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Davon KimPhillippines

Win rate: 76%
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Rating: 7.4/10 (1265 votes cast)

Stunning Filipino Davon Kim will show you her petite body if your strip poker skills are up to scratch..

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Davon Kim, 7.4 out of 10 based on 1265 ratings
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Davon Kim - hot poker girl


  1. sakata neman says:

    lousy player

  2. Ironvein says:

    Ah, the small blind trick doesn’t work on her (you sneak ;p). Like the others I won easily and she still had $10 when it said I won. That hadn’t happened before.

    Did you update the other girls to be less vulnerable to that trick? I had downloaded the girls prior to this to check for memory leaks (just finished) and the ‘hentai holdem’ girl still has the memory leak. I suspect you just hadn’t updated her at the time, but just fyi.

  3. PokerChick says:

    Aha, yes I made a first attempt at fixing the small blind trick, but it’s a bit masked by Davon playing like a bit of a maniac..
    I suspect she was due to post the big blind when you won. I didn’t fancy making sure that all-in would work if the blinds weren’t met, so I settled for ‘can’t meet blinds’ = ‘game over’.

    I haven’t recoded the earlier girls yet, I was waiting to see how this panned out on this opponent and on another couple that I will add to the site soon..
    There was a bit of a delay before I updated Fuko to fix the locking-up bug, so that’s probably (hopefully) why it wasn’t fixed when you tried it. Thanks for checking that out, though, much appreciated.

  4. Ironvein says:

    Okay Fuko seems to be fine.

    After all these games, I’ve noticed another near universal trait with all the girls. If a girl has shown any aggression during the hand, it will be very unlikely to give up the hand and will usually reraise like a manic. Even if she missed the board; which is likely the case. I noticed this a lot when I get 2pair or better and go manic myself and find out all she had was an A and missed the board entirely. They all seem to do it, even when I’m reraiseing too (which should be an indicator for them to reevaluate their hand; and over card or a low pair is not a wise thing to reraise with for any reason).

  5. PokerChick says:

    hmm, yep, I think generally I need to have the players adapt more to circumstances, taking more notice of the human player’s actions than they do at the moment

  6. me says:

    i like this sort of playing as i raise no matter what cards there are. Stupid, yes, but it makes me win very quickly

  7. gigs says:

    all gurls are beaten lol

  8. tartanterrier says:

    She is far too easy lol.

  9. Link says:

    It wasn’t this girl, but one time we both went crazy betting, and on the river, with like 960 in pot, she folded o-o, surprised me, if your gonna put that much in, might as well call and see if you win, instead of folding 900 chips to opponent.

  10. PokerChick says:

    @Link you’re right – some of the girls will do that sort of thing, while the better players certainly won’t..

  11. James Bond (yes its the truth) says:

    the “easier ones” seem harder to beat, and all are verry hard anyway

  12. pm says:

    We need more Asian girls. It is crazy that there are only 2 of them!

  13. fredpasse says:

    en 6 coups !!!!!!!

  14. Samuel says:

    Great Girl , I love Filipinas , great body , great tits , ass , mostly her pussy , and her mouth is ready , Lovely eyes , Oh and a great Game

  15. jimbo5096 says:

    key to beat any girl is knowing when to bet and when to fold

  16. footguy says:

    thanks for the game pokerchick

  17. dxkt says:

    my filipino lover!!! great body and lips that could suck chrome off a bumper lol she could be alot of fun for many nights. her nice big tits her soft wet tight pussy oh my i want her!!!

  18. Mike Oxbigg says:

    I like the last pic with the choice of 2 holes. Sadly only her mouth is big enough for me. Lol.

  19. Hooked on Crack says:

    I got a queen high straight flush in spades and I was paid and the description of my hand was correct. But it showed my hand as only one card, the queen of diamonds. Small glitch. Nice nips.

  20. John says:

    Can we get more Asians please 🙂

  21. PNF says:

    Diversity is so very very good.

  22. Bas says:

    Love the left-right symmetry in Davon’s body, just the right size tits and good pussy lips. I cannot figure why she struggles with her poses photorather than act naturally. The only natural one is photo 3 where she actually smiles in a naughty pose. Thanks PC

  23. clive ng says:

    good player!!!nice body n wonderful pussy i like to fuck her!!!i am very lucky to bit her

  24. denny says:

    in the last pic it looks like she is eager to suck my cock nice nlpple on nice tits and pussy


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    […] have you got the strip poker skills to help her out? No […]

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