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Win rate: 76%
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Rating: 7.4/10 (2802 votes cast)

Caprice is already in her mid twenties, but she’s remarkably perky. Given half a chance she’ll keep your pecker up at the poker table, which might prove to be a bit distracting: keep your mind on the cards.

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Caprice, 7.4 out of 10 based on 2802 ratings
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Caprice - hot poker girl


  1. Number99 says:

    What a nice surprise. I got home from work, tired. And there’s this cutie waiting to be played against!!!

    Thanks Pokerchick!!!

  2. sopnat says:

    please can i have her pussy wrapped for chrismas

  3. SammyG says:

    Great Game Poker Chick , nice landing strip , Thank you

  4. Luc says:

    Pecker up, ie.

  5. dxkt says:

    what a great girl!!! would love to take her from behind very nice pussy and ass!! great job pokerchick!!!!!!!

  6. Slartabartfast says:


  7. B Rad says:

    Yes please, and make it a double! This girl is perfection!!

  8. jr says:

    she looks just like my neighbor! except my neighbor has bigger boobs.

  9. ? says:

    She seems to me like a little sweetheart!

    @jr : Do you know your neighbor so “open-hearted” *g* ?

  10. Lucius says:

    Poker Chick it happened again….. right in the middle of a good game and all my chips disappeared and the
    game is sitting there doing nothing!!

  11. Asslvr says:

    sweet little girl with a hot little butt…love hangin titties even if they are on the little side…she is a sweetie with that hot tight ass!!!

  12. Will says:

    This girl is perfect, What a knockout, Sweet little titties, Magnificent Pussy, Her Ass I would tongue and Fuck all night long and clean it after every cum with my tongue, Succulent Toes that beg to be sucked, Just A Great Looking Sweetie ! Even her hands are perfect and I can see them wrapped around my Schlong.

  13. Jason says:

    Damn she is pretty damn hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Killa says:

    she is soo hot but too easy to win against her

  15. Manu says:

    Maybe the most beautiful on this site!!!

  16. pussylover says:

    stupenda! nell’ultima posizione poi….. fa venire certe voglie!

  17. Lex says:

    Such a beautiful young woman. Lovely big brown eyes. Everything about her is perfect.

  18. bill says:

    Thanks 4 playing,hadfun

  19. KAWA says:

    N.I.C.E ….

  20. Guillermo says:

    Wow! You have always had hot women here, but this is the most beautiful!! Thank you so much! More please!!

  21. nobody ever says:

    “after i jam this hot poker up my ass, I’m gonna chop my dick off”

  22. footguy says:

    great money shot, great little tits. thanks pokerchick

  23. football says:

    all women i want to see nude/naked

  24. t6tryti7g says:

    cu de vaca é bom

  25. Farm Boss says:

    Cute, but she brings “tomboy” equipment to the big leagues. Mid 20’s? Looks like 14 or 15.

  26. Gary says:

    Yes finally did it. Nice pussy on the last picture, i’d love to ruin that.

  27. Lex says:

    Such a beautiful little goddess. What a lovely pussy.

  28. Bochor says:

    hottt pussy

  29. B Rad says:

    Poker Chick, when will you have Caprice do another game? In my opinion she is the best looking girl on this site!

  30. PokerChick says:

    @B Rad – I will bring her back in the next week or two, I promise…

  31. Woody says:

    Can”t add much more to the above comments,shes a beauty. Thanks P.c.

  32. Rob 3 says:

    Marketa Stroblova stunning

  33. Ed Gar says:

    Wowsie wow!! Great find! Please keep up the great work!!

  34. footguy says:

    best tits ever

  35. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    The last picture looks like a perfect invite for double penetration from us Mikes. Who gets the tighter hole?

  36. bill says:

    nice ass & pussy thanks.

  37. 神智胡子 says:

    Take me fifteen minutes to beat her, but worth for it. Beautiful girl with nice pussy and ass. The shape of pubic hair is cute.

  38. sean says:

    i have fucked this girl, so trust me when i say she is FINE!!!!!

  39. Taz says:

    I’d knock on her back door all night long! 🙂 I bet that little ass is tight!

  40. Sue says:

    Great little body – totally strap on my dildo and ride caprice

  41. pixie1128 says:

    what a beautiful pussy

  42. denny says:

    pretty girl with a nice juicy pussy like to suck on it and fuck her untill she sees stars and explods on my cock

  43. Dildo Dave says:

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  44. clive ng says:

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