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Win rate: 75%
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Rating: 7.4/10 (4207 votes cast)

The buxom Eliska is back with a hot pink dress, for more fun and games. Wanna play with her?

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Eliska 2, 7.4 out of 10 based on 4207 ratings
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Eliska - hot poker girl


  1. norm says:

    Great body too easy.

  2. benderover says:

    first time being first ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pretty girl

  3. twoface says:

    She looks much better in this set of pictures….more natural.Easy opponent.

  4. mike hunt says:

    Wtf? She has a landing strip in the last pic and the last pic only…

  5. Tomcat says:

    I hate tattoos . Only 9 stars .

  6. pj says:

    What is her real name?

  7. rob says:

    poker chick- i was just wondering if you knew how many cc’s of silicone it takes to fill those waterballoons? don’t get me wrong she is very pretty in this set of pictures but i just don’t understand why someone like her would need to go that big? she’s not a petite girl so i’m sure she didn’t have small ones to start with? oh well, thanks as usual for another beautiful girl to play against, i absolutely love your site, so thanks again for what you do!

  8. PokerChick says:

    @rob, I dunno, I think she might be all natural, not sure….

  9. cirithungol says:

    No silicone in those! I’ll all in on that!

  10. twoface says:

    those are all natural!

  11. Peter Zdarsky says:

    Are you from Czech? I am as well but I live in New Zealand with my mum.

  12. dxkt says:

    she is ready for a good fucking!!!!

  13. john says:

    I’m betting they are all natural. And I would like to go ALL IN on her!

  14. Pierce says:

    Big boobs love them

  15. Vladimir says:

    And you naturally are able to play? And I thought only sing to move.

  16. I says:

    I don’t think they are real. They hang and lay wrong to be completely natural.

  17. CAC says:

    nice another easy win

  18. Muh says:

    Nice play

  19. Get_Em_Naked says:

    Naked in 3 hands. Pretty Girl

  20. Hatfield says:

    Gorgeous, anybody knows her name???

  21. PNF says:

    I am not crazy about tats, especially like hers, but to play with those tits, have those sexy lips wrap around my cock and to blow a load into that pussy every night I would learn to cope. I love those tits!

  22. gus says:

    simply E S P E C T A C U L A R

  23. Mr.LongnBig says:

    Hmm, pretty hard play poker with cock that harder, bring me too inpassion…..

  24. a says:

    Her name is Marie Lambo, only does soft posing at this stage, can’t wait to see her fucking….

  25. gary chieppa says:

    yes, let em strip!

  26. ? says:

    She`s nearly perfect for me (apart from I can`t speak or understand the czech language) and she also has a very sweet looking face,I think!

  27. javatti says:

    very good strip poker & girls you have

  28. PNF says:

    OMG she is the prettiest girl on the site. And that is saying something. I WANT HER SO BAD. I would beg her every day. I want to suck those tits and fuck that pussy!

  29. terry 7 says:

    Been there, done that!

  30. oldvocks says:

    Cute face, nice bobs n pretty body…..but…. the one make her down is her pussy, hope fully the other hole much more better huwaa….

  31. ice says:

    to all those who think those are fake there are two dead give a ways for fake tits nipple placement and how they lay when lying down. hers are real simple as that plus she isn’t skinny as hell which is another give away on if they are real or not. on top of that no scar marks anywhere on hers. beautiful girl kinda of hard to beat her unless you get good hands then she goes down easy.

  32. footguy says:

    thanks pokerchick, pretty girl.

  33. Frenchy says:

    Pretty girl, body, boobs and buttom. delicious pussy and she roar on the last picture when you win. Very pleasant.

  34. Samuel says:

    Very Good game , beautiful tits and pussy , Thanks Pokerchick

  35. Will says:

    Thats one sweet ass pussy, I would love to have them long legs wrapped around my head while I ate that sweet love muffin.

  36. RowdyRod says:

    Damn…. she is gorgeous, awesome, beautiful…. I love that last shot, she looks like she is really enjoying herself.

  37. Asslvr says:

    What a lovely set of natural tits on that beautiful woman!!!

    Nice to see her let them hang a bit also…

  38. undertaker says:

    its crap

  39. JimX says:

    Game crashed and didn’t respond anymore when I had $1270 and a pair of 9’s… Shit programming!

  40. B Rad says:

    She is really pretty! Loved staring at her legs and shaved pussy during the final round before her money shot.

  41. sparky says:

    She is betting on the big blind every time I call the small blind. That just sucks the life out of the game, producing lots of extra hands that are over quickly and worth all of $10 or $20. It just makes it go on longer and get really boring. A bet on the big blind, before the flop, should happen now and then for good cards, and now and then as a bluff, but not every single time. It is tedious. I have resorted to folding on all small blinds unless they are worth raising on (in which case she always folds). So I basically pay $30 to play every other hand, always first to bet. All perfectly legal, of course, but no fun! I would much rather play some cards, please.

  42. sparky says:

    It’s not like you can’t win. I tried the slam approach, betting and raising every chance I had from the blind on. She folded a lot, and I won a few big hands, and the whole thing was over in 10 minutes. But that isn’t a fun game of poker. She is easy on the eyes, at least.

  43. Bas says:

    Love that girl, all natural no pretends and above all an exotic body. Well done PC.

  44. Konstantin says:

    it is to set to its bewitching magical SHE YOU….. let me go!… it is I NO!1001 to grant a wish; to fulfil a wish!
    And YES!YES!YES! And YES!YES!YES!Bat i slave fore it to she’s much more than a pretty face…..

  45. xristos says:

    i like that game

  46. xristos910 says:

    i’m maniac this game

  47. pedro says:

    Those are some beautiful 100% all natural hooters!! Pretty woman all around….

  48. 神智胡子 says:

    beautiful girl, last shot is very nice. Looks very happy, and I am loving this.

  49. Mike La'Taurus & Mike Oxbigg says:

    One mike titty fucks her in that last pic, while the other mike goes for her pussy. Which is better?

  50. CHARLES says:

    SÚPLICAS volver a presentar a este magnífico Amazon,,Marie Lambo….THANKS………HOLDEMSTRIPEM

  51. CHARLES says:

    PLEAS RESubmit To This Gorgeous Amazon
    Marie Lambo

  52. Computron says:

    Great spread shot at the end! Nice tits!!!

  53. Sue says:

    OMG – the last two shots made me start creaming myself. Yum. Thanks PC x

  54. denny says:

    love this girl perfect body long legs perfect natural tits nice hard nipples i would eat that pussy every day and fuck her non stop.

  55. denny says:

    just had to play her again love a girl who smiles as she is stripping hey pokerchick should let the fans vote on who has the most perfect boobs zuzana or eliska it would be very close both are good looking babes with great bodies love eliskas tits and pussy could eat and fuck her all night long

  56. clive ng says:

    very sexy ladyyy!!!middle player wonderful bodyyy n i love to put my dick in her lovelyyy pussyyy!!!thank u hold em strip em poker!!!

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