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Win rate: 75%

The lovely Elis has mystical powers, or so she says. See what you think, but if you don’t agree she’ll show you the whip!
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  1. Green Dragon says:

    Тя е красива. Харесват ми снимки 5 и 6.

  2. Poopie says:

    Elis was well worth the wait. A lot of frontal view shots.

  3. clive ng says:

    3 rd I LOVE THAT GAME NOBODY CAN CHANGE THAT put it in their mind all my fan club !!!hahaha kicou am always here on hold em strip em poker!!!my best friend poopie has reason 4 that !!! nobody can attack me here n said bad thing on me !!!when a body attack me on strip em poker have not new model 4 one month kkkk !!! always patience n master mind in our lifetime!!!in the last photo wow elis give us a doggy style !!!

  4. Sensualover says:

    Happy New Year !!

  5. Bas says:

    Beautiful dominatrix Elis is quite an entertainer in addition to her modelling and playing skills. Photos 5 and 6 are the most exciting ones. 10 out of 10 from me.

  6. clive ng says:

    1 st!!! I AM THE WINNER OF THE HOUSE NOBODY CHANGE THAT!!! haha kicou am always here on hold em strip em poker. I love my best friend poopie n I get down like doggie for him to do me!!! poopie can do me anything he like!!! NOBODY CAN CHANGE THAT!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  7. Poopie says:

    I see Dildo Dick is starting something again. Like i said before. This was all on you guys. You know he will respond to this crap. Obviously you DO NOT want it to stop. Maybe some kind of fetish thing going on here. Guess we will have to ask Dr Ngyuen.

  8. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    Elis looks ready to whip you. Us mikes aren’t into getting dominated. But she flashes some nice nips in #2. Then pulls a wedgie on her crotch. Loses the panties next. Then she spreads wide. In the finale she turns around so you can enter from the rear. The mikes passed on this one.

    Hey Poop! Dildo hasn’t even posted on this one yet. And clive ng almost asks for an attack in his first comment on here. Then makes a pass on you later. At lease clive left the poop and ass comments out, except for the mention of you. And clive always wants the last word, so no doubt he will answer you. We got a new model to play but not a very good one. And the ruination of this site is from the lack of the old posters that have gone away. It’s all on clive. And on you for starting the poop talk again.

  9. Poopie says:

    Ok Mikey….Just wait till the real clive ng comes on here. He will tell you that the comment above mine isn’t his. It’s Dildo Dave trying to stir the pot. You will see and i will accept your apology.

  10. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    A person that calls himself Poop has his own issues. He need not encourage another sick mind who is obsessed with poop. These two guys are responsible for the old gang here deciding not to suffer through the sick rhetoric of these two fools. I tried hard to get through to the freak who calls himself clive. But I had to give up when I realized what an ignorant and nasty pervert he is. And he is encouraged by his puppeteer who calls himself Poop.

  11. clive ng says:

    kicou am here!!! top comment my friend bas n my best poopie well look n thinking about small dick dildo dave he take my name again n again to said !!!small dick dildo dave is not a male !!!sex toy must put pussy tits n a dress on him!!!fuck your mom small dick dildo dave pussy poop!!! HAVE ONE N ONLY CLIVE NG HERE!!!small dick dildo dave ass break is just my second fan here to comment my first fan here is the evil hammer ass hole never become intelligent in his lifetime n little candy m & m not become like evil hammer ass hole we have not model 4 one month if u attack me hahaha !!! little candy m & m never saw small dick sex toy when he said bad thing !!!little candy m & m is afraid of small dick to comment on him n jealous when I comment on hold em strip em poker!!! n dr pussy hole nguyen is not a trueee go to fuck died woman in a hospital it your job man!!! PUSSY POOP SMALL DICK TAKE YOUR NAME TO SAID SOMETHING ON ME U MUST HIDE BEHIND MY NAME SHAME ON SMALL DICK DILDO DAVE DICK POOP!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  12. Poopie says:

    and there you have it…thanks for coming out Mikey 🙂

  13. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    My point is proved again. Poop is a puppeteer trying to pull the strings to keep the drama going. And clive falls for it every time. Way to go Poop. You even got Dr. N to respond. I’m out

  14. Poopie says:

    Now Mikey you are being a tool for calling me a puppetier. More like you all are all sheep (in bully clothing). All i stated earlier was (and i stand by it) if anybody says anything against Clive, he will respond in such. It’s maybe because of an OCD problem….Don’t know. Don’t really much care. Pretty simple concept really. But like you, i’m pretty fed up with trying to reason with all you buffoons to try to enlighten you on why Clive keeps responding. He’s just defending himself. I will not be back, so if you see my “Poopie” name come up, it is not me.

    PS: to Clive. Try to ignore this riffraff and enjoy the game. Peace to All 🙂

  15. Ting says:

    Ting think Poopie one poster not missed. Ting now say bye bye Poopie.

  16. Dildo Clive says:

    I am the #1 Clive. The other one is the ass break and likes to drop dick poop on Poopie. Those two guys need to get a room and keep their love off the Internet. I’m thinking that Poopie is family and sodomizes the little boy clive.

  17. clive ng says:

    KKKK KICOU am here!!!thank ass break small dick dildo dave to take your dirty name sex toy !!!! it s true small dick dildo dave are not a good male at all he must take my name first to comment on clive ng!!!!talk to ting ting tong the ring tone to give u a pink dildo to put into your ass hole to make poop poop poopiii!!!!ting ting tong the bell know that every 9 he make that n can t make poop poop poopiii n love this!!!! am sorry my best friend poopie 4 that it not 4 u this poop poop poopiiii!!!! this guys never comment on every model here just comment on me clive ng !!! I forget one ass hole hahaha where is I am the evil hammer ass hole my best fan he is the evil hammer ass hole where is the evil hammer ass hole he become crazy with my comment on that game not small dick dildo dave he not first u just 2 rd here!!! ting ting tong poop poop poopiii love my comment !!!N AT ALL thank u poopie to defense me from that guys little candy m & m ting ting tong the ring bell poop poop poopii dr crazy man nguyen gives his ass every place in hospital n small dick dildo dave break ass his name said I am a sex toy have no penis!!!OVER ALL!!! I STILL ALWAYS N STAY HERE ANY WAY NOTHING U CAN DO !!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  18. Dildo Dave says:

    Little boy clive ng(no-genitals) finally acknowledges that he has no penis. That is a known basic truism for a long time.

    Now little boy clive you need to calm down. You are going to have a stroke or a heart attack. Try not to get so excited.

  19. clive ng says:

    hahaha AM HERE NEVER I EXCITED ALWAYS KEEP CALM N COOL!!! small dick dildo dave sex toy u said I am excited me am peaceful n lovely in hold em strip em poker if I have a heart attack small dick ass break is happy 4 a week n I not comment small was sad 4 a long time !!! I am in good health n well in sex life all lady in that world like me to make love with her !!!your name said all u have no penis small dick ass poop take that n put it on me become intelligent man not stay like the evil hammer ass hole nail down jesus !!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  20. Ting says:

    Ting wonder why Clive-Clive all time nasty vicious person. Ting think this sign of unhappy childhood. Stories of abuse by family ring true. Ting feel sorry for little boy Clive.

  21. clive ng says:

    hey ting ting tong the ring tone u too restless n vicious person !!! NOT ENTER ME N SMALL DICK SEX TOY what is your problem with me !!!go to the toilet make poop poop poopiii!!! if I am abuse in my childhood what is your problem n what ting ting tong the bell can do !!!when small dick insult me ting ting tong poop poop poopiii don t see that !!!after all I have my fan in that game never comment on the model of hold em strip em poker! JUST COMMENT ON ME HAHAHA!!thank hold em strip em poker I CAN COMMENT OF ANY ATTACK from any guy here!!!I LOVE STRIP EM POKER!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  22. Ting says:

    Ting not see any person insult Clive/Clive until first having nasty vicious words spoken by Clive-Clive. Nasty vicious boy say stupid names to Ting and then talk poop all time. I not insult Clive-Clive. Ting only talk pity. Clive-Clive attack Ting with no reason. Ting think this prove nasty vicious person is Clive-Clive.

  23. clive ng says:

    kicou am here!!!ting ting tong poop poop poopiii said I am abuse by family is not insult that where is the morality of ting ting tong ring tone!!!hey take a big one dildo put it in your ass make u happy gay ting ting tong poop poop poopiii can t go to make poop poop poopiii!!!!ass poop like ting ting tong said bad thing n play the victim I known that !!!ass break ting ting tong don t insult me in the last comment u are
    crazy man n what!!! u are not a good person not make like the evil hammer ass hole !!!after we not play hold em strip em poker 4 one month because of the face poop evil hammer ass hole !!!when a body search me am always here to defense me from all face poop in strip em poker!!! ting ting tong the ring tone want not have new model attack me n will see that !!!shut your dirty ass much poop in that!!!!DON T AFRAID OF ANY ONE HERE!!!JUST GOD CAN JUDGE ME /\ /\ /\ /\ N WHAT NEXT!!!!

  24. Ting says:

    Ting see clearly that god has already judged Clive-Clive. When nasty nasty vicious words spew all time from filthy mouth of poop mouth the horrible hate in heart make for miserable life for sick in head Clive-Clive. Nothing can change that and poor sad little boy must live life in purgatory then die and go to hell for eternity. Too bad and so sad for such nasty vicious Clive-Clive.

  25. clive ng says:

    KICOU AM HERE !!! I ALIVE n FREE man ting ting tong poop poop poopiii see all body see KKKK not only u to see become intelligent not become the evil hammer ass hole!!! ting ting tong the ring tone said me GOD already JUDGE n I said already here to comment on ting ting tong poop poop poopiii when he insult me !!!ting ting tong don t know me don t said everything!!!I AM HAPPY IN MY LIFETIME N TRAVEL ALL OVER THE WORLD N THE WORLD OPEN TO ME ONE ASS BREAK LIKE TING TING TONG POOP POOP POOPIII said I go to hell 4 eternity!!!HAHAHA not yet man !!!if I make bad thing in my lifetime I will go to see the hell!!!DON T AFRAID OF THAT because I know N make good thing in our down earth!!!it ok 4 u ting ting tong poop poop poopiii my comment!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

  26. Dr. You Nguyen says:

    I noticed that the comment made by the person calling himself “Poopie” hit on the root cause of Clive Ng’s mental problems. Poopie stated that Clive’s mental state maybe is due to OCD. I believe that is exactly correct. OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Perhaps the biggest cause of OCD is childhood trauma.

    If you don’t believe me just google “OCD caused by childhood trauma”. There are many articles including one by Scientific American (a reputable periodical). In Clive’s case the childhood trauma has been outlined on here. Namely the abuse rendered by his own family. I won’t repeat the sordid details, but just wanted to point out how correct the point made by Poopie.

    While I feel sorry for Clive, I am human and don’t like being attacked by him when I have only tried to be of help. My counsel has always been for him to seek professional help. But because of his mental state he is not capable of seeing his own problems. A professional therapist might be able to get through to him. But he has to admit he has a problem first and seek help. Or he may go off on someone in person and get arrested and then he could be evaluated, diagnosed, and forced to accept the help he so desperately needs.

  27. The Hammer says:

    I am The Hammer!!!

    The fact that little boy pervert clive ng(no-genitals) developed OCD after being sodomized by many members of his own family is a sad story. But most similar cases have not produced extreme assholes like the little boy. I will continue to tell the truths on him and there is nothing that he can do about that. I will be quiet only if he admits his awful conduct and/or just shuts his filthy pie hole. Bit my thanks to the poopie one for divulging the affliction that little boy clive suffers from.

  28. clive ng says:

    KICOU am here !!! hahaha I am evil hammer ass hole the evil hammer ass hole is still alive am happy 4 that all body know that man who writing the evil hammer ass hole in the top !!! me KKKK!!!I believe that evil hammer ass hole is ill mentally!!! where is evil hammer ass hole hided his hole in the pussy hole of his mom!!! hammer hammer hammer hit on your head never become intelligent he still a ass break in his lifetime !!!!hahaha !!!!hey dr nguyen ass break put disease on me u think ass break dr has not disease all time !!! a dr not put disease on people opposite he take care of people!!!what dr u are a doctor like fuck die people !!! n his dr pussy poop nguyen like a guy fuck him strongly in his hole n become wonderful n said the guy don t stop !!! always here to comment any way!!! WHAT NEXT!!!

  29. The Hammer says:


    By the by, I am The Hammer!!!

  30. Ting says:

    Ting say WOW!

    Big meltdown again for Clive-Clive.

  31. Oldpnf says:

    She has a fun Jodie Foster look to her. I’d love to have fun with that fantasy. After she whips the shit out of me with that crop I throw her on a pinball machine and fuck her. When I cum I yell “Ive made contact!” over and over as she punches me to get me off.

  32. clive ng says:

    I don t afraid of people like me!!! ting ting tong ring tone!!!WHAT NEXT!!!

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