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Win rate: 85%
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Rating: 7.4/10 (1819 votes cast)

Long legs, beautiful eyes, long shining hair and a body close to perfection, here is Carmen Gemini. But forget all that, can she give you a beating at the poker table?

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Carmen, 7.4 out of 10 based on 1819 ratings
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Carmen 2 - hot poker girl
Carmen - hot poker girl


  1. vmk says:

    All previous games I kept guessing are the girls really cheating. Now I have finally got no doubt cause it’s got obvious.
    I understand you won’t ever admit they are, cause you would immediately lose all your visitors.
    And I even understand why you’re doing it – you need players to spend more time playing and refreshing the page watching ads.
    But all interest to the game is lost in a moment anyway.

  2. Roberto says:

    This game is close to stupid and no fun. Even with a Straight Flush is no chance to win. You probably have some reasons for that?

  3. Roberto says:

    Sorry, just for fun we did try again. We lost even with Full House, as the opponent out of nothing got Poker. Funny, even if you lough about the comments, forget the game, no one likes to visit a page with stupid games. Thats no advertisement, one could guess, the ads may be stupid as well.

  4. PokerChick says:

    @roberto – what is your complaint exactly? That you didn’t win with a straight flush? This is not 5 card draw. In holdem poker there is almost always the danger that your opponent has a similar hand to you, because you share the board cards. this is true even for straight flushes – most of the straight flush is on the board and available to the other player too!
    Also, it’s not possible to get ‘Poker’ (I presume you mean four of a kind?) ‘out of nothing’ – at least 2 of the cards have to be on the board, right in front of you!

    You’re clearly lacking in even basic poker knowledge if this surprises you. Brush up on your poker skills then come back and try again – with sensible play all the girls are beatable.

  5. PokerChick says:

    @vmk – the girls do not cheat!
    Some girls, like Carmen, play looser than others, some bluff more that others and sometimes they will get lucky as a result (ever played poker against a new player who hangs in till the river on every hand, even when they should fold?), but this does not mean that they game is rigged in their favour. I would have saved myself several months of development time if I just had the game cheat instead of creating decent AI, but I didn’t do that – I did it properly.
    The AI is even good enough to routinely beat hopeless poker players who then like to bitch and moan about ‘cheating’ when, really, A. they’re just not very good at poker and B. they’re the sorest of losers..

  6. SCtheReaper says:

    lol, too true PokerChick.
    I don’t consider myself a very good poker player but I’ve beaten all but a couple of the girls. Only reason I haven’t tried them is becuase they’re not my type :).
    OK, it takes me a while to beat them and some of the AI’s winning hands are frustrating, but I get there in the end lol.

  7. PokerDude says:

    The girls are not that difficult to beat if you pay attention to their tendencies. Since they don’t adjust their play over the course of the game, you can pick up their patterns and come up with effective strategies regarding when to bluff, when to push and when to fold.

    One thing to remember about bad beats — a good player will be subject to bad beats more often than a poor one. Why? Because the poor player will more often have the worst hand and need to draw out. So if it seems your opponent is drawing out on you more often than you are drawing out on her, it’s probably because you’re the underdog less often.

  8. Roberto says:

    Did read your answer. Even so we are Italians, maybe we don`t use the right terms about 4 of a kind instead of poker or so on. Also no professionals, we play the game in real once every week. But it never happens, that someone for example has ace, two, three, four and five and you lose against three, four, five, six, seven in the same colour. Sorry, but as soon as someone is reaching a certain point in the game, the chances to win are nearly “0”. And there are, not in every game I do agree, more examples especially in this game.

  9. Roberto says:

    Again the same game, if you have Full House, 3 times 8 and two kings, she has 4 times 8 and wins, funny

  10. fkollman says:

    @Roberto- roberto u can tell that u are obviously not very good at poker, a full house is less than a four of a kind. In Texas Hold ‘Em the hands to win from least chance to best chance are:
    High Card
    A Pair
    2 Pairs
    3 of a kind
    Full House
    4 Of A kind
    Straight Flush
    Royal Flush

  11. SCtheReaper says:

    I think Roberto knows that 4 of a kind beats full house, what Roberto is saying is that even when he gets a great hand he somehow gets outdone most of the time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not agreeing with Roberto, just trying to clarify.

    I get topped by some nasty hands quite a lot but I do the same to the girls too so… it’s all fair.

    And just to mention, I hardly ever play poker anymore except on this site and I still win in the end so it’s not about real life poker experience.

  12. SCtheReaper says:

    I just had 10 Q suited, the flop was 8 8 4. I played on anyway and got 9 then J so I played it. She ended up having a pair of 8’s with an A and I had a straight, so I’d say that’s a good example of what I said in my last post lol

  13. Hansa says:

    Just leave my opption here to this discussion…
    I’ve never played Poker verry well.. in contrast.. to be honest I’m really a bad Poker Player.. but like PokerChick allready said:
    The AI doesn’t change the their way of playing during the game.. and just the moment I recongnize the way it’s playing, I’ve mastered EVERY girl on this Site..
    So, if you’re beaten with a nice hand thats just bad luck and no kind of cheating!

  14. PkrDood says:

    Also the shuffle and draw will always be different when you’re playing with different amounts of people. Here you only have two players. So chances are there are going to be dealt different cards then if there were four players.

    However just as a suggestion to prevent these whiney players from ever complaining again. Try to change the random shuffle. Have it shuffle the deck like 50 times or something before dealing cards (or some other number thats not as high as 50 lol). Assuming the deck doesn’t already shuffle more than once.

  15. PkrDood says:

    And Ive played and beaten every girl on this site. So its clearly not impossible to win. However it does take me a bit longer to beat some girls than others, its not impossible. Also Ive played Carmen twice. The first time it took me about 20 minutes. The second time it took me no more than 10 minutes.

  16. PokerChick says:

    Thanks for the supportive comments guys – it’s nice to hear that not everyone is stupid enough to think that the girls are ‘cheating’.

    Roberto, I don’t think I’ll ever convince you, but if you’ve got a straight flush after the flop, then the chances of your opponent also getting a straight flush are only around 1 in 140. Obviously this still makes it very unusual, but maybe not as improbable as you might think.. If you’ve got a straight flush after the turn, with 4 of the key cards on the board, the chances of your opponent hitting a straight flush are only around 1 in 15..

    As I’ve tried to point out before, the fact that these things crop up now and again only prove that the game isn’t rigged. If it was rigged, it would be so easy for me to code things so that very good hands for the human player don’t get beaten – I could easily guarantee that if, for example, the human player gets a straight flush then the girl would never win.. But the game isn’t rigged, and so, considering each of these games get played thousands and thousands of times, bad beats, even really bad beats, will happen now and again.
    btw, the cards do get shuffled more than once between hands, and some girls do change playing style depending on whether they’re winning or losing (but only slightly – they don’t suddenly become better, or worse, poker players)..

  17. Roberto says:

    Thanks for the comments, and even if you think we are some stupid Italians, maybe, we know that four of a kind are over Full House and we don’t whine. We did play other 3 to 4 opponents, and it was kind of fun, even due to the graphics to game is sometimes lasting to long for lunchbreak. And there we never had so stupid CARDS as in this game, and with a good hand, there was a chance to bet or win. There are for sure winners in this game, by skill or luck, and for us there is also no need to play it again.

  18. C-D-P says:

    Well said Pokerchick.

    The only real complaint I have seen or had in weeks is the length of the game. Would it be possible to increase the blinds as they strip?

  19. PokerChick says:

    @C-D-P that’s an interesting idea, lemme think about it..

  20. SCtheReaper says:

    This girl really is a 10 out of 10

  21. C-D-P says:

    Thanks Pokerchick.

  22. MikeAdastra says:

    I leared how to play this game as i went along. i even beat the “most difficult”. at times it gets a bit frustrating …but hey..its a game and all the girls here are bloody gorgeous! 😀

    great site

  23. matt says:

    If anything, my complaint would be that they are too obviously programed, and not cheating, sometimes you can tell what they have, they stay in at the start, even thought they have the small blind and often fold, thus they have a high card, (but dont raise, so its not a pair) then king queen comes out, and they stay in but dont raise you, you have a pair of aces in your hand, you know they have a jack, because an ace is unlikely, and if they had a queen or king they would raise.

  24. PokerChick says:

    @matt well, it doesn’t work quite like that – but you’re on the right track, the girls’ behavior is pretty logical. Although, some girls are better at hand evaluation than others, and others bluff more often and so on, so it maybe isn’t quite as predictable as you might think..

  25. Vattever says:

    @matt they also set a trap sometimes by checking, and then raising on your bet.

  26. matt says:

    Vattever is correct, however this happens reasonably rarely. i find that the bluffing makes little difference, as i call more often than i should. this is because (as mentioned i think above) the game is too long, and while you almost always win, it is tempting to play badly, if it is likely to speed up the game.

  27. JJ says:

    Worst game of my life. I have never had to fold so much. I was dealt crap, some crap, and then topped off with more crap!. If I was actually dealt something she folded before I had a chance to win some money or she barely had the better hand. It is games like this that take place on a computer that never seem to happen in real life that pisses players off.

  28. PokerChick says:

    @JJ it’s up to you how you play the game, but it sounds like you’re folding too much to me. remember there are only 2 players involved so if your hand preflop or postflop gives you anything close to a 50-50 chance of winning (which often doesn’t require much of a hand) then it’s often worth skating along for a bit to see what happens. If you always wait for a decent hand your opponent is going to win a lot more hands than you.. Same goes for real life. Do a bit of a search on playing heads up poker and you should get some tips..

  29. matt says:

    if she always folds when you have a good hand, bet differently.

  30. mj says:

    what the fuck?? on the table it’s J-J-K-10-4.. i got J-9.. she just got J-3.. and we both got three of akind.. but atleast my kicker is 9 is bigger than 3 of her but she won the pot 900.. how come?? just fucking up.. this game is no good.. cause your player is no good

  31. PokerChick says:

    @mj in the situation you decribe it looks like the pot should be split: J-J-J-K-10 is the best hand, which you both have. If the pot wasn’t split I suspect that she hit a flush and you were too focused on the three jacks to notice…

  32. Talt says:

    Surprised to see the complaints, whiners. This is a great site with some incredibly beautiful women on here. And getting a variety of play from different players is pretty darn cool and alot of work. Makes Hold’em fun again with the ban of online poker in US. Nice Site!!

  33. okada kazuto says:

    I don’t know what you people are complaining about. She’s one of the most honest players on this site. As long as you don’t get greedy, you should beat her easily.

  34. dxkt says:

    very nice i think she likes her hair pulled while you take her from behind lol

  35. BruthaLuv says:

    Was a grind, but finally won after about an hour…

  36. footguy says:

    …oh well, i’m sure they would have been great feet. thanks again pokerchick

  37. RangerDruid says:

    Loved the outfit she was wearing.

  38. Sorin says:

    Are cele mai lungi picioare de pe acest site.Deosebita

  39. agarwal says:

    i dont know much about game but aunties are sexy

  40. agarwal says:

    i dont know much about games but aunties are sexy

  41. MADHUNTER says:

    To all those who complain about this game ” Stop argueing and don`t play ” , as simple as that.
    We should all be thankful to poker chick for giving us this wonderful game with all this variety of sexy girls.
    I used to have fun playing strip poker on my old computer with a digitised picture of a girl which was not even fully shaved.
    Here you have High Definition pictures of hundreds of girls and still you hint to complain.
    Not all girls are so stupid to loose the game immediately. This was not even the hardest of them all.
    I beat her in 15 mins or less and would not have minded loosing.
    Use your mind and get used to her tactic and beat her to it.
    Give her time to relax and then slam dunk her, thats it.

  42. Alen says:

    Wow! I spent four hours to beat her! During this time i feel i greatly increased my heads-up playing skill (from “novice” to “apprentice” 🙂
    BTW, very nice girl.
    Thank You very much Pocker Chick

  43. chai says:

    thats aisy

  44. Bobby says:

    A GREAT PLAYER AND ENJOYED PLAYING HER. I would love to Take her to bed.

  45. B Rad says:

    Love her stockings!!

  46. Jake says:

    How come could we both have three kings? WTF

  47. PokerChick says:

    @jake – perhaps because there were 2 on the board?

  48. blahbalhablh says:

    took me a 2 hours to beat her -_- , hardest girl on this sit

  49. Dan says:

    Seemed pretty legit to me. She knows how good the hands are, but the problem was actually that she didn’t seem to bluff or adjust to how I played at all, except when I kept trying to raise she would keep trying to raise with nothing. We got a pot close to 1000 but I always won those situations. I’m surprised that only 15% beat this and most of the opponents play similarly on this site.

  50. Bochor says:

    i love this girl

  51. thaile says:

    took me an hour but i won they not cheat. to win her you got to win yourself. your temper and impation make you lost. i like the challenge. this is my game harder the game more the fun.

  52. JohnBoy says:

    Thanks for the game, although I don’t think you were trying very hard to win. BTW you missed a spot when you were shaving. 😉

  53. Fil Bert says:

    Get version for Apple devices
    and more will play more often

  54. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We took turns playing her. We are the first tag team to beat her twice, I bet.

  55. Bas says:

    Beautriful, sexy and hot. Glad to see this game to its desired end and I sympathise with the unhappy losers the game was long and I lost twice before I succeeded.

    Pokerchick: Can I suggest a small compensation for the losers, it could be one of these two:
    1- Show them the penultimate or last image of their opponent, or
    2- Restart the game for them with the advantage of $250, or in other words with their opponent at a loss of $250.

    Just a thought.

    keep up the good work, regards

  56. bill says:

    shut up and play the game or don,t play , nice game loving it thanks.

  57. sticky says:

    I was able to beat her but it took forever. I could not believe her hands and always folding when I had a high pocket pair. This was the most difficult girl to play out of the 15 or so I have encountered. Be patient is my advice.

  58. Maywood R. Bedard says:

    I think WHite Lion said it best…
    When The Chilren Cry ???

  59. PNF says:

    Gorgeous leggy girl with big pillowy tits. What’s not to love?

  60. says:

    I think this is among the most important information for me.
    And i’m glad reading your article. But want to remark on some general things, The website style is great, the articles is really excellent : D.

    Good job, cheers

  61. Sensualover says:

    easy to win … chewable pussy !

  62. Yolanda says:

    In that last pic where she shows her landing strip it also looks like I used my biggest strap-on to fuck her good. Doesn’t it look like when I pulled that big dildo out of her that I kind of pulled her pussy inside out? I think she looks butch too, and I like that.

  63. Robul says:

    Took some time but i did it, i have won, her ass is huge, loved the view!

  64. clive ng says:

    very hard player!!! i suck to with this game carmen bit me 4 time and 1 time i bit her sexy lady top playerrrrrr nice pussy i lucky

  65. Green Dragon says:

    good player !!! win 20 min

  66. Dplayer says:

    Carmen likes to get naked and I’m loving her eyes hair labia and poker skills. I’m not sure of the controversy because the number of times I sucked out on the river seemed equal to the number of times she did. Wow she is a cutie, thanks PC

  67. Frenchy says:

    Wonderfull pussy with big labia. I do like that


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