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Andreina DeluxeColombia

Win rate: 78%

Big-assed Colombian, Andreina Deluxe, is a keen musician. When you lose at strip poker, you might hear the sounds of her tiny violin.

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  1. Dildo Dave says:


  2. clive ng says:

    U U U am second!!!

  3. Bas says:

    Lovely Adriana is radiant in her first appearance, she knows her lingerie is bound to excite and her necklace adds to her beauty. The she is happy showing her back with a friendly dog-cat tattoo at the top indicating her optimism about enemies could be friends one day. She continues playing and as Clive says slightly above average player. Must leave other details for the two Mikes. Sad to see her charming smile disappearing totally in photos 5 and 6. Thanks PC

  4. Ting says:

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  5. clive ng says:

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  7. clive ng says:

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  12. Isaac Chou says:

    Adriana Deluxe is a sunny woman with beautiful breasts and sexy pussy.

  13. Poopie says:

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  24. clive ng says:

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    No problem. But you should be thanking that special friend of yours, Mr. Poopie.

  26. Poopie says:

    Message for Dildo Dave ……┌П┐(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ Ì¿)

  27. Dildo Dave says:

    Sorry Poopie but I don’t swing that way. Stick to clive because he likes Poopie.

  28. Poopie says:

    Message for Dildo Dave …. (‿ˠ‿) i think you know where to kiss it.

  29. Dildo Dave says:

    Hey Poopie! Haven’t you been paying attention?? It is clive that loves ass poop.


    That is why you two are “special friends”. Hahahahaha.

  30. clive ng says:

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  33. vainey says:

    seems like a good shot of her ass would be in order?

  34. Oldpnf says:

    Beautiful and elegant though I like a little more up top. Still I like her legs. She may attend my royal court and play for me while I attend my throne if she agrees to play my instrument from time to time as I wish.

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