like evil hammer ass hole never become intelligent in his lifetime!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  137. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Our point is proven.

  138. OldPNF says:

    Such and adorable cute face and outfit. I have 10 days of cum I’d like to dump in that last pic pussy. After fucking like bunnies of course.

  139. Ouch says:

    Sadly Poker Chick statistics are becoming rigged, and through no malice from beautiful Ellie Leen, she has been pushed to the top of the commented girls statics by no more than 5 users. And it follows of course that other ratings ratings could also be wrong too.

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