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Win rate: 75%

German babe, Anny Aurora loves to design sexy lingerie in her spare time. At the moment, though, she needs some assistance in getting out of her pantyhose. Are you able to oblige?

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  1. Slaine says:

    First again.

  2. Slaine says:

    Wow I love it when Im second AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was not hard to beat and she even opens her pussy up for me in the end. Very nice.

  3. Bas says:

    What a lovely opponent. Despite her hot body I just could not look away from her beautiful face and captivating eyes. Very good choice PC thanks

  4. Oldpnf says:

    Darling girl and outfit. Want to see those painted nails wrapped around my rod while she smears that lipstick all over it.

  5. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    La’Taurus went bonkers for this one. He goes for redheads. Oxbigg was glad to let his buddy do her first.

  6. woody says:

    Good game but she folds a lot.Dam redheads she looks to much like my ex.Thanks p.c.

  7. Sue says:

    Stunning lady – fantastic photo set – thanks PC x

  8. Slaine says:

    @ Pokerchick::

    I am only posting this here cuz this is your newest girl and I dont know how you view your posts and I dont use twitter or blogs or anything.

    I have to say, your game DOES cheat. I have seen too many times the same bullshit. And it has nothing to do with how good I am. I have played I would have to say prolly at LEAST 99% of your girls and I keep seeing the same shit. They will max out all bets including the first 2 cards. (I dont know all the terms nor care.) And they will have NOTHING until the LAST card and somehow win. I know this cuz I ride about 99% of ALL hands and games. They will ALSO stay in when they have the LOWEST pair on the table with HIGHER cards showing. And NOT get any better cards. Also, when they have ONE card in their hand that matches and then somehow pull out a full house at the END?!?!?! And your win rate %, denotes that they HAVE to win some to get the percent rate. So dont tell me its ALL random cuz its not. The way that they bet when ANYONE would have been bluffed to fold ALOT earlier denotes they KNOW they are going to win. If you were to ask ANYONE who plays on even an intermediate level, they would know what I am talking about. I used to watch several texas Hold’em poker shows with all the pros and NONE of them stay in like how you set up your program to.

  9. Slaine says:

    And I realize this is a free site and game, but at LEAST make it fair and BELIEVABLE.

  10. PokerChick says:

    @slaine: you have no idea what you’re talking about. The girls do not cheat. The cards are dealt completely at random. If you ride out 99% of all hands and games then you will often lose against opponents who fold when they have a poor hand and it will cost them money to stay in.
    The win rate of the girls is high because human players will restart the game once they start to lose – if this happens it counts as a win for the girl.
    NONE of your holdem pros are playing heads-up games involving no real money, so you’d have to be an idiot to expect them to play the same way.

  11. Slaine says:

    OK first how do I lose if they are folding? And thats my point. They DONT fold when they should, and at the VERY END get the card(s) they need to usually win. It doesnt make sense, even here, to have the *girls* keep max betting when ALL they have is a high card and they literally dont have anything to help them until the end. If you try to tell me they play the odds, then thats bullshit too, cuz even playing the odds, they should be folding alot more. I have seen more than once they stay in and max bet all the way, and all they have for hole cards is like a 8 and 5 of different suits and they stay in and max bet with much higher cards on the table and then at the very end get either a 3 of a kind or 2 pair. SO you tell me: If they dont KNOW they are going to get they cards they need to possibly win, why do they stay in?

    And I will say this AGAIN……fix your damn game because when noone can get a higher hand than a 4 of a kind, thats a form of cheating as well. Too many fucking times I have had to reset your damn page cuz no buttons come up and I cant do shit. And its USUALLY when Im about to win the game. And I KNOW Im not the only one who has said this.

  12. Flerm says:

    had her down to $100 in chips…. got bold, still lost. Left ‘puter, went to bar, had a few craft beers, came back & chafed her derrière. Enjoyed the view (well, not the TV show… her… 🙂 )

    If ya wanna win, have a few good beers first, it all works out in the end. Just sayin’…

  13. PokerChick says:

    @slaine – if that’s your point, then I rest may case.

    I’ll try once more: the girls tend to fold when they have a poor hand and it will cost them chips to stay in. If you ride out 99% of hands regardless of what it costs you, or what hand you have, you’ll lose more chips than the girls. As a result, you will lose. Get it?

    I’m sorry that the AI is too clever for you, but I’m not going to make the game any less challenging. If it’s too much for you, then don’t play.

  14. Slaine says:

    No no no no no no……… That is the exact opposite of my point. They DONT fold when they have a crappy hand and get the card they need to MAKE a hand AT THE VERY END. It happens WAY too much for it to be random.

    And since you wanted to point out that the pros would not play the same if not for money, you dont think they would play the same way just to see who the better player is? I play the same way whether Im betting real money or not.

    And you didnt say anything about your damn glitch.

    And its not that your damn AI is too clever, its that its fucking cheating. It doesnt play how a person would. Regardless of no real money or whatever.

  15. PokerChick says:

    @slaine – they fold all the time. they just don’t fold when you think they should. Crucially, they don’t tend to fold when they think they have a better chance of winning than losing. (PRO TIP – there are just 2 players in these games, so even a poor hand can stand to give you a better than 50% chance of a win)

    The cards really are dealt completely at random – this is just a simple fact.

    You see 99% percent of hands through to the end when you’re playing with real money? Are you serious?

    There is indeed a glitch in the game related to certain straight flush combinations, but I have been unable to reproduce this bug in testing, and so have been unable to fix it so far. If it really bothers you, then DO NOT PLAY.

    The game does not cheat. Any half decent poker play will find it a simple matter to win these games with a little patience. You prefer to bleat on about cheating, probably because it makes you feel better, but you’d do better to take your angry self elsewhere and play something more suited to you ability level.

  16. Mike Oxbigg says:

    I never post on here until I have beaten the game so that I can comment intelligently on all the photos. There are times when I get screwed on the river, just like in a cash game. But you can see that I have commented on every single girl. They aren’t that hard to beat. You do have to be patient, and not chase with a bad hand. You can also pick up on how the girls play and take advantage of them. For example, many of the girls love to raise after you have come in with a call. They will do that almost every time. Try a re-raise after they raise and you will see them fold pretty often. Or you can just pass on the poorer hands, wait for a good one and just call with it and then raise back.

    Slaine is obviously a very poor poker player and a bad sport.

  17. Slaine says:

    Ok, than going by your philosophy explain to me why is it when IM trying to bluff them out, they stay in the whole game (and keep raising) and ALL they have is a high card, NO matching cards on the table or anything. Usually, (but not always) its just an Ace. Now UNLESS they KNOW they are going to win (basically like they know they have better hole cards than me) why do they stay in? And it has NOTHING to do with who the better player is. And I have seen MORE than once when the hole cards are dealt and I get an Ace, they fold 99.9% of the time. But as soon as I DONT have one, they stay in no matter what.

  18. PokerChick says:

    @slaine – I don’t think I can explain this to you, because you’re showing yourself of being incapable of understanding any explanation, however simple.

    You’re wondering why the computer (who apparently never folds!) stays in when she has better than average hole cards in a heads-up game against players like you who bluff all the time even when they have absolutely nothing?
    You’re also wondering (at the same time!) why the computer folds when she has poor hole cards and you raise?

    I think you’re beyond help.

  19. Number99 says:

    I love the picture where she shows us her pussy lips… I just want to be that thong…
    It’s absolutely fucking great!
    Thanks for all the work you’ve put in this game PokerChick

  20. Slaine says:

    Again, you are missing the point. I never said they NEVER fold. I said it seems like they stay in and keep raising when they have NOTHING and then get the card they need to win at the end.
    And by your words: the computer (who apparently never folds!) stays in when she has better than average hole cards in a heads-up game against players like you who bluff all the time even when they have absolutely nothing?
    How does the computer know they have better cards than me?? If they have NOTHING and I keep raising, than it would stand to reason I DO have something (whether Im bluffing or not) and when they have NOTHING but MAYBE an Ace hole card (and NO other helpful cards on the table) they will get the other Ace to make a pair AT THE VERY END to beat me. (using Aces as an example but Im sure you get my idea)
    And Im not the only one who notices it. From another player on your girl Uma:

    Fucking piece of shit says:
    October 9, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    What the hell, are these games ever going to get real? Whats up with all the fucking runner runner wins? Last hand:
    Me: 7 3 off suit
    Flop: 7 J 3, then a J and then a 10
    Her: 10 9 off suit
    Follows all my raises all the way and wins… So much fun when you can’t fucking win…
    The only thing you can do is to bet on all hands and hope that shes trying to bluff
    As Homer would say: Booooooooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiing

    So again: why did she stay in (AND raise) with NOTHING if you claim your game doesnt cheat and they dont know what we have or that they dont know they are going to get what they need to win. Cuz also by your words, a 10 and 9 off suit are NOT better than average hole cards.
    It souldnt matter in a heads up games. I have seen hundreds of games played by hundreds of people and I have NEVER seen ANYONE play like your program unless they WERE actually cheating. And since your program controls EVERYTHING, I have to wonder just what it is and isnt doing or seeing.
    One last thing. I dont appreciate the insults. Im not calling you names or putting you down. I am just trying to get a better understanding of your program when it seems like its not playing fair.

  21. PokerChick says:

    @Slaine – Thanks for proving my point – you are incapable of understanding the explanation I’m giving you.
    I never said that the computer knows that they have a better hand than you, I said they know when they have better than average hole cards. When playing against a single player who will stay in the game even with nothing (because there is no real money involved, and you can reload the game if you lose) then it is often worth staying in with, for example, just an ace high card. Other times the girls, some of whom bluff more than others, might actually bluff. Imagine that!

    I know there are other players who think the games ‘cheat’ – they have no idea what they’re talking about either. Plenty more players realize there is no cheating going on.

    In the example you give, the computer is one card off a straight with a high pair on the board at the turn against a player who is very likely to be bluffing – you can’t think of a reason that she might see the hand out?

    It does matter that these are heads up games, because this means there are only two players. This means if you fold on hands that would look weak when there are multiple players you reduce your chances of winning.

    I have put countless hours into programming the AI in these games, so I know they don’t cheat. It gets very old, very quickly, when players bitch and whine about the game ‘cheating’ them. If you don’t like the game: don’t play it. If you feel insulted because I point out that you’re talking nonsense: stop posting nonsense.

  22. clive ng says:

    wow!!!beautiful body n nice pussy!!!in 5 minutes i bit anny!!!toppo

  23. el pistolero says:

    Very nice Annie, i soon go to to see you while fucking

  24. epol macho says:

    APA AKU SUKA? rambut blonde, muka memang mengghairahkan, Tetek kecik tapi puting cantik n cipap mantap tapi ada gigi sikit!!!! i like…

  25. clive ng says:

    good player!!!i love this lady n her hair wonderful pussy n nice body !!!thank poker

  26. clive ng says:

    top play!!!wonderful game i love this ladyyy anny thank hold em strip em!!!

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