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Win rate: 78%

Florida-grown babe, Dillion Carter is a true beach girl: she likes having her toes in the water and her ass in the sand. Or her toes in the sand and her ass in the water. Or sand in her ass and water on her toes. Any combination of sand, water, ass and toes is basically fine.

If you are having trouble viewing/playing the game, you may find some help here.

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  1. Dougie Shotgun says:

    First!!!! daaaaaaaaamn!

  2. i won says:

    i won!

  3. Mike La'Taurus & Mike Oxbigg says:

    Nice knockers. We were afraid we wouldn’t see anything else, but then Dillon suprised us in the last fram by showing how well Oxbigg stretched out that twat.

  4. CHARLES says:

    Beautiful and big Tits Dillion Carter………THANKS………holdemstripem……

  5. Bas says:

    Nice body and a good player. I am just concerned about her facial expression, she starts laugh then ends up quite angry and stressed. Overall the game was quite entertaining with a lasting frontal to be remembered.

  6. Yolanda says:

    OMFG! I love those big tits. I would just love to suck that pussy dry after that Oxbigg character gave her the creampie.

  7. woody says:

    Easy to beat,nice looking chick,love the poses.Thanks p.c.

  8. Number99 says:

    Stunning body! Perfect big boobs I’d like to play with. Nice pussy also, would be nice to make her wet!
    Thanks PC

  9. Sensualover says:

    She is worn …

  10. Slaine says:

    @Pokerchick: Fix your shit. It STILL freezes when anyone gets a hand better than four of a kind. Then to continue, the page has to be reset. It is VERY annoying when the game is almost over and she is losing and then have to start over. It does not freeze on four of a kind, just any hand above that. It does not matter who has it.

  11. Slaine says:

    Let me rephrase: It does not “freeze”. What happens is that no buttons come up for raise, check, fold, or anything. the picture still moves with the mouse, but you cant do anything else.

  12. Diablo says:

    My freezes completely

  13. Diablo says:


  14. Sue says:

    Not a lady for me but thanks PC for another great game

  15. Oldpnf says:

    Wow. What is not to love? Great beauty legs and tits. LOVE!

  16. clive ng says:

    wow !!!wow!!!wonderful pussy n nice tit’s !!!i want to eat it!!!good player !!! 5 minutes i take to bit dillion

  17. Lothario says:

    Best pussy yet! thanks PC

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